Friday, August 10, 2007

On The Road Again...

Wee hooo...I am outa this honkey town.....heading about 1 hour I will pull out of my drive way to not return for two whole weeks....and I am leaving the house a mess...they will all be here anyway...cept donny who seems to have moved in with Heath and Erica.
Fishing tournament this weekend....a 40th anniversary lunch next weekend and a wedding the following one...what a busy am just gonna enjoy the out doors with my kids...between the events. Toodles loves I am on the road again!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

This Is Creepy

A few days ago...I went and saw a friend on the South side of town...hehe bet you cant figure out what friend...any I was leaving a mental image of myself laying in the bushes came into my mind...I chastised myself for being a paranoid idiot...and headed home...although the thought in my mind was..."If I turn up dead...John is the last person who saw me alive...his life would be made hell!" Funny thought to have...but I could not shake it...then my paranoia intensified when I moved through the intersection of Raspberry and Cranberry and a green mini van pulled out behind me...talking myself through the weird bit of psychosis I locked the doors and drove. This mini van followed me up all lights it stayed behind me...but chose a side of me ...I felt he was checking my rig to make sure I was alone...I began watching for a parking lot with a parked cop in it...figuring if I was not being paranoid this would make him go away...but of course...there is not a police officer around when you need I made sure to ignore him and keep driving...keeping my car in the middle lane of traffic so he could not force me anywhere I did not want to go. By the time we reached Campbell Air Strip and Tudor...he was waving at me and trying to get my attention...never once did he flash his lights or make a move another car would notice....he pulled up along side me in the left lane at the stop traffic in front of him...and mentioned that I looked nice. He asked me if I wanted to drive up the road and park and talk...I noticed he did not role his window all the way down...just enough so I could see his face...I only rolled mine down an inch or so...just in case he was trying to tell me my tire was flat or something like that....I mentioned my husband and 5 kids would not like it if I did not get home...he whipped into Campbell Air Strip flipped a u turn and caught the light before it turned up Tudor like he was pissed at me. I drove around the back neighborhoods for a while even though I knew he was gone...but the paranoia had me worried he would follow me home...and I was headed to my sisters house.
In the paper today...a woman is missing...she is in her 50's and was suppose to catch a plane to Fairbanks and did not...her car is missing also. She lived near Raspberry and Cranberry...was she last seen talking to a man in a green mini-van....I am creeped out...probably paranoid too...but this feels weird!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Day At The Lake

After the rain disipitated yesterday...I decided to get off my butt, procrastinate the never ending chores and take the kids to the lake...okay the free lunch I have heard about helped in this decision. So after eating cheese pizza, smoothies and milk...we were ready for a nature hike around the lake. Neither Britt nor I had ever walked around the lake so we were not sure the trail even went the way we wanted it too...Melissa took us on several "trails" that I was a bit worried about...but we saw nothing other that some fairly fresh bear poop...but not that fresh! oh ya and a mag pie and squirrel.
The trail on the back side of the lake, goes past the UAA so we watched cranes (the big metal ones) move things around and saw a dozer moving through the job site. Warren found this part of the day quiet interesting.
Upon the completion of the walk...both kids were sleepy but happy...I asked Melissa how far she thought she walked..."well, all the way mama." was here reply.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rain Rain

Rain Rain go away,
Me and the babies,
want to go out and play.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I dont know what to blog

Sitting here this fine rainy morning...thinking there has to be something interesting to blog on....nope...nothing I can think of at the...moment...anyway nothing that is not negative...and I am not going there. I am putting on my happy face for the next several months and gonna do my damnedest to keep it there...wont be to hard after Friday....I am moving south for the rest of the summer...Time to spend some time with Eric's well as my own. Hoping to get some fishing well as some time alone...see all that utilize Grandma...are in LA....he he I get her to myself....I'll walk her....and talk to her...and even feed her if she will eat...and if she choses to steal the little ones from me....well I cant argue with my elders right? Packing special treats for Butch and Sundance...don't want them to think I am taking over their kitchen...they are welcome to their kitchen...specially if they do the dishes...with just me and the babies...I will get a nice break from kitchen duties...anyway the long everlasting ones I have here with this many people...never know...I may like it too much.....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Feeling the need to say "Thanks"!

As I have wandered my way through life, I have met many people. Some...well lets just say...they played their part...and others...I will think about for the rest of my life missing them and always wondering if life worked out for them.
Last night just before I got off the internet...a "message" blinked midnight I kind of figured it was spam...but...I wanted to was Mark!!!
I realize none of you but my kids know this young man...but hopefully someday soon you all will. His mother was a very dear friend of mine. We did not get much time on this earth together...she was needed else where. But in the time we had...her kids and mine became attached...we went every where together...the boys were like brothers picking on poor Brittany...Tina and I were happy watching our brood grow up...while we crammed our heads with medical facts that will last me a life time.
One day at school Tina took me aside from the rest of our gang..."I feel odd. If anything should happen to me...will you take my boys." Knowing her past I agreed...she was 25 after all...a long life ahead of her. Two weeks later...I received a phone call...Tina had left the boys with me...and she would never be back to get them. For the first two weeks they were with me...until we found her mom and brother...after 7 months of a court battle we lost...the boys were sent to live with their father and his new wife. Tina did not feel this was a safe place for her boys...but there was nothing I could do about it.
NOW...she was right...and there is still nothing I can do about they know that someone out here loves and cares for them...someone who loved their mother very 17 and 15...ten long years have passed...but thanks to the internet and some divine intervention...I now have my/her boys back in my I need any more kids....hoping some day they can come see us...or maybe...I will go to California to see them. In the mean six days it will be the anniversary of her death...Tina I miss you and know that where ever you will help us here. Thanks for helping me find the boys.
Thank you to my parents for raising me with commpassion and love...I would have missed out on a lot in my life if I had not felt commpassion for others.
and please my friends and family

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hobo Jim

Donny took me on a date...he won tickets to Hobo Jim at the Wild Berry Theater. He is Alaskan History...and soon he will be responsible for our 50th Birthday Song...Yep next year our fine state turns 50!!Now the last time I saw Hobo...besides the concert he did at my elementary school...was through the back door of Alice's Champagne palace...and Diamond Jim's. My parents thought I was safely at the roller rink...instead I was spying on the bar...dreaming of the day I could get in and see his show. Well that day came...the show was good...but I think I will go see him at the bar. His reputation will be shot if it gets out that his biggest fan club is..."The Red Hat Society". I have NEVER seen so many red and purple hats in one spot...and do they not realize those damn feathers are a bitch to see over at a show? With the Red hat ladies in front of children's 60 year old pediatrician behind me...well lets just say...I may have felt a bit...ummm...old!!
The concert was great though...he puts on a good show. Still bet it is better at the bar!!
After the show I went and wait for Britt to get out of her "show". Durring this time I read Marilyn Manson's that is one messed up human was a bitch to the poor dude as a kid. Guess I better go...I hear the three older babies trying to kill each other...thinking duct tape today...this fight has went on now since Monday!!! They will resume it at the park in a bit too...does not matter what I do...they are in the mood to fight!!!
loves and toodles