Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just dont get it anymore

I was raised to believe that adults set the example for children. I was raised to believe that we have consequences for all our actions. I was raised to consider others before making my own choices. Ok so i did not always consider every thing about others, but i have tried to set and example to the younger generation.

If we continue to allow people of power and authority to "make excuses", "wine and belly ache" in order to get out of the consequences for their own actions, why do we expect our children to obey us?

I am tired of my local politicians giving my children "rational" reason to argue consequences for their actions.

I am tired of watching my authority figures make public fools of them selves and telling my kids that is not alright. What is going on in this world and what are we going to achieve?

How do we parent our kids...

Do we teach them to argue so they can fight back in the world once they leave our homes?

Do we teach them that if you lie enough you can confuse yourself and others into believing your not lying? That is a trait that takes it my job to teach my kids this?

What about trust, how do you teach a kid to give and receive trust when the example around them tells them you can not trust anyone?

So...if i use the "a-dults" ahead of me in age and supposedly my examples...I have raised my kids wrong.

Beginning tomorrow i will begin teaching them to lie and steal so they will get away with it.

I will start teaching them that money is to be hoarded and hidden.

I will teach them that embezzlement is OK, maybe sign them up for a couple computer classes to teach them hacking skills.

If i get an early enough start maybe they will achieve the example being set for them.

I think i will start all this parenting tomorrow.

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Blogger jd plumma said ... (7:36 AM) : 

I like to say, "The older my kids get, the more I know me."
They do learn fast, don't they? (regardless of what they're told.)


Blogger Shana said ... (8:10 AM) : 

lol yep they do...and usually ignore what their told just like we did...


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