Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Raining dogs...

Okay not anymore it is not...but last night I was awoke to water cascading down my sounded at first like a sleep stirred outside my grasp...and between the large spatters of rain I heard it...mmmeeeeooowww....I have got to have the only cat alive that can yell!! At 3 am he could have woke the dead...with the sound of the water...I waited for a rain drop to drown him...not so lucky...finally stirred from bed and let the sopping wet creature in my house...
Returning to my bed...once again I found a half naked child...he had made it out of his shorts in the hallway and must have forgotten the bathroom is right across the from his I gently guided the half sleeping child to the potty...back into his drawers...and while leaving the bath room..his sister slipped from her room and into mine!! Tucked the little dude in (wanting to scream like the cat) I returned to my room to remove the angelic looking little girl child from my bed...and returned her to her own...3:30...they both show up!!! Okay at least they are dressed...and I know he went I surrender and climb out of bed to the floor. Taking my pillow and blanket with me!! head gets stomped on as Warren wakes and realizes "mama" is not there...finding me on the floor, he pulls my pillow and blanket over to him...and passes out!!!
Nobody slept well last night...and all were showing it today...Nat and Melissa found something to fight about the most fulfilling part of their day...and Warren...well he just kept giving them something to fight about. Riley, she found the crayon box and remodeled the hall way....would post photos but I do not have a camera. Great art work...she may be famous someday.
So that was Monday.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Man...all my life I have had to learn to food...the only thing I do not seem to share is the chores!!!
Now a whole new world of sharing has come up...MY GRANDCHILDREN!!!
I have always encouraged Crystal to invite her family when we have gatherings...up till now...only her father has ever come...Riley's Birthday...Crystals mom and her new husband came...hearing her called Grandma...well I dealt with it...but Eric was not here and hearing the kids call her third husband in their short life span...Grandpa....well lets just say....I hated it!!!
but dealt with it...glad Birthdays only come once a year...
So now where is the other that the party is fussy...and a huge mess to clean up...oh I sound petty...but need to I feel better.
Thanks to the Wolves and the Charmin for showing moral support during this party...and sticking around after words to kick our butts at "Life".

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shoulda Just Wrote the Book

Harry Potter is done...not sure how I feel...the anticipation of waiting for the book...for two years...I wrote it over in my mind several times...and sucks when you know the book before the author has even written it. Kudos to proffessor Snape...Harry was brave...but did he have a choice? The death tole was great...but as wizzards...well with the stone and all...
Anyway...I was disappointed...not her best book...but exactly how I expected it to end...Dumbledore will always be my hero!! but i bet Sirius is Hot!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate naiming tninghs

This blog has no fact this blog has no meaning either...It is my blog after all, and I can blog what ever I want! Delivered a "Sexy Thing" balloon bouquet to a coffee shop....the gal's Birthday...she tipped me with a free mocha and muffin...I tipped her 2 dollars.
Warren now wakes up to use the potty....then forgets his pants and crawls into my bed!!
Melissa now can paint a rainbow...Britt's been babysitting and teaching colors...painting on my wall will no longer be a funky shade of brown/black.
Woke up to a Birthday Cake in my fridge...know it is not for me...must be using the "P's" wow they are figuring it our...lets see if my rent gets paid!
Driving Donald's car SUCKS!! I have not been so close to the asphalt in a lot of years...but worse than that...your looking up at EVERYONE!!!
Eric made me coffee today...I love it when he does that...he may have been making up for yesterday...he was rinsing the pot with vinegar water...I found water in the water thing and a filter in the of course I added the coffee and turned it on...vinegar coffee...not the way to start a day.
Did you know spell check does not check the Title?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Birthday

As July comes screeching to an end...we have but one more Birthday to celebrate. "George" will be 2 :)
Seems like 10 years now to me...must be that I am getting old. Hey idear!! Maybe the "tinkerer" could remove the 500 "Beavers" from the HITW Blog site and add a calendar...maybe one we can update with important the 40 Birthdays this family has.....Hope all have a good day...

