Monday, December 31, 2007

Day One...


ABSOLUTLY could you ever think such a thing...I AM NOT quitting...just a New Years Resolution that was left undone...

Going over my calendar from '07 I saw I had decided to NOT quit smoking...just quit buying them...well...four days in better than none right??

I am not a quitter...a controller maybe, a mooch possibly...but I am not a quitter.

Oh knock it off...quit thinking about all the healthy things that happen when one quits smoking...and the improvement of smell what is that all about...NOW I can smell my house is dirty....thanks that helps the crappy irritated feeling I have dealing with the fact that their is still several hours left in o7 and I can not leave my resolution from last year undone...this year I will think twice hehe....

So day one is over...I did mooch several cigarettes off my kid...but he was warned I am not quitting just not buying...and as a 20 plus year smoker...if they are in my house I will feign hard for them...and possibly cause great bodily harm if he refuses to give me one...

And as I have cut back greatly and he has not...soon this will be easier done than just because I cut back does NOT mean I will quit...may or may not...but at this very family is lucky they are all asleep still.

Eric came to bed last night...just hearing him in the room made me want to scream...woke up several times wanting to cry and yell that about not having a cigarette. funny how that little thing has so much control.

So day one...I can smell the mess in my house...thanks to the improvement of my I could taste better too if I wanted to taste what ever stinks so damn bad...I have had no chest pain and a productive cough...(chest hurts if you have a non productive cough all the time)Yep physically after just a few hours of not smoking I feel better...will that help my case in court is I mime a family member who will also be quite annoyed due to their own lack of nicotine? cause I may feel better physically but I have not been out of bed for long and they at all and that in it self is pissing me off...and it usually is my favorite time of day....

Stay tune as the world turns....will I or will I not continue this 07 resolution as a new habbit in 08? anyone got a smoke??

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Answer You Were Looking For??

Happy New Year

He says it all so everyone else go out and play....Happy Last Days of 2007....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not sure how maps are researched but this one needs help...

Map image
Did something happen to the river???  Seems those Beavers have been damning things up since we were down south last...or maybe Anchor Point is building their own "fishing hole."


Hope Every one had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day...was glad to see my brother Dutch, his friends, and the parents...Even though I was pretty tired from no sleep on Christmas Eve and busy in the kitchen quite a bit of the Day on Christmas...I would not have had it any other way.  I played no poker therefore I did not lose...and I bowled a pretty good game of Wii bowling...but I did not need to was wonderful hearing the noise of happy people fill my home.  and the best part...we enjoyed each other so much we almost forgot the presents under the tree....almost!  LOL...


Thank you to all who came and enjoyed my Christmas with was the best gift anyone could have gotten me.


October 31 2007 Halloween 018

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Past

Prattler asked that we remember fond memories from Christmas' past...I have Many Christmas Memories in my 37 Christmas's. Or is it 38? What ever...Most triggers that bring them to light, others a moment in time. Sometimes I even go dust off the memory card and peak inside to actually dig up some of them...but one Christmas has followed me through a life time...the memory arises many times through the year and the feelings of love and contentment I felt that year intensify during the Christmas Season.

I awoke from a nap to a hairbrush and ribbons being wielded in my mothers hands...looking for a quick escape, but finding none I sat for the torture of having my hair brushed and pig tails hung from the head like the dogs ears...Earlier I had pulled on my tights, now crooked around my legs, and a new Christmas Dress. Feeling the last tug on my hair and knowing my eyes were slanted to my ears, I raced for the door. Dad grabbed me before I could get that far, straighted my tights patted my butt and said "Go find your shoes, I will get the door." I was not sure what he meant by this at the time but I figured out the answer later that day. Dashing past him I headed for the back door wanting to take an Apple to my horse before we left.

