Friday, November 16, 2007

oh that was scarry

It all began when Windows refused to log me on...of course I am a computer genius so I decided to fix it myself...well...I may be a nerd...but I aint no geek and it did not take long for me to wipe my drive clean and lose everything...hehe but i back up and do not keep my life on this thing...for just this after a full day of my life trying to be geekish...I gave up. My computer would not communicate with it's drivers...not sure what I did...and let me say this...I will NEVER attempt to do it again...I found the GEEK Warehouse...

Cunning Computers...DO NOT CALL the number...much better to just drop by....the man who answered the phone was rude and probably a black market Geek slave driver...hehe (I love my imagination) as you drive down the Old Seward just past Dowling is a FORD covered in mother boards and CB radios....if you find passed them by almost half a block!...Once I found the place, thanks to the rude dude on the phone...I walked up a creepy set of stairs and opened the door, do not know what I expected but this place was a MESS and the two guys that were there definitely were NOT the man I talked to on the phone. Anyway they promised to fix it with in two hours after it "got on the table" for 75 dollars if it was unfix able no charge (they did say that they have only had three that were not fixable with out new hardware) So I left and noticed I had left my "baby" with "cunning" hmmmm...
Sure enough a couple hours later she was ready for pick up. Not sure what i was going to find as the pre recorded message I got only stated "ready for pick up" and when I called that rude dude obviously did NOT know anything about what ever was happening in the shop...(see a sweat shop of Geeks, I know it!)
They had my baby fixed and actually liked it a lot...I guess I have some pretty good shit in my tower...hehe it's all Greek to me LOL...I out ran all the other computers at the doctors that day...finally win something and no ribbon or trophy.
The geek who fixed me was not in when I arrived I was told my drivers needed to learn to "talk" again could have been a virus but more than likely I turned something off or deleted it.

Arriving home I hooked everything back up...plugged in...powered up...and waited...briefly...I was running...back to the very beginning of course...but running. On my desk top were your standard icons "outlook", "recycle bin", "explorer" and this one..."Advanced 'Windows Care V2" Clicking the icon I was taken to a program that controls my drivers....checks them and fixes them with out me doing anything...hmmm a hint of what the problem was? I clicked the blinking message tab and up popped the answers to ALL my questions from the day figure it out...I wiped my drive clean...but they were still able to know EXACTLY what I did to my computer...enough to leave me a note on how NOT to do it again...
No real news for the day...paper was mostly political.
I can say TGIF!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:10 AM) : 

I took my "baby" to a shop in Bellingham, Washington while I was on the trip. They installed four new "drivers" and changed them out in less than 45 minutes and I was up and running again. I did not loose a thing. They did enjoy playing with my "red neck horn" and suggested that I hook it into a external speaker.


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:58 PM) : 

I took my "baby" to a shop in Portland Oregon. They installed two new drivers and rotated them they were at it. The also did a total over hall of the joints. I did enjoy the art work but probably not as much as you did.


Blogger Stan said ... (12:30 AM) : 

Seems as if everyone is replacing or repairing drivers!


Blogger TwistedTye~Dye said ... (6:34 AM) : 

and imagine its just a bunch of metal and plastic slapped together...for further reference...take your "Baby" to pyramid computers on Tudor RD and bragaw...very honest and "polite" and 70 an hur...they have the same policy...but the will also find the problem and let you know whats pre-recorded mssgs.


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