Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Extremely controversial in how many they number...but something we have all grown up hearing...so....

Prior- "Earlier in time or order"...but how much earlier I guess would depend on the event...like maybe Christmas people! So maybe we should add a "P" in front of prior..."Plenty".

Planning- "To arrange the parts of"...hmmm some events are quite large...others small...this could be a BIG issue or not...turkey or ham? my house or yours? Anchorage or Homer? Memorial Weekend or Christmas? (it is never to soon to "prior")

- "to be ready"...are we ever really ready for anything? I guess the point is to be as ready as you can be...which means I may lag behind here...decorations to put up, gifts to wrap and buy, Birthdays to pass, Children with eager attitudes to keep happy....I may NEVER be ready...no matter how much I prior plan.

Piss Poor- Lets lump these two together as one describes the other...not just "shoddy" but Pissy too...this can NOT be good and since I do not like "bad things" I will pretend we did the first P's and prevented this one.

Performance- "the execution of an action"...I do not like this definition...why mix a negative word in with something you want to be positive...lets try again..."something accomplished"...now that is more like it...so something accomplished...how about a Happy Healthy Holiday full of family friends, fun and food (the "F's")...I would give this up for PEACE ON EARTH but I have always been told to set goals I can accomplish...

So as I sat here for the last week and wondered why...Why this Christmas feels different? Why the "spirit" is so hard for me to find? Why I keep procrastinating putting up the decorations?

The "Woman Thing" started and my answers where here. DAMN HORMONES! So now the decorations are going up, and down thanks to the kids and dogs. The gifts I have purchased are almost all wrapped, and hidden with care and if I crank the volume on the Christmas Carols I have on 24 hours a day...I do not hear the small voices ringing in my ear. (At the moment reprimanding me for using a candy bar wrapper as a book mark and not putting it in the trash! Like she ever puts anything in the trash!)

Okay so I am working on the "P's" but it helps if all the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed...anyone?

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Blogger Stan said ... (2:49 PM) : 

I makes me so gleeful and giddy in spirts to know that something I taught you as a small child has remained with you over the years - my mission has been accomplished and youhad best not forget your 6 P's or 7 P's but if you want I can come with an 8th!


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (4:55 PM) : 

If you mind your P's & Q's, dot your I's, and cross your T's, the seven P's system works and you will be able to get some R & R. I remember hearing "the seven P's..." from your Dad's mouth, some years back ;
P roper
P lanning
P revents
P iss
P oor
P roduction

I understood the dry humor, but I don't think all present were aware there are only 6 (P's)....
...you might have been one of them. Anyway, as far as "not finding the spirit", I thought you were the only one I knew to want your decorations up the day after turkey - and, actually, started putting them up. Is that not spirit?


the voices (in your head) cannot be drowned out with - no matter how loud - music.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:45 PM) : 

Thanks John, you always have something inspirational to say.


Blogger Stan said ... (7:31 PM) : 

On quite to the contrary Plumma, you have almost got it and it has taken less time than my daughters however, there are 7 P's, once again, one more time they are as follows: Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance (not P roduction)and there are the 7 P's. However, I must congratulate you on making a S.W.A.G.


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