Monday, June 09, 2008


Wow my yard is green and the trees are leafed. While I was gone the neighbors built a privacy fence...added a lot of character to my yard...should I be offended?? It is pretty though...and if the other two neighbors would follow suite...Lexsis would not be able to hurdle the fence anymore....even got a new mail box out of the deal...the kids came home...tore out all the toys...and have spent the day making mud in the driveway while I cleaned the mess they made inside. Other than summer being here Anchorage is the same...airplanes and sirens...sirens and airplanes....I should have rented on a quieter side of town.

Now lets talk "the box"....from the fumes it was emitting I am guessing that the thing holds the head of the only salmon caught this year. This box once again disappeared just before I headed North. I was under the impression that it was in one of the two rigs that exited the HITW yesterday evening. After an extremely long stop on the side of the unload and reload that took forever due to the amount of things stuffed into Donalds trunk we were assured it was not traveling with us back North.

So where is it? I hope I would have smelled it if it had been left in my camper before I left the HITW....father if my home away from home smells of rotten fish when I will be eating fish head soup for a week....that is a promise!

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Blogger j, d plumma said ... (10:22 PM) : 

who has the dreaded head? i feel i've spent adequate time with it at this point, but fear for it's next bout of possession.


Blogger Stan said ... (1:28 AM) : 

All, I know is that I want my "trophy" back, I had good intentions of throughly drying it until I had the skeleton remains and than super glue the joints and mount it in the Multi Purpose Room. But, I have a replacement, I fished by myself this am, the run finally showed up and I now have a "new head" to dry and mount - just need to find a nice place to hang and dry it.


Blogger Golden Granny said ... (10:24 AM) : 

Ok, enuff of the "trophy" head. I think it may have gone to the dump - but what do I know? Anyway, it's awful quiet on the home front. Come back - all of you!!


Blogger Stan said ... (7:34 AM) : 

Quietness in Blogland.


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