I must have been three maybe four at the time. We were living in Durango and getting ready for the long trip through the Rocky Mountains to Grandmas on the other side. I did stop for my shoes that day and managed to pocket a couple pieces of candy for my sugar loving pony...the red and green ribbon kind, does anyone remember those? Guess loved them after they formed a glob in the candy bowl a week after Christmas. hehe one of those secrets I have kept a life time. Don't tell mom that the apple BRANCHES from the tree were his favorite...not the apples.

So back to Christmas...that year I do believe the entire Harrington family was in Montrose...Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Cliff with Dalene, Dave, Steve, and Dianne. Mary Jane and her new husband at the time...Colman was a baby...Mike, Donna and Jessy, We were a family of five then Heidi just a baby...Uncle Don was with Lynn and Dee and Donny were there...I remember because Donny and one of the other big cousins...I think it was Jess Wrestled and I thought they were killing each other...Pat and Joe with baby Brandy...Aunt Pat made Grandma a beautiful Quilt that year...I remember watching her with awe, I could not wait to grow up and be just like her...the quilt had everyone in the families name on it...maybe she was pregnant with Brandy I think I remember a question mark in one of the squares. Wonder what happened to that blanket??

Uncle Bill was just a boy and Larry was with a woman who did not like us kids at all...That Christmas had our party at the was the year I got Coco Bear. My life long companion. The Best Christmas Memory I have...the spirit was perfect. Decorations lighting the room...the adults dancing and playing silly games with potatoes and life kids playing "monster" in the back and thinking we were unnoticed as we snagged hand fulls of yummy treats from the tables lining the walls...putting table cloths on those tables was brilliant...we could crawl all the way around the room with out being seen...wanna know which female relatives did not wear panties that night??

the thing that made this holiday special was the love I saw the women put into planning and putting together this event. The Love that a humongous family could share with out...well they did not kill each other that was the year the magic of Christmas first entered my heart. I am glad that my family set this example for me...and I am glad I had the chance to witness it through innocent eyes...The magic of Christmas in a family of many. That is A LOT of LOVE to put in one was wonderful...

Most in our family were not around and missed this experience...I hope to recreate it for them while my own little ones still see Christmas through innocent eyes...I remember some of the gifts...but most of all...I feel the love that was in that room that Christmas Day....Merry Christmas and May this Christmas Season find you surrounded by family, friends and happy memories to last a life time....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I got a belly ache...and it feels so good...

A belly ache made from love...and lots of good yummy homemade candy. Anyone ever notice licking the pan tastes so much better than the candy once it is done...

So peanut butter cups and mint patties, cookies of all kinds and a pan of fudge. Some toffee and caramel corn, divinity may or may not be made tommorrow can not decide if I want to risk my mixer again..I have never gotten divinity right. This year however I made all of my candy from my head...with my missing book I did my best to remember the recipes...some turned out wonderful and even better others needed to go in the trash...but that is the fun of baking what the heck happened to that last was messed up.

December 23, 2007

Christmas Lights.

A house on the hill in Seattle. This man put up so many lights one year that the power company had to ask him to only turn part of them on at a time. He was drawing more power than his home could handle. so the next year he borrowed his neighbors outlets and paid their bill. Soon after he bought the neighbors home...just for the power source at Christmas...okay may be some kind of tax write off in there he paid thousands to the electric company each December...but people that drove to see his place usually left a little something in his "tip" jar....I myself never went to see this home as it was always a traffic jam of a thousand cars a day and I cant not willingly put myself into that kind of a we watched on the news every year as he added more and more and more...


Friday, December 21, 2007


Now that is technology. Eric got a Wii for his Birthday...yah it was so his wife did not have to babysit all the time....BUT...research into this particular video game and I found that even Jack and Wanda could get exerciser with this. The games are reasonable priced and the accessories are intense. From boxing gloves to golf clubs...building and driving your own race cross country would be able to get rid of her tread mill and the skis are better than any ski machine I have seen....not to mention the slalom that you run in your own living room...Dance videos and and foot ball...they even have Mario cart and you can really get a car to sit in in front of your tv...or just the steering is need for sit coms when your own family is the star of the show.

