Monday, September 29, 2008

guess it may be time...

I have noticed this summer that many seem to think I am losing my mind. I want to assure everyone I am not. For the first time in my life I feel like I am not the idiot.

The issues in our world today are not new...they have been evolving over my life time and I have been watching it knowing eventually it would come to this.

Most think I have lived my life in a "non-reality" state of mind. Maybe just maybe I saw and listened. I watched the whole picture and everyone else has been living in a delusional world.

For me these issues say one thing..."We fucked up bad!" (sorry for that language but my father always said..."If the shoe fits...wear it."

For me these issues say...change will come soon...maybe not an easy change...but it will get better...just after it gets worse...again as I have heard often in my life..."History repeats itself"...time for many to look back in history a bit farther than the evolution of the United States of the 100 years leading up to the Western Europeans moving here in the first place.

So as we all spent the summer, living life as if these issues were not sitting on the stove boiling...I have one thing to ask...

Are we ready? Does anyone remember life with out the ability to "eat out" or use money to buy your goods? Can we even survive when we can not trust the foods we have grown used to buying.

We brushed the Chinese off as an enemy with no means...then gave them most of our "food industry" basics....hmmmm....seems to me they have a nice weapon of mass destruction ...even if at the moment it is mainly killing their own children.

So please quit worrying about my mental health and maybe start worrying about how we are going to survive when our food and gas are cut off from us. When our unemployment lines are long and no money is in the unemployment fund...

Whether we want it or is going to happen...and my father once said to me..."Know your enemy" but his favorite and my motto on life...

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today

I woke this morning to a hot cup of coffee and the fog floating over my yard...a sure sign the sun will shine and it will be quite chilly.

I was sad to see that another of Americas "Good Guys" has left us behind.

Paul American Icon who's name is not often remembered in the entertainment industry anymore....but everyone knows of his salad dressing, and popcorn.

What most do not know is Paul Newman opend "The Hole in the Wall" camp ground with the money earned from selling those food products. This is a camp for the children...a camp where kids with disabilities and death sentances can go with their families to "get away" from it all. The Hole in the Wall has a complete medical staff on site to provide medications and emergencie care.

A camp like this is not cheap...Paul Newman dedicated his life to helping others help themselves. A personalty type that is going extinct in our country fast...

I do not post much anymore as most of what i have to say would be controversial and cause I sit back and watch the world...I see "the rose colored glasses" I wish I had bought being squashed...I see history repeating itself and man kind acting out the selfishness that got us here in the first place...funny how they knew this would happen in the '70's...guess the "hippies" were not so dumb...

So...more soldiers have died over seas...more have committed suicide on our soil. The government is fighting like toddlers...and believe you me I know how toddlers fight...all of Alaskas politicians are currently fighting court battles of corruption, and the earth is warming villages wash into the sea...mothers are "pimping their toddlers out...or killing them and carrying them around in their trunks for weeks...all I have to say is WTF are people thinking??

So on that note...I am going to go paint my childrens images on the kitchen floor with mustard (i have a lot of that after a summer of camping)...later we will mop and clean the kitchen...for now...we are going to make our own "good news"

Have a fun filled smiley is about all we have left....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Bye Hotels

In the heart of downtown Anchorage lies a little piece of paradise. I want to thank Anna and Sarah for encouraging me to look for it. A home you enter from an alley. Looks like any other condo untill you have walked through the door and met Linda. Linda owns this little piece of paradise...and runs it like a mom.

Upon answering the door she escorted us directly to our room. Introduced us to the house and what was available to guests....big screen tv in the common living room, refrigerator full of soda and water for .50...not a buck twenty five like your average vending machine. Wireless internet and for those that do not have lap tops...computers for your use.

From the living room you would not know you were down town Anchorage. The view of Mt Susitna is amazing. Books, movies and games, are available for the guests entertainment if going out on the town is not in their plans...but...going out on the town is made easy when one can walk from their room the the fifth avenue mall in just a few minutes.

Now the best part...our room. I think we got the best room in the walls sharring bed rooms and the common living room above. We had our own private deck covered deck. Sitting here drinking my coffee and listening to the rain fall...kI see no other houses, but I see water, mountains and was even up early enough to watch the tugs pull the barges into the area....a totally new view of Anchorage.

My friends and family, for less then the price of a motel, I woke today to fesh coffee that neither me or my husband made...and I did not have to get dressed to get it. Pastries, cereal, yogurt and fruite are available in abundance just up stairs and I can bring my coffee back to my am NOT going home...I am gonna pimp myself to Linda...I will clean her bandb and live in a beautiful of one is saying...."mama its wakey time.." Ok I would start missing them after a week or for now. I hope the next two hours just creep by....I dont wanna return to reality.