Monday, December 17, 2007

Why is it that...?

I know this question may have an easy answer or maybe several easy answers but no question in a stupid question...

So why is it that the temperature in the Kenai flats was 0 or lower...but as you climbed the mountain it became warmer...?

Leaving Anchor Point it was 18 degrees...stayed about this temp give or take a few until which point it dropped drastically to 2-4 degrees the cold spot on the trip was in the Kenaii flats where it was almost 8 below...whether we were stopped or I don't think wind chill is an issue with the man in my mirror...not sure how he avoids it but I would guess that if a soda held out the window freezes in 6 minutes then the wind chill driving made it pretty darn cold.
Stopping at Skilack to potty the dogs the temp was 18 degrees and wavered between 18 and 22 until the cut off.

As we climbed the pass the temp settled in around 6-13 degrees until Turnagain arm where there the heat wave hit at 22-25...then came Anchorage...6-14 degrees depending on which side of town one is on...Temperature changes within just a few miles of each other...

Now let me eliminate some factors...the sky was clear and the moon visible the entire trip. No wind to speak of until the arm...and with the exception of Ninilchick the roads were dry pavement the whole way...whats up with Ninilchick...they never heard of sand before?

So the road trip was uneventful. Saw one moose and yes it did cross the road...the guy in front of us got the the time we passed the thing was nothing but a rear end entering the bushes. I was not worried about my husband sleeping at the wheel as the straps used to hold the tree to the roof made the most horrible noise...all the way one point we almost ditched the Christmas tree.

Now...I have to figure out how to ditch my furniture. Once this tree thaws will take up my whole living room...I think we have this problem every time the men pick the tree...Thats okay though...I got LOTS of Christmas Balls to hang on it...

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:01 AM) : 

Oh, quite simple dear daughter. The flats (being that I am territorial or pre-statehood, we refer to it as the Kenai Burn). North bound across the burn you have Skilak Lake to the west, along the west shoreline of Skilak Lake is a glacier field that drains into Skilak Lake. Skilak Lake is frozen, although it may not be noticeable, there is always a wind, even a light breeze is sufficient when it is blowing across ice to chill the air. The closer you get to Skilak Lake, the colder it will become. This is also the farest point from Cook Inlet so you do not get any warming breeze coming in from the south. This is also the reason that Turnagain Pass was warmer, the sea breezes blowing up slope from Turnagain Arm. As well, all those street light that you have in LA does not help matters - ever here of global warming. The mean low temp in LA should be a warm 56 degrees during the winter based upon the number of lights and toxic fumes coming from all the cars. Now you get to solve the other probelm, Anchor river, Deep Creek, Ninilchik River, Lower Kenasi and Kasilof River are freezing over - why doesn't the upper Keani River or Quartz Creek ever freeze over?


Blogger Stan said ... (12:25 PM) : 

Ah, there is one correction, "everytime you let a man pick out a tree". If I remember correctly, you were part of the cutting party along with your two sons, husband, and I to supervise. It was you, who got cold and returned to the house after being outdoors less than 10minutes. It was you that wanted a tree but did not stay long enough to view the hundreds of groomed trees that I maintain on my tree farm. You looked at only those trees that I ship to the unsuspecting in Anchorage, I was on my way out to show you the groomed trees when you snivled out - it was the men that braved the sub zero temps to get you an almost perfect tree!


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (8:00 PM) : 

AAHH. the upper Kenai. Still a good question. Volcanic activity under the river bottom mass? Then again, what's at the bottom of the lake, really? Toxic waste oozing from the pores of shoddy, rusting drums - only to be neutralized after an immense dilution ratio (Skilak?).
We all know that the aliens have been screwing with the thermostat.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:37 PM) : 

Plumma, that is the most logical explanation I have ever heard! Now tell me why, I live in Anchor Point, Alaska (that is not the question but please remind me)the temperature is warmer than the mid west and north central part of the states, yet they are south of us by a coule thousand miles? Why do they have more snow that we do? thanks Shana for coming up with the concept of a weather channel blog!


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