So on that note...I am off the wear off the fudge I cooked...and then make some more cookies before I try out bowling.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have a problem in Houston...I cant find my favorite cook book!!! How am I ever going to make all my traditional goodies with out my cook book. Now this is not just any cook is a collection of recipes that I have acquired and put together my self. Many of them are actually "secret family" recipes and now they are gone...I am so sad...but...well now I have dug out the other cook know the ones that sit on the shelf all the time and never move. The ones I swear I will get to someday. Well someday has come. I CANT FIND MY COOK BOOK!

Lost that is what it is lost.

So I have not gotten started on my Christmas baking although I do have three different types of cookie dough chilling in the fridge for tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will find my cook book...

Have you seen an eight inch by maybe 6 inch military log book in a funny green color?

No father I would never have taken a blank book out of your desk at the office...I colored in it first.

Now...I have written in almost all the pages...and I can not find it....but the first page has a table of contents that is hand written...

1. Fudge (the pre health food kick recipe)
2. Mississippi mud pie
3. Tol house chocolate chip cookies (recipe from the chips sold in 1980)
4. Dough Art
5. Fry bread
6. BEST pancakes ever
7. sopapillas
8.Peanut Butter Bon Bons
9. Nanima bars
10. No bake cookies
11. 7 layer bars
12. Jam strips (mmm these are yummy)
13. Stuffing (never use this one anymore)
14. cina' bon' rolls with cream cheese icing
15. Pumpkin cream cheese log
16......and this list goes on and on...have you seen it?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Why is it that...?

I know this question may have an easy answer or maybe several easy answers but no question in a stupid question...

So why is it that the temperature in the Kenai flats was 0 or lower...but as you climbed the mountain it became warmer...?

Leaving Anchor Point it was 18 degrees...stayed about this temp give or take a few until which point it dropped drastically to 2-4 degrees the cold spot on the trip was in the Kenaii flats where it was almost 8 below...whether we were stopped or I don't think wind chill is an issue with the man in my mirror...not sure how he avoids it but I would guess that if a soda held out the window freezes in 6 minutes then the wind chill driving made it pretty darn cold.
Stopping at Skilack to potty the dogs the temp was 18 degrees and wavered between 18 and 22 until the cut off.

As we climbed the pass the temp settled in around 6-13 degrees until Turnagain arm where there the heat wave hit at 22-25...then came Anchorage...6-14 degrees depending on which side of town one is on...Temperature changes within just a few miles of each other...

Now let me eliminate some factors...the sky was clear and the moon visible the entire trip. No wind to speak of until the arm...and with the exception of Ninilchick the roads were dry pavement the whole way...whats up with Ninilchick...they never heard of sand before?

So the road trip was uneventful. Saw one moose and yes it did cross the road...the guy in front of us got the the time we passed the thing was nothing but a rear end entering the bushes. I was not worried about my husband sleeping at the wheel as the straps used to hold the tree to the roof made the most horrible noise...all the way one point we almost ditched the Christmas tree.

Now...I have to figure out how to ditch my furniture. Once this tree thaws will take up my whole living room...I think we have this problem every time the men pick the tree...Thats okay though...I got LOTS of Christmas Balls to hang on it...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Cheapest Gift Ever

The Cheapest Gift I Have Ever Received.

Christmas in my home as been a financially strapping event for as long as I can remember, money taken from the electric bill to buy gifts, the rent helped buy a nice dinner. I spent one Christmas Eve cutting my broom and mop down to make my boys stick horses and “cowboy gear”. It was worth it to see their smiling faces on Christmas morning as they ran through the house shooting each other with home made potato guns.

Their stockings were always hung “by the chimney with care” and Christmas morning dawned with happiness as my children’s Christmas Dreams were achieved.

Working full time while struggling with illness the Holidays found me once again broke and unprepared; a call to the Salvation Army saved my children’s Christmas. I believe in Santa Clause…that year he visited my home twice. He must have really liked my cookies.

