Friday, October 30, 2009

I wonder why?

Why do people think monetary rewards will make up for crimes committed against them or ones they love?

More importantly…How do people think someone in jail is going to make millions to pay them that money?

Seems to me we have come to a point where money is the answer to everything yet there is just not enough of it to accomplish that task.

Seems to me we have made a society of law suites and penalties that revolve around great sums of money.

Seems to me many if not all crimes are committed for or involving money.

Not so many years ago, money was not depended on to a point of survival; it was unheard of in many societies.

Humans made money as a way to “keep score”. Accountability for what others owed them, and their achievements in life.

What we did not consider was exactly where we are today. What happens when people who have no money need it?

What happens when “credit” runs out and people with money have no more “credit” to offer because others can not pay them what they are owed and still support a family?

What happens is this, a lawsuit entitling the “credit holder” to even more money that they already can not acquired from the ones the “loaned” too.

I have always hated the game of Monopoly, never have won, in fact I used to resent family game night and the game of Monopoly.

Now I have to say, thanks for choosing that particular game for family entertainment of the eighties. It metaphorically showed me what the “credit” world was doing to our society.

As Board Walk and Park Place are acquired, usually by my father as he understood the value of high rent, (I went for the pretty colors) the game becomes a game of “borrowing”, borrowing money in hopes that someone will land on your spaces and pay you enough to make rent again should you land on one of those last two squares.

After hours of frustration trying to come up with money to pay imaginary rent, tears in some cases, (I am a good poor sport) I soon began looking at the game from a different perspective. I saw one member of the table acquire all the money while the rest struggled and began to resent the winner.

Me, I just kept finding ways to go to jail, cheating on the dice is easy when everyone is counting the number you need to land on their property. So I can not collect rent, but I did not have to pay it either.

These family game nights usually ended in at least one person going to bed frustrated or sad. Why did we not play Twister?

So thanks to the game I never went after high rent properties, I used my 7 P’s and looked toward the day no one could pay my rent. I also chose to live a leaner life style, those Rail Roads and Utilities companies can get you. Today I may throw that game away, seems it is time to find a new one to play….maybe Aunts in the Pants….

…while I do this I will continue to contemplate how someone can acquire millions to pay off “victims” when they work for a church….or are in jail.

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