Monday, December 03, 2007

What Season is this?

Okay...I spend the day cleaning despite a painful knee so I can awaken today and enjoy a clean house and my children. I jump in the shower after cleaning...and right under Eric's and Donny's noses the dogs not only dumped....but shredded and spread potting soil and my plant all over the dinning room. So today i scrub carpets...yuck!!

I am wondering how people have done this for so many eons....same chores over and over a world where kidnapping, rape and murder not only make the front page...but the whole damn paper!! Every article today...someone was shot, stabbed with sharp objects, killed in a drunken driving car crash or are spreading horse pooey all over our city...I want to know WHY??

What do they get out of this behavior...I have hurt people in the past and probably will again in the future...but never intentionally with the sole purpose of hurting someone. I have thought bad thoughts but would never put them into action. I just can not understand the thinking pattern of people who feel pleasure in hurting others...especially this close to the Holiday Season.

Why would someone plan to hurt another...why would someone go the effort to set the stage...The holiday season is not to be ignored here...even war stops for the Birth of Christ. or it used to anyway...probably not anymore in the world of "meisim".

The Christmas Season...a time for hope and good cheer...seems hope is a lost word now...and good cheer is served in a glass at the local pub. Christmas carolers? No many people do not want to be wished a Merry many people want to receive the gifts of the season with out acknowledging the reasons behind it.

Let me summarize for you...whether you believe that Jesus Christ was conceived from the Almighty or not...he did walk this world...we have the proof...we also know he was born in a manger many long winters ago. He was born to poor parents and had to live a life of poverty...yet he over came the bad and spent his days preaching for the good of man the point of pissing off some major "political figures" (remember the church ruled the world at one time or did history not teach back that far in school) These political figures crucified him and made an example out of him...the message I have received from this was...GOOD WILL NOT PREVAIL, EVIL IS STRONGER...but LOVE can conquer all...unfortunately we have forgotten how to love each other. Until LOVE comes back...compassion, compromise, and communication are also words of our past.

The Bible says "Love thy enemy" now I do not preach the Bible a lot but there are verses that do make a lot of sense...

I challenge each and every one of my readers to smile and say hello to at least three strangers a the past this usually warranted me at least two smiles in turn away when you say Hello. or they offer some stupid comment like "What do you want?" I also challenge you to keep with the "traditions" of years gone past..."Merry Christmas" everyone you see...if they complain...tell them to put their damn gifts back and petition the government for their own selfish holiday. Leave the Spirit of Christmas alone!!!!(sometimes it feels this is all we have left of the good in man kind.)

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:48 AM) : 

Good morning Shana, points well made and worth the read. The answers to your questions are diffiicult, perhaps thre is no answer, however, personally I feel that this trend started to manifest in the late 60's when several things occurred, individuals not being held accountable for their actions, the birth of the electronic era, and the decline of discipline in both
the home and school system. During this same era, we also saw a large number of our parents both having to go to work outside the home to work in order to survive the raising costs of living. Instead of the family sitting down together in the evening and eating dinner as a family unit, it became a fast food, eat and run society. This amonng other things have eroded the fabric of our society and until we reverse the trend on a individual basis, we will continue to see the errosion. The big argument now is "spanking children", a good swap on the butt hurts for a bit, but the memory of being held accountable lingers for some time. Although, there are a good number of parents that also need a swat! Having a pile of rocks in the yard that can be moved from one location to another for disciplinary actions is not all that bad or a huge wood pile that neeeds to be moved and re-stacked! So many questions, so many problems, so many syndromes, all you can do is take them one at a time.


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