Friday, June 27, 2008

Particles or waves?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anchor Point

the weather has not been perfect...but then what is perfect. Little to no rain so far...some wind but not to bad. Nights are staying in the mid 40's can not complain there. That cold is still lingering but it is getting better. Life in the pit is pretty quiet...the kids play...and I am being haunted by M and M's...broken ones....pieces of, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange...lots of colors...but out of 500 pieces...I have just 200 left to find places for....Thanks Donald for the tortoreouse event...I dream those damn M and M's.....and the next time you want to by me a puzzle...could you make it skittles!! That is a joke. Dad has so far stayed out of trouble...he seems to be getting a bit restless now so look out people...he has some pent up pranks I am sure...

For those coming south safe. For those that are not...I miss you and wish you could come for the to you.

Friday, June 20, 2008

and Time Marches On...

Man am I ever battling a nasty cold...trip back to Homer must be delayed until the kids and I are feeling better...cant have no one getting pneumonia. This one is a doozy....phlem, phlem, phlem....hack...hack...blow...blow...nastiness...ewww!!!

The average cold bug last 10 days...I am on day 8 so maybe I am about done. Melissa is in the middle of it and as of yet Warren has evaded the bug altogether...seems it is a bit prejudice as just Britt, Lou and I have been battling this green slime producing, kleenex soggying, critter.

Just want to let my friends and family know...if you get this bug...COUGH that crap up...the bacteria that is causing this crap to roam around is the same bacteria that causes pneumonia...cough that crap and spit it out...blow it out...and keep coughing...tricks I learned in school to help keep your body free of a potentially lethal bacteria. Many old people and many little guys are being hospitalized for this bug now...seems it is a few months later than expected...wonder if the flu shots have anything to do with that...they wear off and the bug jumps at the opportunity....usually this bacteria is most prevelant in society during the winter months...guess it needed a summer vacation.

If the slime your producing remains "green" for more than three days...or gets darker...see your doctor...this bug is not one to mess with.

On that note...Happy Solstice to all....the longest day of the year and I am battling microscopic bugs at home instead of sitting at a fire on the beach....darn those buggies!!

Britts birthday plans are rolling, she should have the time of her life...her three favorite bands will be here at our house. Rental Halls were outrageous in price....and required for the most part that you pay their people to chaperon your event...One place I called even "required you to use their caterer." Hmm...what if I dont like their caterer...or want to do the food myself??

Anyway...for 700 dollars...I will do it at home with my own darn kitchen!!

Many years ago, this party was called a cotillion or a "coming out" party...the girl is ready to be courted and married off...well...she is not ready to be married off...may never get there...but she is ready to DRIVE!! AHHHHH!!!....that is three of the five...glad I have a few years to wait before the next one turns 16.

So...on that note...the coughing fit I was having is is only 7am...meaning I can get an hour nap before the kids awake...Love to all...and HAPPY SOLSTICE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Evenings

Seems the weather is having issues deciding what it wants to do here in LA. Clouds, blue sky, not much rain, but seriously inconsistent forecasting from the clouds.

A week, almost two here at home, and my yard is now covered in beautiful trees. I can hear the neighbors but I cant see them. Not bad if the city bus could be replaced by the river in the distance.

I have got to remember I have a digital camera! What started out as a trip to the park at Cheney Lake turned into a walk around the lake at the children's request. When they mentioned following the trial and going on a "venture" Anna's face took a horrid look as she glanced my way. I am not sure which adventure she was remembering, but anytime we go on a venture together, she ends up stuck, upside down in puddles, or hanging herself...but the good sport that she is she went along wearily waiting for the first, 'side track off the trail".

Not long after leaving the park we were alone and I let Mac run free. He is responding to a whistle and if I point at him then at my feet he will come to me and sit. Not bad since I did not even try to teach him that...he was fascinated with the ducks, but does not like the water so as long as they stayed on the right side of the mucky growing yuck that encompassed the first ten feet of the shore line they were safe. (the Crock pond is cleaner than that lake)

Sorry to say there were no humorous happenings on this outing, I am sure Anna is appreciative of the fact I could not find a new trail to explore...hehe. Mac obeyed well. The kids came back with hand fulls of flowers and special sticks.

Now is the time to explore that lake though. I plan on going back without the children soon as the geese are just now bringing their babies from the nests and showing them the water. Not old enough to swim yet they stayed on the shore line, but ran for cover as soon as they heard us approaching.

