Friday, October 30, 2009

I wonder why?

Why do people think monetary rewards will make up for crimes committed against them or ones they love?

More importantly…How do people think someone in jail is going to make millions to pay them that money?

Seems to me we have come to a point where money is the answer to everything yet there is just not enough of it to accomplish that task.

Seems to me we have made a society of law suites and penalties that revolve around great sums of money.

Seems to me many if not all crimes are committed for or involving money.

Not so many years ago, money was not depended on to a point of survival; it was unheard of in many societies.

Humans made money as a way to “keep score”. Accountability for what others owed them, and their achievements in life.

What we did not consider was exactly where we are today. What happens when people who have no money need it?

What happens when “credit” runs out and people with money have no more “credit” to offer because others can not pay them what they are owed and still support a family?

What happens is this, a lawsuit entitling the “credit holder” to even more money that they already can not acquired from the ones the “loaned” too.

I have always hated the game of Monopoly, never have won, in fact I used to resent family game night and the game of Monopoly.

Now I have to say, thanks for choosing that particular game for family entertainment of the eighties. It metaphorically showed me what the “credit” world was doing to our society.

As Board Walk and Park Place are acquired, usually by my father as he understood the value of high rent, (I went for the pretty colors) the game becomes a game of “borrowing”, borrowing money in hopes that someone will land on your spaces and pay you enough to make rent again should you land on one of those last two squares.

After hours of frustration trying to come up with money to pay imaginary rent, tears in some cases, (I am a good poor sport) I soon began looking at the game from a different perspective. I saw one member of the table acquire all the money while the rest struggled and began to resent the winner.

Me, I just kept finding ways to go to jail, cheating on the dice is easy when everyone is counting the number you need to land on their property. So I can not collect rent, but I did not have to pay it either.

These family game nights usually ended in at least one person going to bed frustrated or sad. Why did we not play Twister?

So thanks to the game I never went after high rent properties, I used my 7 P’s and looked toward the day no one could pay my rent. I also chose to live a leaner life style, those Rail Roads and Utilities companies can get you. Today I may throw that game away, seems it is time to find a new one to play….maybe Aunts in the Pants….

…while I do this I will continue to contemplate how someone can acquire millions to pay off “victims” when they work for a church….or are in jail.

Monday, October 26, 2009



Mainly a day for catching up after the weekend,
Only sometimes I get lucky and the house is already caught up.
Now maybe I can spend some time making a new comforter for our bed.
Daily news reported nothing interesting.
Always looking for something fun to do.
Yesterday we saw Where the Wild Things Are.

Great movie dont listen to the reviews, Melissa and Warren both liked the movie yet the book still gives them nightmares, lol...

Enjoy the day, and I have my money on the new addition jointing this family on Halloween, his mother felt like a walking pinata craving candy and sour stuff, seems to me he told us then when he was coming. Halloween, 8lbs money.

Kay now someone is gonna call and tell me she popped last night, if that is the case I change my vote to then and 8 lbs 7oz.

Friday, October 23, 2009

HELP I got mice on Steroids!!

My companion of 17 years decided to move on in the realm of kitty reality. I miss her dearly but need a replacement for her house hold chores. I do NOT chase mice well, they always get away, and the thought of what I would do with one should I actually catch it gives me the shivers. I will provide room and board, complete with own bath room in exchange for patrolling my perimeters and keeping these little immigrants out doors or under the house.

A friendship is a must, but i am sure love at first site will not be a problem. This feline companion will need to enjoy "teasing dogs" as well as have the personality to put them canines in their place when they do not want to play or be young enough to grow up with the dogs as companions.

With the size of these four legged intruders I am considering a companion feline also...never know when it will take two to hold back the posy.

You can contact me via email if you are interested in helping me fill this position.... you must have four legs with nice claws, pointy ears and sharp teeth, and purrrr or meow. No age requirements.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just dont get it anymore

I was raised to believe that adults set the example for children. I was raised to believe that we have consequences for all our actions. I was raised to consider others before making my own choices. Ok so i did not always consider every thing about others, but i have tried to set and example to the younger generation.

If we continue to allow people of power and authority to "make excuses", "wine and belly ache" in order to get out of the consequences for their own actions, why do we expect our children to obey us?

I am tired of my local politicians giving my children "rational" reason to argue consequences for their actions.

I am tired of watching my authority figures make public fools of them selves and telling my kids that is not alright. What is going on in this world and what are we going to achieve?

How do we parent our kids...

Do we teach them to argue so they can fight back in the world once they leave our homes?

Do we teach them that if you lie enough you can confuse yourself and others into believing your not lying? That is a trait that takes it my job to teach my kids this?

What about trust, how do you teach a kid to give and receive trust when the example around them tells them you can not trust anyone?

So...if i use the "a-dults" ahead of me in age and supposedly my examples...I have raised my kids wrong.

Beginning tomorrow i will begin teaching them to lie and steal so they will get away with it.

I will start teaching them that money is to be hoarded and hidden.

I will teach them that embezzlement is OK, maybe sign them up for a couple computer classes to teach them hacking skills.

If i get an early enough start maybe they will achieve the example being set for them.

I think i will start all this parenting tomorrow.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Belated 99th.....

"By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world." Mother Teresa-

In August of 2010 she would have been 100 years old had her presence remained here on earth. Her physical body buried in the place she dedicated her life too. A place that made her happy or she would not have remained there for all those years.