‘The Night Before Christmas’ was read, the children had left snacks and eggnog for Santa and were tucked tight into their beds saying our Christmas prayers for Peace On Earth. I would love to say they fell fast asleep…but…it was almost two before the stockings were stuffed and the gifts delivered under the tree.

Switching off the last light, dimming the room to the colorful lights and sparkling tinsel swaying in the soft breeze a tear slipped from my eye and a prayer of thanks to Santa for saving Christmas once again.

My eyes traveled the colorful paper and bows, the bike my son wanted so badly, and the rocking horse for the baby. Stocking overflowing with oranges and nuts, coloring books and play doe. Mine hung limp at the end…it did not matter…the kids had another wonderful day coming for them in the morning…

Sleep came easy after a long day of working and finishing off the Christmas check list. Soon my head was dreaming of the day I would be able to get all the work done well in advance. The day I would not have to get help for the Holiday. I dreamed of snow and candy, guess I had the “visions of sugar plums” dancing in my head.

“He came! Wake up he came” every parents Christmas morning alarm clock I am assuming…

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I could smell the coffee (I had them trained too) brewing, Christmas Music softly coming from the stereo. Wishing it were 8 instead of 5 I climbed from bed and nudged my husband to discover…HE had woke the children!

It took me a minute to realize something had changed in my living room since the night before. But it only took me a second for the tears to start.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…and mine was no longer hanging limply at the end. Mine was Bulging larger that any of the others. My children were smiling from ear to ear as they handed me the cheapest Christmas gift I have ever received.

Inside my stocking were several colored pictures…some just scribbled on they “got tired and it was not full”. I became the proud owner that day of a Ninja Turtle Card, “princess jewelry”, the “fastest” match box car corvette in their collection, all this and some melted fudge covering an orange and several nuts in the toe.

The cheapest and BEST gift I have ever received on Christmas…The Gift of a Child's Love.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

getting some practice again at creative writing.

my imagination...
Have you ever been to an aquarium? You know...the kind where you can stand at the bottom of the ocean and watch the sharks and fish swim?

Struggling into the elevator with 30 pounds of baby in a stroller...we sank down into the depths of the deep dark waters...lights were dim sharks emerging from the darkness and swimming to the glass. I counted the teeth as the mouth opened wider in hopes for a meal of fresh dumb humans. Behind us swam salmon, eels, trout and steel head, round and round their circular habitat. Teasing the predictors that could not reach them.
Walruses and seals swam lazy laps to our right...watching the prey, waiting for the right moment to come through that glass.
Children oohed and awed. A baby cried out in fear as an octopus climbed the glass attempting his escape. could have finished like this...

the walls began to shake...the glass buckling back and forth. Water splashing from the opening high above our heads. People scramble for the stairs and elevator...yes some people would be this dumb. Women screaming and adding to the already deafening roar of cement and glass cracking...

Water began spilling out of the tanks the carpet became saturated as the water seeped through our shoes.

The giant rock formations that lined the stairwell began to crumble. Boulders rolling, piling onto each other until the passage was blocked. People screamed as the lights began to flicker dim then go out...plunging the underground cavern into darkness.

Glass cracking, water at the knees...babies being held high above parents heads. The walrus began thrashing the glass realizing his time had finally come...all those delicious fish just waiting to be had...the sharks swam with anticipation watching their prey with tiny beady eyes. Waiting for the opportunity to arise.

A large shattering of glass, water instantly raised to my waist. Which tank?

It did not end like this...but it could have...would have sucked if it had been the shark tank...and a woman was on her monthly. Instead it ended with a lap around back into the sunshine...and we all had hot dogs.


