Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Father, check the doppler?

Well the yard is pretty much back again. The water is still running off the roof though. I was just admiring the raked lawn thinking plush green grass when the lady on the radio used the "S" word. Now I am wondering if we will be seeing another 20 inches of white fluffy wet stuff. If this is the case for the rest of the summer...maybe we should plan a snow cone sale....there is a food cost issue going on...I do not recall Kool Aid being a part of it.

So another day of waiting for spring...and another forecast for a battle with winter...John would you quit talking ice age or I am going to blame you...for now the neighbor gets it. He washed two cars and when he saw me raking and doing yard work...he fertilized his...guess it got watered well.

Thats all on the Buffalo front...although we would like to protest the issues in Yellow Stone...our brothers are being sold to slaughter!! All because they wandered to greener pastures, or maybe the went out and became fruitful...either way...by the truck load they are being hauled away...and buffalo do not like riding in tailors pulled by trucks.

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Blogger Stan said ... (5:04 PM) : 

At 4:41 the Doppler is relatively clear throughout the area, especially the Cook Inlet Region. However, the weather man is calling for mixed rain/snow over the next 24 hours. As far as the Buffalo, I blogged on that subject a few weeks ago. We visited the town where it occurs. It is at the entrance to Yellowstone Park on the Montana side of the park. The Buffs spend the summer in Yellowstone and as the snows start moving in, they move to lower elevations to feed, which is natural. If they cross the border of the park at this north border, they are in Montana and there is no agreement between Montana and the feds in Yellowstone. Once outside the park, they are corraled and their blood is tested. those that show a parasite in the blood is retained by the Parks, those that are clear of the parasite are loaded and hauled off to slaughter by the local ranchers. The funds derived from the sale of the Buffs is kept by the ranchers, Yellowstone gets nothing. Those buffs that do not have a clean bill of health are retained in a corral and in the spring, the Partk Rangers herd them back into the Park. Now, what I do not understand is why can't the rangers herd the buffs back into the park and dedicate an area inside the park that is cultivated with wheat of something that they can feed on in the winter, then they will not enter onto the ranch lands. Buffalo will herd, the Amercian Indian did it for years while they roamed free. Rangers can herd them in the spring, why not the fall? The only thing you need to watch for "they will hook you, ole Mr. (somebody) got hooked, he ain't ever walkred the same since" (Lonesome Dove) when Gus wanted Pea to chase buffalo with him, in Montana.


Blogger Shana said ... (7:29 PM) : 

Buffalo is yummy....the meat is tenderer than beef, and less fat, yet juicy...mmmmm


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