Monday, November 12, 2007

Parental Trip up!

Hmm...I must reevaluate my plans...always thought it would be nice to have grandparents around when my others were growing I am not so sure.

Returning from vacation...grandma brought presents...none for her kids mind you...but the grand kids scored...then being away for a few weeks...undivided attention from Grandma!

Upon departure of Grandma...Melissa went to Homer with her daddy, to see his parents. Well...Wanda is lonely...and Melissa is at an age where she talks your ear off...and...a perfect fit...(bet it would not last more than a couple days) They walked on the tread mill, cooked dinner and cake, set and cleared the table and played with Wanda's dolls. She did NOT want to come home and currently is still mad at me for making her. (If she were a boy, I would get the silent treatment...but...) Getting to watch a "big kids movie" made the trip for her. LOL

So she is now planning a "trip to grandmas" this spring...probably be more like summer. I will give her an over niter this year while we are camping...see how it goes...and maybe she will get a week or two down south this year.

Warren loved having the house to himself...the snow made his day. He played outside with the dogs for a long while then had the TV choices to himself all day...until Nat and Riley stopped by.

So the weekend is over...I did not see my husband...may have slept with him but that is hard to tell with two children in bed...both three times last night...guess the separation affected them somehow as usually Warren does not wake up and Lou only once...It does keep me from crawling back into bed there are two dogs, two kids, and a cat in my I am going to go do the now...have a great day.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:06 AM) : 

It is always so easy to blame the grandparents! I mean what is wrong with "warm hot coco" smoothered with marshmellows for breakfast followed by chocolate crunchie cereal and french toast saturated with butter and syrup for breakfast, ice cream sundaes at 10:00 pm, able to stay up until 12:15 am watching a movie and eating potato chips and chocolate covered raisens as snacks and no need totake abath - sounds like a well disciplined enviroment to me.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:08 AM) : 

Oh yea, I forgot, who ascounded with the the high quality German candy bars that were purchased in Canada at a cost of $3.60 each (plus the exchange rate, if I remember right, each of the little ones in your household got their own candy bar - but who ended up with four candy bars?


Blogger Shana said ... (10:04 AM) : 

Hey I gave them a piece!! They did not even like it! So I actually saved you from wasting $10.80. Oh ya...they were good...Britt stole them.


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