"Please note, canines are canines. Wolves are canines. They notice that other canines are fed and are loved human companions. They reason that if they get rid of and eat other canines their hierarchy improves. They are hungry and doing the best they can. If we were civilized we would feed these canines regular food (if we don't want them committing fratricide) and we would break up that Fort Rich family of canines and have them spaded. Once they are fed, domesticated you won't have that problem anymore. Don't feed a canine, make it watch other canines being fed and loved and you'll get this behavior. How civil do you want to be? Do you want to be hysterical and shoot dogs/canines? BTW there is no scientific difference between "wolves" and "dogs". None. Just fairy tales. Everything is the same. Canines are dogs. "Wolves" are dogs. Feed them domestic food and be done with the problem or refuse and be hysterical and place your domestic canine/dog at risk when walking in that area."

a comment from the ADN comments section of the article about wolves feeding on pets in the Anchroage area....that typo was not a typo...I know how to spell Anchorage...but many got caught up on this typo in the comment section and forgot to notice we have a wolf problem!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

just because

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A time for memories...

The is in our hearts. I am finding it to do so I am having to revert back to childhood memories. I have figured out where the spirit went.

Great Inspirational men like this man have left our world. A man ridiculed for his optimism and rumored to have "crashed his plane" in a successful attempt to leave a harsh world.

As a young girl with several siblings life in our home was not alway "quiet". but after bed time had you tip toed down to the slumbering kids would have heard a strange mixture of music.

Three kids with three radically different tastes in music...AC/DC, heavy metal, blarring from my brothers room. Something weird like but quite frequently never the same coming from my sisters room...(she was into Lover Boy hehe)...and me...the hippie of the family...I could not get enough of inspirational music from John Denver. Dolly and Kenny were my friends...a day when country music was not "oh she left me and I drove my truck through the motel wall"...a time when songs like this blarred over the radio...TV was mainly a thing watched at night back then...and the radio had limited "air wave" channels. songs like this also played around our camp fire as a kid...I remember them well...

and for those who do not remember...this may tweak roots to Colorado...

bet ya thought it was gonna be another Christmas Carol thing here....

NOPE! The Spirit of Christmas is in all of us year round...we just forget what it really is after ignoring it for 11 months....

A long time ago...I believed we would see world peace in my life think I may have been a bit optimistic...(unusual for me I know) but I can do my part,

Angels died in multitude the year Mother Teresa left this world. It seems that with her death and the death of the Princess...the rest of the "public eye" figures forgot how to work toward peace and good will...see they influence ya did not know that. Now...Paris Hilton is trying to save face. OJ Simpson is breaking any law he can now that he got away with murder. Politicians? I wont go read the paper. Even Country Music is joining the "o dear me" world of music. New Christmas Carols? not inspirational...sad songs about giving your heart at Christmas and getting it trampled on the next day...WTF...

So...sit back...close your eyes...smell the fire...the wind blowing on the river as it gently makes its way to the sea...the guitar strumming while children snuggle into laps to be lulled off to sleep...some of my favorite things...okay now is when your spose to scroll up and push the little makes him back to your meditative state...

Bill Johnson...a man I have missed greatly in my life...he had the best lap of them all...and his coffee tasted like cinnamon. His hands could strum a guitar while holding a small girl safely in the night....his songs in my ear will bring tears to my eye hear him and Uncle Joe play again...a dream that maybe someday when I to have left this earth...I will hear again...the spirit of Christmas...all year long. PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TO MEN! That is the spirit of Christmas...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mom arrived safely

Just letting dad know she is here and I have not seen my kids since she walked in the door....I am keeping her there!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Been doing a little PI work...trying to find where the Spirit of Christmas is being held hostage...Deciding the best place to check would be the local churches. Now I hear Anchorage is pulling the plug on "The City of Lights" this year. Seems energy conservation is the focus...not a bad thought really. I considered this on my drive. There are a LOT of churches in this town...but what I noticed is there are NOT a lot of nativity scenes set up at these churches...if the church crosses Christ out a wonder every one else does.

I did notice that the ABT went all out on their lights...kind of reminded me of a casino or a brothel truthfully...all that money spent on electricity....but NO nativity scene....that is just not right. Sorry Monty. The largest church in town...lit up like a Vegas strip up the baby Jesus? I do not understand.

