Saturday, October 20, 2007

Run Away

It all started with a teary conversation with my mother in law. She is lonely and needed my help with Jack going out of town. I spent a day and a half arguing with myself and finally decided that I have bitched for a long time about needing time, Crystal is not working and was available to watch the kids...and we all know Eric works long my dog and I headed south hoping it was not to cold to sleep in the camper or Yukon... lets just say staying at the in-laws and helping the in-laws is overload for any normal human.

I packed my writing, a cooler of easy to use food, plenty of water for my dog, every sleeping bag and blanket in the house, that was not in use, made a bed in the back of my rig. Leaving behind kids and car seats is something very new to me...almost twenty two years and I have had one on my side unless I was in the hospital.

Then I realized...the stereo is under my command...the dog dictates the stops...but no worries of disrupting happy or sleepy babies with a stop, the trip was good. I arrived in Homer and had dinner at Dugans with friends, enjoyed a visit with my brother then headed toward the HITW to sleep...only made it to the beach I love sleeping on the beach!!.

Waking at 6 it was dark and I soon learned that in Anchor Point you can not find a cup of coffee before 9 am. I headed for Black Water Bend thinking of, "jo" and watching the sun come up from the top of Baycrest Hill...something I have not seen in twenty years. Guess what...they are closed for the season off to Homer I went in search of the worlds best cup of coffee.

KBay came into view just as I was beginning to curse small towns and their hours of business. You could smell the heavenly scent of fresh roasted java from half a mile away. An Americano from friendly staff I sat and contemplated my day...okay I sipped my coffee and read their "free" paper. Chris showed up for coffee and I took advantage of the free internet and his lap top to find mom and dad. Then off to the in-laws for what ever awaited me.

Whats this...a puppy...okay a few minutes on the beach should not hurt anything...then a stop at my brothers to burn time till his doctor appointment...a trip up the new Sound View (I got lost the night before in the dark. Yes quit laughing...I got lost in Homer Alaska!)...then off to the in-laws...but wait...why is Homer Electric holding the electrical wires up on Bartlet Street...a house...moving up the street...had to sit and watch...okay I could stall no more...pulling into the driveway I let Mac out he instantly made friends with Wanda and Jack...I think they were hinting they wanted my dog. So their needs?...Wanda needed help cleaning her closet and they have some 400 pound wall units they want moved to the garage. hmmm???? The wall units are still in the spare room...I have a to do list a mile long for Eric...and guess who is going South in two weeks...him!...okay I may go to it was fun to just visit who I wanted. Sleep when I wanted and hike with my dog.

Discovered the trail to Diamond Creek has a road to the trail head...the trail was an easy hike and Mac did a great job of staying on alert and not running off. He is a natural to the leash...he tries at first to resist..but complies when he realizes it is what it is.

The second night I pulled into the HITW and noted the loneliness of the camp. Not wanting the disturb the guest at the Eagles nest I left my light off while entering my trailer to heat water to wash up. I was taken by surprise by a 6ft intruder but I swung first...
and taped his pore nose back on when I got home. I assaulted a paper-mache' snowman. Mom must have sat him on the counter when she was cleaning up and storing stuff...In the dark...well lets just say...don't ever surprise me.

Returning to the Yukon I prepared for bedding down and re writing an article when I realized how dark it was. I also thought about the light on and being a fish in a bowel...lets just say with out mom and dad on the hill...that place is creepy and Arnie is near.

Awakening the next morning I attempted to open the door. My dog grabbed my arm and would not let me...thinking he wanted to play I roughed him up a bit and went for the door handle as I needed to get out....he again grabbed my arm...this is when I heard the earth tumble down the slope behind my trailer. I then saw the three bears...ambling down the remaining hill the mama heard Mac barking. She spared us a glance and lumbered over to the Kroc pond in attempts of catching any remaining crocs. She did not seem discouraged to find the pond iced over and knew her way to the Moose Wallow. It did not take her long to discover the moose had moved on although the cubs found the canopy quite entertaining I do believe they vetoed it for winter hibernation.
The Duck House was investigated a bit closer but soon she realized the ducks too had flown south.
Meeting the cubs at the fire pit they played a bit with the grill and wood...checked out the gazebo...and soon found the cook this may be an option for her winter den. She unzipped the zipper with her snout it was obvious she knew how and where to find the entrance...her and the cubs were in the tent for a while before the romped off past the bear den and up the hill. I waited, drove to the end of the driveway to relieve myself and returned to check out the cook tent. Nothing was disturbed, it appeared, I am not sure why she was in there so long but I zipped it closed retreated to my Yukon and again headed to Homer for coffee at KBay. Todays schedule...lunch with Jack and Wanda...a stop to see Grandma between students and a trip up West Hill...(Grandma said Grandpa would be sad if I did not go up and see him)...I had planned on it anyway with mom out of town but she guilted me so I prioritized it. Then I went on a walk down a trail that "used" to exist but no longer is or was...and found the beach below our Bay Crest House...that is on the market for FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I would ask for a "structural inspection" before I would pay anything for that house...but the asking amount is astronomical!!

