Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Evenings

Seems the weather is having issues deciding what it wants to do here in LA. Clouds, blue sky, not much rain, but seriously inconsistent forecasting from the clouds.

A week, almost two here at home, and my yard is now covered in beautiful trees. I can hear the neighbors but I cant see them. Not bad if the city bus could be replaced by the river in the distance.

I have got to remember I have a digital camera! What started out as a trip to the park at Cheney Lake turned into a walk around the lake at the children's request. When they mentioned following the trial and going on a "venture" Anna's face took a horrid look as she glanced my way. I am not sure which adventure she was remembering, but anytime we go on a venture together, she ends up stuck, upside down in puddles, or hanging herself...but the good sport that she is she went along wearily waiting for the first, 'side track off the trail".

Not long after leaving the park we were alone and I let Mac run free. He is responding to a whistle and if I point at him then at my feet he will come to me and sit. Not bad since I did not even try to teach him that...he was fascinated with the ducks, but does not like the water so as long as they stayed on the right side of the mucky growing yuck that encompassed the first ten feet of the shore line they were safe. (the Crock pond is cleaner than that lake)

Sorry to say there were no humorous happenings on this outing, I am sure Anna is appreciative of the fact I could not find a new trail to explore...hehe. Mac obeyed well. The kids came back with hand fulls of flowers and special sticks.

Now is the time to explore that lake though. I plan on going back without the children soon as the geese are just now bringing their babies from the nests and showing them the water. Not old enough to swim yet they stayed on the shore line, but ran for cover as soon as they heard us approaching.

We watched a loon stalk them also...do loons eat baby geese and ducks?? They sure ran from him quickly...and he watched every move they made. We saw a young girl fishing...hope she does not eat what she catches...that lake is GROSS!! Kinda looked and smelled like my basement did a few days ago.

Last night Sarah and the kids came in for an impromptu BBQ. It worked out great for a last minute thing...the kids played well....no major messes left behind...no loud fights...and Katelynn put Mac in his place for barking.

He would not quit barking at her...so she began barking back...not just any bark...but a demonic high pitched bark of a five year old girl...he ran tail between his legs...and did not bark at her again the rest of the night...hehe...

Having kids to play with proved as good a sleep aid as a full day of fresh air and exercise...both kids are still asleep and it is almost ten! This NEVER happens. Thanks Sarah...wanna do it again every night???

So that is life in LA at the Buffalo home...planning Britts 16...although I am finding with the network of friends she has...I am not having to do a lot of the grunt work...they are doing it for me...she should enjoy this celebration of her "coming out" or what ever it is in this day and age...stay tuned for details...as they are yet still being pulled together. Oh yes...I may be looking for a couple more chaperons...any volunteers looking to lose some hearing this summer??

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:11 PM) : 

Yes, loon eat little ducks, so do snakes. Sounds like a good outing to a prestine lake in LA. You should borrow your brother in laws canoe and take a cruise on the lake. So now we know how to control Mac's barking, just bark back! Are you doing any landscaping this year? Everything is dry down here, but that is o.k., art least until we get the flowers inteh ground then I would ike to see a little rain so we can plant some new grass seed. When do you plan on coming back to HITW?


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (4:22 PM) : 

Not that it has stopped her in the past, but Brit will be legal to drive ...(gulp)...alone?


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