Now they are going to argue over where her 'final resting place" should be. Has that not already been decided, many long years ago when she died?

Seems to me that Mother Teresa stood up for goodness and love not arguing and fighting. Two countries trying to stake claims on her long buried body seems a dishonor to all that she represented by choice in this life.

Why do people not realize how selfish we really are. Fighting over a body? A body that has no life in it? I understand the "need to have something substantial" something to hang onto...but I do not understand why we feel we need this when all around us is the energy that makes up life and the forces with in it.

The year this woman died many good people also died, John Denver, Princess Dianna to name two... people who strove hard in life to pass on just one message....the message of love....

GOD BLESS those that miss her, and may they too feel her presence all around them as they look for goodness in life.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Water on the Moon...thought it was made of cheese?

So, at a time of economic crunch, we have found the money to waste not one but two satellites by crashing them into the moon i hopes of finding water???

Moonsani......"the brand the universe prefers" will it be bottled in glass or plastic?

Seems to me water on the moon is kind of pointless when we still have an abundance of it here on earth. Seems to me looking for water on the moon is kind of "snubbing" our economic issues at the moment. Glad NASA has money to blow up things, wish we had health insurance at a decent rate.

ok so the financial side of this little endeavor is a BIG issue, but with grants and paperwork and such money is wasted every day. Lets talk science here...

Had anyone ever wondered what would happen in a zero gravity force if one blew a hole in something?

What about the orbit of that moon to our own planet?

Watch the history channel and learn about our planets "ring"....what happens if that "debris" makes it to the "new aged ring" around this planet?

I am not sure anyone knows what is really going on in this world today but one thing that is blatantly obvious is...something is happening..cuz the moon is made of dust....and a pipe line can not be built between two orbiting planets...

and has anyone ever thought of what happens when you Spring a leak on the moon???

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Parenting, What exactly is it?

In college we often compared "Nature-vs-Nurture" in the psychological upraising of the human mind. Science has often fought over which has more influence on the development of a persons thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Through many years of intense research, although much of it done in orphanages around the world, science still has not made up its mind. Information gathered is biased, studies often depending on the political party in office and where the money comes from.

Lets talk...

Many famous parents seem to be doing just fine. You never hear of their children in the news and most of them refuse to talk of their children to the press. Those are good parents. In fact eventually many of their children have grown into stardom and we the general public did not even know it was coming.

The nature of these kids upraising, as well as parents who nurtured their child's privacy to grow and learn with out public media blowing things out of proportion has allowed those kids to grow into a well rounded, parent guided adult role.

So, just two years ago i voted on a woman, that woman promised that small town living was a way of life in this country, she promised she would take our childrens best interest to heart as she worked her way through politics.

A woman i have known of since high school when our sports team and hers met on the courts. A woman who had gusto and guts and seemed like the perfect choice for my children s future.

I am saddened to say it does not appear Parenting was her first choice in life. She seems to have forgotten that love and trust of a child IS what it takes to make a happy adult. She seems to have forgotten that two small babies are watching her every move, hearing her words, feeling her stresses.

While at the same time one of those babies has a teen age mom that is still trying to grow up herself with the pressures of adult hood riding hard on her shoulders.

While the child's father is out pimping himself for money, using the birth of this child as a "get rich quick scam".

Now this same woman is pressuring the president to send more troops into a very hostile environment, her own son being one of those troops. I can not help but ask myself...

Is she sacrificing her oldest child for her political gain now too?


We do not own our children, as we often think. They are small humans that have been born into a very educated world. It is our job to educate them and PROTECT them into adult hood while encouraging them to pursue their interest toward happiness.

NURTURE...The way in which we love and cherish something.

We nurture our gardens until the fruits and vegetables grow into abundant beauty....Why do we forget to do the same for the children that will someday run this world?

NATURE...oh here it is...the ENVIRONMENT in which that child (or plant) is raised.

This includes genetics, placement in the family pattern, socioeconomic levels, religion, adult role models, education, and so much more, if you let yourself think of the details that come into play when others cast judgment on the way you dress, walk, talk, or just live.

"Do's" and "Do nots" of parenting....

DO NOT sacrifice your growing teenagers emotional health by going public in a political career and flaunting her consequences and actions to the world.

DO NOT teach your grandchild that "daddies are disposable" and can be thrown (or chased away for political gain).

DO NOT ruin another developing adult (the babies daddy was also too young to deal with this) by throwing them to the wolves. Parenting takes a community as children grow into their environments.

DO...accept kids make mistakes and adults are here to help them figure out the consequences for their actions

DO...provide a loving accepting home filled with unconditional love

DO...allow the child to make mistakes, it is how we learn our best lessons.

My father once told me, in a time when I was struggling with my own identity,

"People judge you by who you are, how you act, who you hang out with, and what you say. Then form their opinion accordingly."

Daddy you were so right. What you did not tell me was...

Those opinions will last a life time, as few people remember that life is a constant growth process.

So...the example being set today, will effect the children and grandchildren for the REST OF THEIR LIVES...

The circle of life grows, effecting all who we come in contact with... A young man, who at one time was willing to hold a young girls hand through a tough teen age trial, work a decent job, and assist the family, is now pimping himself to the public. A young man at an age where money still buys happiness.

Parenting...a fine line to walk, a time to put self aside for the best of the future. A political career that you have some control over. Not one that makes any money, but having a laughing happy family is worth every cent in gold that I do not have.