Friday, June 20, 2008

and Time Marches On...

Man am I ever battling a nasty cold...trip back to Homer must be delayed until the kids and I are feeling better...cant have no one getting pneumonia. This one is a doozy....phlem, phlem, phlem....hack...hack...blow...blow...nastiness...ewww!!!

The average cold bug last 10 days...I am on day 8 so maybe I am about done. Melissa is in the middle of it and as of yet Warren has evaded the bug altogether...seems it is a bit prejudice as just Britt, Lou and I have been battling this green slime producing, kleenex soggying, critter.

Just want to let my friends and family know...if you get this bug...COUGH that crap up...the bacteria that is causing this crap to roam around is the same bacteria that causes pneumonia...cough that crap and spit it out...blow it out...and keep coughing...tricks I learned in school to help keep your body free of a potentially lethal bacteria. Many old people and many little guys are being hospitalized for this bug now...seems it is a few months later than expected...wonder if the flu shots have anything to do with that...they wear off and the bug jumps at the opportunity....usually this bacteria is most prevelant in society during the winter months...guess it needed a summer vacation.

If the slime your producing remains "green" for more than three days...or gets darker...see your doctor...this bug is not one to mess with.

On that note...Happy Solstice to all....the longest day of the year and I am battling microscopic bugs at home instead of sitting at a fire on the beach....darn those buggies!!

Britts birthday plans are rolling, she should have the time of her life...her three favorite bands will be here at our house. Rental Halls were outrageous in price....and required for the most part that you pay their people to chaperon your event...One place I called even "required you to use their caterer." Hmm...what if I dont like their caterer...or want to do the food myself??

Anyway...for 700 dollars...I will do it at home with my own darn kitchen!!

Many years ago, this party was called a cotillion or a "coming out" party...the girl is ready to be courted and married off...well...she is not ready to be married off...may never get there...but she is ready to DRIVE!! AHHHHH!!!....that is three of the five...glad I have a few years to wait before the next one turns 16.

So...on that note...the coughing fit I was having is is only 7am...meaning I can get an hour nap before the kids awake...Love to all...and HAPPY SOLSTICE!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:56 AM) : 

Seems as if the "bug" is even down here in paradise. Been hacking for a week, but I relate it to working during moisture laden days and fishing in the early morning hours. The "big" beautification project should be completed today as the flowers are going into the ground. Will wait a few days befoe the next "bigger" project starts and do some side chores that need to get done. I am combating mine with shots of rum mixed with honey and a shot of whiskey. It does not cure it but makes it more tolerable. Sounds as if the "coming out" party is going to be loud, "sweet sixteen" does not seem possible but we also have a grand daughter that is turning 18 in a few days, four grand daughters in high school this year, wow ~ the years have slipped past so fast. Get to feeling better, have a good day.


Blogger Shana said ... (10:28 AM) : 

I like whiskey....gonna have to get some rum and honey to see if that will allow me to sleep....maybe three shots?? I am getting better...thinking the rum and honey for the kids right??


Blogger Golden Granny said ... (11:02 AM) : 

Knock on wood - I feel great, except for being stiff and sore from hauling wheel barrels full of dirt to fill up the flower beds. I have muscles aching I didn't know I had! No cold tho - I just pop an echineacea pill if I feel one coming on. You all get better - you hear cuz I'm coming your way on Tuesday.


Blogger Da Bears said ... (11:00 AM) : 

WHAAAAAAAAA! Went to the cabin yesterday, was nice, good trail, no critters. My little girl is 18 today, my how time flys! Enjoy the summer, while it lasts, four months till riding season.


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:00 PM) : 

I hope you are feeling better.


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