After my greatly disappointing trip around town...I decided to cheer myself for the Season and began humming the Carols of the Season...Softly humming God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen....the person behind me in line began adding the words...."The Rest Room Door said Gentlemen...."I have found a clue....

Dad was right...when "Grandma got Ran Over By a Reindeer" came out I remember my father saying songs like this will change the Season...I did not understand then what the big deal of the Carols sung about Christ and his birth are also twisted into tunes not many remember the originals anymore.

I will thank the world of retail for this little change in our Christmas music too...see hours on end from Halloween to New Years employees listen to the Seasons Carols. They begin to annoy them, they refuse to listen to them at the stories of Christs Birth that are told via song...are about nuns in bathrooms stuffing high heels up peoples behinds...

Long ago this music was only played in December...after Santa made is debut in the Macy parade on Thanksgiving...the first day of the to keep people listening they have had to make fun of the songs that annoy the retail employees for 4 months out of a year...I admit...I too felt annoyed listening to Deck the Halls 900 times in one week....

I will continue my investigation but I do believe I have found the culprits of the "lack of holiday spirit."

Away in a manger no crib for a bed,
the little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head,
the cattle are lowing the poor babe he wakes
the little lord Jesus no sound did he make.

We three kings of orient are,
bearing gifts we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
following yonder star.

In the mean music in my house that is not a Traditional Season Carol in the month of December (at least where I have to hear them)

On that note...

God rest ye merry gentlemen
let nothing ye dismay,
remember Christ Our Savior was born on Christmas Day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Man!

Wow the entire front page one day...summarized into one article the next. Amazing. One man kills his father with a machete, attempts to kill his fathers girlfriend but runs before the job is finished stealing his fathers truck and finding his fathers gun. Later stating that "killing with the machete was a lot of work...but I could not find the gun."
Drives to Anchorage and leaves the "hot" truck (he stated this too) and shoots a man warming his truck..."I was gonna take the Bronco but the shots were loud and I was afraid someone would see me ditching the body" (my quotes are my own version of how the statement must have sounded...the paper did not print the quotes in entirety due to the need of a jury trial...WTF!!!) So he left and walked toward down town.

Now killing daddy took a lot out of him and he needed to stop for a nap. Waking refreshed and stating a need to kill...he bought a beer for courage and a pack of smokes for the after math elation. Sick man.

I am sure everyone has heard the rest of this story by now...two more shot at a whim...high speed chase through several school districts at a time when children were heading to school...

It is not the story that I found most interesting...the commentary going on by the readers is going to be fun to follow all day. Not too many are taking sympathy for this man...many say he should die for this crime spree. Me...? He was headed my way...I or my sister could have been his next target...we were both warming cars and taking kids to school at this time!! I have no sympathy for the horrible human being. He sounds proud of himself...his smile shows he is.

Now the most interesting thing about the comments is the issue of the man shot in the CARRS parking lot a few weeks back. Many think that the police should have shot to kill this time but refrained due to the negative feed back they received last time.
Once again...he took two human lives...he attempted a third by shooting her in the back...maybe he only intended to wound the other man as he was shot in the leg and arm...maybe he was just not aiming...either way he shot him with a gun. He even stated that he waited this time until the car was started so and the victim was out before shooting so he would not have to remove the body. And people are calling him insane?? He seems pretty sane to me. (I know you should never start a sentence with "And" but your not my publisher hehe.) Who by the way is not taking any more "writings" unless I sign a "scab contract" so I guess this career is put on hold until Hollywood figures things out.

So it comes down to this for me really...When a person commits a crime, and is caught red handed at this crime, and confesses to this crime...Why is it our judicial system still gives an attorney the chance to make excuses for this person and free them from the consequences of actions the admit to making? Why are we "bogging" down the court systems for someone who is obviously, and willing to state, guilt?

