Sunday, October 28, 2007


Pumpkin carving night at sisters house...many good faces were made...hopefully sister got pictures cuz I still do not have a digital camera...hehe...(I mean hint hint hint)...After pumpkins were carved and the mess cleaned up...dinner of chili and corn fritters with honey butter or apple mm....cuppy cakes for dessert.....yummy (Heidi's candy stash did not survive either)

Now the brew opoly game (someday we will play this with a version of all the beers represented on the board)...a version of the countries most popular board game...and the perfect game for John and Eric. A game where one buys beer breweries and builds pubs...many types of beer are available...but ... don't buy one likes it and NO one stops on it. (the only piece of property I owned as by the time my turn came I "rented" the first two thirds of the game.) Being a non property owner...I had the experience to try many types of beer...Moose Drool a favorite...but a little pub on the Columbia River was my favorite stop....owned by my sister of course...I am not sure who won this game as I began packing while Britt finished for me...but I do know a Monoply is illegal in the United States...and I feel that I should NOT have to own all two or three properties to build my damn pub in WISCONSIN!!!

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