Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Man!

Wow the entire front page one day...summarized into one article the next. Amazing. One man kills his father with a machete, attempts to kill his fathers girlfriend but runs before the job is finished stealing his fathers truck and finding his fathers gun. Later stating that "killing with the machete was a lot of work...but I could not find the gun."
Drives to Anchorage and leaves the "hot" truck (he stated this too) and shoots a man warming his truck..."I was gonna take the Bronco but the shots were loud and I was afraid someone would see me ditching the body" (my quotes are my own version of how the statement must have sounded...the paper did not print the quotes in entirety due to the need of a jury trial...WTF!!!) So he left and walked toward down town.

Now killing daddy took a lot out of him and he needed to stop for a nap. Waking refreshed and stating a need to kill...he bought a beer for courage and a pack of smokes for the after math elation. Sick man.

I am sure everyone has heard the rest of this story by now...two more shot at a whim...high speed chase through several school districts at a time when children were heading to school...

It is not the story that I found most interesting...the commentary going on by the readers is going to be fun to follow all day. Not too many are taking sympathy for this man...many say he should die for this crime spree. Me...? He was headed my way...I or my sister could have been his next target...we were both warming cars and taking kids to school at this time!! I have no sympathy for the horrible human being. He sounds proud of himself...his smile shows he is.

Now the most interesting thing about the comments is the issue of the man shot in the CARRS parking lot a few weeks back. Many think that the police should have shot to kill this time but refrained due to the negative feed back they received last time.
Once again...he took two human lives...he attempted a third by shooting her in the back...maybe he only intended to wound the other man as he was shot in the leg and arm...maybe he was just not aiming...either way he shot him with a gun. He even stated that he waited this time until the car was started so and the victim was out before shooting so he would not have to remove the body. And people are calling him insane?? He seems pretty sane to me. (I know you should never start a sentence with "And" but your not my publisher hehe.) Who by the way is not taking any more "writings" unless I sign a "scab contract" so I guess this career is put on hold until Hollywood figures things out.

So it comes down to this for me really...When a person commits a crime, and is caught red handed at this crime, and confesses to this crime...Why is it our judicial system still gives an attorney the chance to make excuses for this person and free them from the consequences of actions the admit to making? Why are we "bogging" down the court systems for someone who is obviously, and willing to state, guilt?

This tells me and my children that if you pay the right people you can get away with murder. This tells the children that even if the admit guilt it is their "right" to argue their "imaginary innocence". I have often stated that "court" is a game. It is a game between attorney's with a person making sure they follow the rules. Oh kind of like foot ball for geeks. At our expense. Courts are bogged down with vermin claiming innocence who have more rights to that judge than you or I if we were filing a civil suit such as a divorce or custody battle against an abusive parent.

Maybe I am taking things personal...but I hardly doubt my children are the only ones in our country that were and are effected by this. So to save a monster...we sacrifice our children and give future monsters nourishment to feed on.

Their watching, their waiting...if this man does not pay the consequences for this horrible murder spree...they will be coming....

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:15 PM) : 

Saw this jerk tonight on the news during his bail hearing, I am sure that after just short time in the "big house", he will quickly discover that he is not as bad as he thinks he is and the smirk will disappear. He is a prime example of why "capital punishment" should not be eliminated.


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (5:23 PM) : 

agreed to capital punishment. the jurors he gets will vary in opinions, though.
he should be left in a federal pen for a while (year...2?) for that smile part, yes? we can't have him put to death smiling.


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