This tells me and my children that if you pay the right people you can get away with murder. This tells the children that even if the admit guilt it is their "right" to argue their "imaginary innocence". I have often stated that "court" is a game. It is a game between attorney's with a person making sure they follow the rules. Oh kind of like foot ball for geeks. At our expense. Courts are bogged down with vermin claiming innocence who have more rights to that judge than you or I if we were filing a civil suit such as a divorce or custody battle against an abusive parent.

Maybe I am taking things personal...but I hardly doubt my children are the only ones in our country that were and are effected by this. So to save a monster...we sacrifice our children and give future monsters nourishment to feed on.

Their watching, their waiting...if this man does not pay the consequences for this horrible murder spree...they will be coming....

Monday, December 03, 2007

What Season is this?

Okay...I spend the day cleaning despite a painful knee so I can awaken today and enjoy a clean house and my children. I jump in the shower after cleaning...and right under Eric's and Donny's noses the dogs not only dumped....but shredded and spread potting soil and my plant all over the dinning room. So today i scrub carpets...yuck!!

I am wondering how people have done this for so many eons....same chores over and over a world where kidnapping, rape and murder not only make the front page...but the whole damn paper!! Every article today...someone was shot, stabbed with sharp objects, killed in a drunken driving car crash or are spreading horse pooey all over our city...I want to know WHY??

What do they get out of this behavior...I have hurt people in the past and probably will again in the future...but never intentionally with the sole purpose of hurting someone. I have thought bad thoughts but would never put them into action. I just can not understand the thinking pattern of people who feel pleasure in hurting others...especially this close to the Holiday Season.

Why would someone plan to hurt another...why would someone go the effort to set the stage...The holiday season is not to be ignored here...even war stops for the Birth of Christ. or it used to anyway...probably not anymore in the world of "meisim".

The Christmas Season...a time for hope and good cheer...seems hope is a lost word now...and good cheer is served in a glass at the local pub. Christmas carolers? No many people do not want to be wished a Merry many people want to receive the gifts of the season with out acknowledging the reasons behind it.

Let me summarize for you...whether you believe that Jesus Christ was conceived from the Almighty or not...he did walk this world...we have the proof...we also know he was born in a manger many long winters ago. He was born to poor parents and had to live a life of poverty...yet he over came the bad and spent his days preaching for the good of man the point of pissing off some major "political figures" (remember the church ruled the world at one time or did history not teach back that far in school) These political figures crucified him and made an example out of him...the message I have received from this was...GOOD WILL NOT PREVAIL, EVIL IS STRONGER...but LOVE can conquer all...unfortunately we have forgotten how to love each other. Until LOVE comes back...compassion, compromise, and communication are also words of our past.

The Bible says "Love thy enemy" now I do not preach the Bible a lot but there are verses that do make a lot of sense...

I challenge each and every one of my readers to smile and say hello to at least three strangers a the past this usually warranted me at least two smiles in turn away when you say Hello. or they offer some stupid comment like "What do you want?" I also challenge you to keep with the "traditions" of years gone past..."Merry Christmas" everyone you see...if they complain...tell them to put their damn gifts back and petition the government for their own selfish holiday. Leave the Spirit of Christmas alone!!!!(sometimes it feels this is all we have left of the good in man kind.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It Is Sunday December 2, 2007

Hey people...just 29 days left in the year 2007...running out of time for that one big memory of the year if you have not had it yet...Why does time fly so fast now that I am old? Why is the city of lights not doing their thing this year to save the environment...but "recycle and reuse" is now a term of the past?

Seems we are forever "trying" to figure it out. Changing things before they have had a chance to work. Oh well guess that is man kind. So I am steadily checking things off my Christmas list of to do's and to gets. A three day bout of something laid me up...but i was still able to get a little bit done. This is the first year Melissa and Warren are observant of Christmas. I am struggling with myself to NOT buy a bunch of useless toys and try to form some new family traditions while they are young enough to not know other wise. Any suggestions....Hope everyone has a good Sunday...I feel better but I am going to guess that all who went to Sarah's party are feeling a bit hung over...hope they had fun and Sarah's day was full of memories.