So after my walk I again headed for Anchor Point and a quick stop at the beach...I wanted to do a river walk...but the State has blocked off ALL the camp grounds and parking lots. It was getting late but I figured I could be creeped out in the HITW or I could be creeped out somewhere on the way home...I opted to try something new. Leaving Anchor Point sometime around 1830 (hehe see dad I can do it too) I had good roads and made it to Sterrling in about an hour and a half...this is when I found the was slow driving through the flats and Cooper Landing...thought about stopping at Russian River for the night but decided to go on to Tern Lake and sleep with the swans...well the State closed that one too! So I hit the cut off and headed up the the snow begins...before I made it to the Sterrling Seward junction it was almost "white out" conditions. Traveling at about 5 miles an hour I worked my way up the mountain and watched for the pull off there at the junction...the one with the little lake...I heard the waterfall and slowed down...I saw the pull off after passing it and backed in...I was soon joined by two semi trucks one coming from below and one above...both stating the weather sucked either way....they had us pull our cars behind them to protect us from sliding traffic should anyone lose it on the corner...leaving their lights on to attract others one proceeded to start a BBQ. Someone else had burgers and dogs...soon we were feasting in a blizzard...only in Alaska! I crawled into my Yukon to sleep till day light. When I awoke I was alone and the snow had stopped. It was 4am and I heard the plow. Decided to sleep longer...soon the sander woke me...he was going down the mountain...I returned my head to my pillow. When the next sander passed...heading North...I quickly let Mac do his thing...and we headed off at an agonizingly slow rate of speed behind the sander. Two and a half hours later I pulled into Girdwood for coffee...seems only in Anchorage can you get a cup of coffee when ever you want in the morning.
I bought a paper, found a place on the arm to watch the sun finish rising and procrastinated my return home.

So now I have done it once...I promise I will do it again.

If we had just one cabin at the HITW we could take turns coming down a few at a time once a month or so all winter long. Although I do not mind sleeping in my uses little gas even when left on all night...but to bring the kids...well... little adventure is at an end...all is well in Homer...Grandma Mary has driven her new car out of the garage...not to town yet but out of the garage...seems the modern technology is intimidating and the manual is long and hard to learn...but she will soon be sporting her new Subaru. Grandpa was well. He is having a battle over the bird feeders with a black bear but I am sure he will win. And for a man who never gets to see wild life anymore...a black bear a window away well...I am sure he can see that!!

Shane too is battling a bear who loves to steal his stuff from the back of his truck. Seems they are a little frisky this time of year. I want one too!!!

It was weird visiting Anchor Point and Homer and not seeing mom and dad. I missed dad having coffee with me all day...and mom be bopping up and down the hill all day...I am glad they are having fun...but I sure missed them (and I could blame none of the scary noises on dad!).

It was weird not having anyone to "get ready" in the morning or "cater to" during the day. Sleep when I wanted...funny I opted a walk over a nap...easy with no little ones.

Probably be going back in two weeks...when does mommy get home????? I miss my mommy!!! Dutch and Dad too...thanks for reading my book....wish I had a camera....Toodles:)

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Blogger Heidi said ... (10:46 AM) : 

You can now get a decent digital, relatively cheep. Check out ebay!


Blogger Stan said ... (9:39 PM) : 

Sounds as if you haf a good adventrue and really happy to know you found frosty - but I wanted to be around when you found him - you never know what you you may find nestled away in your dens. Never did find out who killed the bird, with the knife in the Wolf Den?


Blogger Shana said ... (10:29 PM) : 

Well I sure killed frosty!!!LOL


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