Sunday, December 02, 2007

It Is Sunday December 2, 2007

Hey people...just 29 days left in the year 2007...running out of time for that one big memory of the year if you have not had it yet...Why does time fly so fast now that I am old? Why is the city of lights not doing their thing this year to save the environment...but "recycle and reuse" is now a term of the past?

Seems we are forever "trying" to figure it out. Changing things before they have had a chance to work. Oh well guess that is man kind. So I am steadily checking things off my Christmas list of to do's and to gets. A three day bout of something laid me up...but i was still able to get a little bit done. This is the first year Melissa and Warren are observant of Christmas. I am struggling with myself to NOT buy a bunch of useless toys and try to form some new family traditions while they are young enough to not know other wise. Any suggestions....Hope everyone has a good Sunday...I feel better but I am going to guess that all who went to Sarah's party are feeling a bit hung over...hope they had fun and Sarah's day was full of memories.

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