Friday, June 06, 2008

Things I Miss...

My husband and my other kids, although these ones keep me plenty busy....we have hiked every inch of the hillside...found bunny trails and moose beds...we have fished the lower crock pond...someone might want to consider stocking it...seems any natrual species have long died off...but it provided several hours of fun and just a few "dog fish" were caught.

Wind and rain has kept us inside, except for the tent mom and I put over my trailor yesterday...seems my old gutter system was not holding out anymore and the window sills were filling with water. Now the winds will again start and I will be joinging the "fly aways"....anyone want to guess how far a comode can blow?? Some minor tarp damages at the bear den and the wolf hole...nothing that was not fixable....

On that note...things I do not miss....vacuming...tons of dishes....moping and the toilet three or four times a day when Warren misses the hole....and trying to find "free ways" to entertain the children in safe and friendly enviroments.

Have a good day in LA...

Comments on "Things I Miss..."


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (3:37 PM) : 

Been a good day, thank you. I think LA is tired of your two, here, and we're running them out of town again. Just make sure you get some work out of them.


Blogger Stan said ... (10:44 AM) : 

Ever see a flying toilet? I can assure you, I built the "Duck House" and it ain't getting off the ground.


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