Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday at the Zoo

Eric and I decided we needed some excersise and fresh air. A trip to the zoo is the kids favorite pass time so we put on our extra pants and gloves and headed up to the zoo.

Now there is one problem with a zoo that has only "local animals" in Alaska...the owls...asleep but of course it is day time. The signs of prints in their pens... the Elephant flew south last fall and the siberian tigers were euthanised when the kid in San Diego had to play with the kitties.

So we saw...Ravens...every empty cage had an injured raven in it....we saw Eagles...they have been there since 1973...we saw a camel...with two humps and his alpaca friends. Moose...not nearly as cool as when they are rubbing noses with Josh on the front porch....and of course the musk ox and Yaks...but the kids say they stink.

So it was the Polar Bears fighting over a kayak...yes they had a kayak...and they were not sharing it well as they drug it around looking for just the right entry point to the pool....think they were going to use it as a sled.

The seal and otter exhibit is now open in it's new home and we had the pleasure of making out with a harbor seal...tongue and all....friendly little guy he was...not sure if his pen mate was dead or asleep...anyone know if seals sleep under water? For fifteen minutes he did not move just lay on the bottom of the pool in one spot with his head tucked under his flippers.

One little otter was playing in and out of the water...smooth swimmers they are and he was just having a ball...guess he knew he had to put on a show as all the other animals were asleep for the winter...wolverines hibernate??

Ok the porky pines were having a snack of oranges and corn on the cob...they seemed content in their little pen with their fresh fruit and vegis...I want a porky pine!

So that was the zoo. The kids had a lot of fun and several others with children their size were working their way around the zoo too so they had friends to talk to. Just one question...when do the animals wake up?? The zoo keepers told me once that the bears hibernate in their dens and the black bear could be seen sleeping in a hole she dug under a tree...she looked cozy...wish I could be there when she finally pokes her head out to see if it is spring. Are they on a different schedule in the zoo...or are all bears still asleep this time of year?

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Blogger Stan said ... (7:50 PM) : 

Sounds like a fun day, never thought of going to the zoo in the winter, oh, I forgot it is spring. The bears should be waking up, I saw on the news two weeks ago that the bears were up and around at the animal park in Portage, but they are working bears and have to be up and around to patronize the paying customers. Zoo bears could care less, they are subsidized. Wolverines do not hibernate, they enjoy chasing rabbits to much to sleep all winter. Polar bears are naturally attracted to kayaks, in the wild when they see a kayak it means that there is a food source paddling around, just like a seal asleep under the water, they are easier to catch. Next time you go to the zoo, let me know and I will tag along and be your interpeter. Two humped camels also do not hibernate but he one humpers do because they do not have enough body fat to stay warm since they only have one hump. Porky pines do not make good pets, but they are good to eat, if you are real hungry.


Blogger Shana said ... (8:15 PM) : 

and you can pick your teeth with their quills when your done...eww!
With a my zoo pass I can take my kids grandparents in for free. Next time your up I will take you up on that offer...then you can tell us what exactly that black wolf is thinking when he looks at my babies...I say he is thinking foooood. lol...The Anchorage zoo is perfect for an outing it only takes an hour to get through it and that is if you peer in to all the empty cages hoping to catch site of something living. The zoo is Warrens favorite outing...


Blogger Stan said ... (9:27 AM) : 

Saw on the news this morning that a couple had 35 skunks in their house as pets, all of them de-sented. They also had a couple dogs, cats, several squirrels, farots, and racoons but no porkies.


Blogger real eyez said ... (7:29 PM) : 

BRRR...true Alaska! Our zoo down here in Omaha is supposed to be the best BUT they still aren't open and I do believe most of it is indoors! Glad to hear you guys got out and had some fun!


Blogger Shakadal said ... (6:42 PM) : 

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