Friday, October 09, 2009

Water on the Moon...thought it was made of cheese?

So, at a time of economic crunch, we have found the money to waste not one but two satellites by crashing them into the moon i hopes of finding water???

Moonsani......"the brand the universe prefers" will it be bottled in glass or plastic?

Seems to me water on the moon is kind of pointless when we still have an abundance of it here on earth. Seems to me looking for water on the moon is kind of "snubbing" our economic issues at the moment. Glad NASA has money to blow up things, wish we had health insurance at a decent rate.

ok so the financial side of this little endeavor is a BIG issue, but with grants and paperwork and such money is wasted every day. Lets talk science here...

Had anyone ever wondered what would happen in a zero gravity force if one blew a hole in something?

What about the orbit of that moon to our own planet?

Watch the history channel and learn about our planets "ring"....what happens if that "debris" makes it to the "new aged ring" around this planet?

I am not sure anyone knows what is really going on in this world today but one thing that is blatantly obvious is...something is happening..cuz the moon is made of dust....and a pipe line can not be built between two orbiting planets...

and has anyone ever thought of what happens when you Spring a leak on the moon???

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Comments on "Water on the Moon...thought it was made of cheese?"


Blogger jd plumma said ... (5:40 AM) : 

We (our house) had a good chuckle of this subject, also.
Like we have nothing better to do - right?!
Don't search too much into the space debris thing. It could be scary in many ways. Didn't we (the USA) shoot a missile at one big piece of space debris to turn it into 1,000,000 pieces (much smaller, but still doing about 20,000 MPH) just last year?


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