Wednesday, December 12, 2007

getting some practice again at creative writing.

my imagination...
Have you ever been to an aquarium? You know...the kind where you can stand at the bottom of the ocean and watch the sharks and fish swim?

Struggling into the elevator with 30 pounds of baby in a stroller...we sank down into the depths of the deep dark waters...lights were dim sharks emerging from the darkness and swimming to the glass. I counted the teeth as the mouth opened wider in hopes for a meal of fresh dumb humans. Behind us swam salmon, eels, trout and steel head, round and round their circular habitat. Teasing the predictors that could not reach them.
Walruses and seals swam lazy laps to our right...watching the prey, waiting for the right moment to come through that glass.
Children oohed and awed. A baby cried out in fear as an octopus climbed the glass attempting his escape. could have finished like this...

the walls began to shake...the glass buckling back and forth. Water splashing from the opening high above our heads. People scramble for the stairs and elevator...yes some people would be this dumb. Women screaming and adding to the already deafening roar of cement and glass cracking...

Water began spilling out of the tanks the carpet became saturated as the water seeped through our shoes.

The giant rock formations that lined the stairwell began to crumble. Boulders rolling, piling onto each other until the passage was blocked. People screamed as the lights began to flicker dim then go out...plunging the underground cavern into darkness.

Glass cracking, water at the knees...babies being held high above parents heads. The walrus began thrashing the glass realizing his time had finally come...all those delicious fish just waiting to be had...the sharks swam with anticipation watching their prey with tiny beady eyes. Waiting for the opportunity to arise.

A large shattering of glass, water instantly raised to my waist. Which tank?

It did not end like this...but it could have...would have sucked if it had been the shark tank...and a woman was on her monthly. Instead it ended with a lap around back into the sunshine...and we all had hot dogs.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:49 AM) : 

Sounds to me like a lot of fish went a little crazy and scared somepoor,unsuspecting humans. Lesson to learn here, never intrude upon their domain. Why didn't all the sharks eat all of the fish?


Blogger Shana said ... (11:38 AM) : 

Well maybe the sharks were vegetarians...."fish are friends NOT food"


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