Friday, October 26, 2007

Our day at a glance...

After running some errands yesterday...Heath and I decided to stop at Safeway for dessert. Leaving the kids in the car with Brittany, Heath and I began our trek into the store during "combat hour"...(the five o clock rush home with dinner hour)...Now certain people in our family have "small" pet peeves that can not go unnoticed by the rest of us. Walking past the front row handicapped parking we noticed a white BMW with a wheel chair in the back and a 200 year old lady in the front...(think I am exaggerating her age? Probably but you could barely see her little old head above the door window.) Well we could not leave this unnoticed thanks to Heidi's rants...and made the comment to each other..."Leave the handicap in the car and take advantage of the sticker..." or something along those lines...laughing it off we went about our shopping...

Leaving the store...we noticed a black gentleman trying to coach the little ol lady into opening the door...we took in the picture and had to laugh...her groceries stored safely in the trunk...she had locked him out! He was attempting to direct her in rolling down the window...or unlocking the power lock...she wanted nothing to do with this.

Pulling out of the parking lot I could not help but stop and ask him if he needed any help. Now he must have understood what it looked like for a BIG black guy to be trying to break into a little ol white ladies car...he smiled looked embarrassed and said sheepishly...."She locked me out." We had to laugh as we drove away.

So as the year draws to an end it has been brought to my a fine upstanding Anchorage Police Officer...that my license is expired...hehe...almost made it 10 months without getting caught...I blame old age and forgetfulness...So today...I will take Mac for his puppy shots...and go through the torterouse adventure at the DMV...I just hope this time the lady actually speaks English!! The benifit here is I have a chauffer...after getting "caught" I just know they will be waiting to ask me "How did you get to the DMV?"

So now my fine friends and family...the "nerd" has a blemish on her record...and I scored 2 points!!! Who's the loser now!! Muhahahahaha

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:30 PM) : 

You got busted! Follow the laws, keep your license current,keep your registration current, don't speed and you naeverhave a problem with tickets!


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