We watched a loon stalk them loons eat baby geese and ducks?? They sure ran from him quickly...and he watched every move they made. We saw a young girl fishing...hope she does not eat what she catches...that lake is GROSS!! Kinda looked and smelled like my basement did a few days ago.

Last night Sarah and the kids came in for an impromptu BBQ. It worked out great for a last minute thing...the kids played major messes left loud fights...and Katelynn put Mac in his place for barking.

He would not quit barking at she began barking back...not just any bark...but a demonic high pitched bark of a five year old girl...he ran tail between his legs...and did not bark at her again the rest of the night...hehe...

Having kids to play with proved as good a sleep aid as a full day of fresh air and exercise...both kids are still asleep and it is almost ten! This NEVER happens. Thanks Sarah...wanna do it again every night???

So that is life in LA at the Buffalo home...planning Britts 16...although I am finding with the network of friends she has...I am not having to do a lot of the grunt work...they are doing it for me...she should enjoy this celebration of her "coming out" or what ever it is in this day and age...stay tuned for they are yet still being pulled together. Oh yes...I may be looking for a couple more chaperons...any volunteers looking to lose some hearing this summer??

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well I am ready to return to the HITW...where the neighbors on the hill are a bit friendlier...Arrived home the house was not to bad accept the carpets...then the sewer backed up all over my basement, while I had four babies in the house who are all potty trained!...three women on the monthly and a major need for an out house. Not to mention the six loads of laundry that needed done.

Six inches of water in my basement, flowing from any drain down there...thanks to Miguel and Britt who cleaned the floating turds and paper as well as pumped and dumped all the water...while standing in toilet water for three that is a good boy friend.

A call to Eric at work informed him that he needed to come home or I was packing and going south again brought him running with Uncle John on his tail...hehe...the purchase of a balloon sort of device that hooks to the garden hose did not pop this plug, but it did provide a half hour of fun while we walked around the yard with our ears to the ground listening to the hum coming from the pipes under us.

A snake was rented and a couple "white mice" pulled from the plug. This opened it enough to allow the Ninja turtle and bouncy balls to flow out...Gotta love the little With that fixed it was time to start on the carpets...two days spent scrubbing and sucking carpets....I had to do the up stairs too...did not want to waste the rental fee for just the down stairs...

So now the laundry is done...the floors clean...and the toilets all flush for the first time since we moved in...ahhhhh!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Wow my yard is green and the trees are leafed. While I was gone the neighbors built a privacy fence...added a lot of character to my yard...should I be offended?? It is pretty though...and if the other two neighbors would follow suite...Lexsis would not be able to hurdle the fence anymore....even got a new mail box out of the deal...the kids came home...tore out all the toys...and have spent the day making mud in the driveway while I cleaned the mess they made inside. Other than summer being here Anchorage is the same...airplanes and sirens...sirens and airplanes....I should have rented on a quieter side of town.

Now lets talk "the box"....from the fumes it was emitting I am guessing that the thing holds the head of the only salmon caught this year. This box once again disappeared just before I headed North. I was under the impression that it was in one of the two rigs that exited the HITW yesterday evening. After an extremely long stop on the side of the unload and reload that took forever due to the amount of things stuffed into Donalds trunk we were assured it was not traveling with us back North.

So where is it? I hope I would have smelled it if it had been left in my camper before I left the HITW....father if my home away from home smells of rotten fish when I will be eating fish head soup for a week....that is a promise!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

We Made it Home...

Safely but not sanely....It probably would have been easier if they had slept the whole way....and just for all peoples information....I have said it a million times already since I have been home for 45 minutes.....I DONT WANNA BE HOME!!! I WANNA GO BACK!!! PLEASE...........

Friday, June 06, 2008

Things I Miss...

My husband and my other kids, although these ones keep me plenty busy....we have hiked every inch of the hillside...found bunny trails and moose beds...we have fished the lower crock pond...someone might want to consider stocking it...seems any natrual species have long died off...but it provided several hours of fun and just a few "dog fish" were caught.

Wind and rain has kept us inside, except for the tent mom and I put over my trailor yesterday...seems my old gutter system was not holding out anymore and the window sills were filling with water. Now the winds will again start and I will be joinging the "fly aways"....anyone want to guess how far a comode can blow?? Some minor tarp damages at the bear den and the wolf hole...nothing that was not fixable....

On that note...things I do not miss....vacuming...tons of dishes....moping and the toilet three or four times a day when Warren misses the hole....and trying to find "free ways" to entertain the children in safe and friendly enviroments.

Have a good day in LA...