Friday, July 20, 2007


Oh why oh why does the hair on my legs grow thicker each year I age?
And razors getting more pricey and less effective?
Then there are so many choices...five blades or four...lubricated or ribbed...
I even noticed...water less razors...ouch!!
So lets talk wax has not changed a lot in the years...
still sticky and messy to use and definitely NOT pain free...
but they now come in convenient these require four extra fingers...
peel slap and pull...ya right....great exfoliator though.
So Nair...lots of pranks have been played over the years with this item...
long ago it smelled of rotten eggs and ate the skin off your legs.... comes in several scents...roll on...bikini line...lip and eye brow...WOW at a time...painful...and did you know there are a hell of a lot of hairs on 34 inches of leg?
So I am thinking.....French Braid!!!....

Why does everything need a title?

Went to Heidi's to wish her a Happy Birthday and found she was washing Tays hair...but maybe she is on to something here....Okay kidding...found the picture along with many others that she accidentally sent mail....I do believe...
So Brittany and I loaded Keith and the little ones in the Yukon yesterday and went to Portage and Whittier....Warren was greatly concerned when he realized I was going to drive right into the mountain....but after the first 1/2 mile (at 20mph) he shut up and enjoyed the ride...not a place to be in an earthquake...2 "Safe houses" that tunnel and they are a mile apart...hope you can run fast in a tight dark place.....Not one of my favorite roads...but one all should be able to say they have drove. Being a truck driver Keith was greatly concerned about the "margin for error" in that tunnel...untill I reminded him he is NOT in a big truck like the one behind us!!! There is NO margin for error for them...but once again...I was not planning on erroring with that beast on my butt!!!
The day went well...for a day with Keith...he actually relaxed for about 10 minutes!! Keeping him from over stressing is hard work...and not my job full time anymore...thank GOD. We are enjoying his visit and he is enjoying our "night life" Bush company, Show Girls, Fantasy's, and last night him and Josh hit the pool hall...wonder what he thinks of our "smoking bans" cute critters really...when you can see them through the gathered crowd.
I know a boat race is on at 1 today not sure what other plans they have...I am down with Devyns bug...and on that monthly thing...while Keith is in about "testing".
But I will be at the race...contaminating the beach with my cough...then next week the Beach will be empty...hehe...and all ours.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day One is Done

Trips into the past can be fun and well as teach us new things about ourselves. Keiths visit has finished it's first 24 hours and we all are still alive. I must admit I was a bit nervous. After some initial strutting Papa Buffalo was able to sit back and enjoy the visit too. Had all the local Clansmen over, even the Pope to celebrate Britt's 15th Birthday...okay her and Noey ditched us with Keith and wet on a prearranged trip to the mall.
It worked out well though...Keith and Josh became reacquainted, (was not worried here...they are enough alike that they get along well, sad to say), the Wolves seemed to enjoy their visit and Keith was even on his best behavior...until all went home...then a small incident over a cell phone caused him to start simmering...a sign I grew used to in the past...but decided to cut off at a head in the present...I informed him that this particular behavior is the one I am trying to get out of my son and I pointed out to Josh what an ass Keith was being...funny thing is Josh was in the same mood...the two looked at each other and I watched as they both struggled to control their unwarranted frustration...took them both a bit...but Keith did get control and even thanked me for warding off what would have ruined the rest of his vacation here.
Donny was most uncomfortable with the visit...After a brief hide out in the house...he braved it and said "Hi" less intimidating someone is once you have reached six feet in height, I think they too have come to a silent agreement. Me...I realize why I left that relationship...three times in 24 hours he has said small things to me that stabbed at my self esteem...but...those comments are all it takes for me to know...I made the right choice. Negative people bring negative energy to a group....negative energy will kill you....two strong negatives in a group...and one goes into hiding. Thanks to my fellow clans men...for coming over and helping support my "little" herd through a tough step in our lives....the support was awesome...and the night was fun...even if it ended early...and all were still sober....hehe

Monday, July 16, 2007


Seems like a life time ago...I was handed a red faced open eyes little baby girl...she watched the world with wide curious eyes...after being born in a broom closet...Somewhere out there 92 people are celebrating their 15th birthday....and they were all competing for bassinets at birth.
I wonder how many nurses are still on staff that had to deal with the night mare birthday...July 16, 1992 broke records at all the hospitals in Seattle and Tacoma...must have been a full moon nine months earlier...over 350 babies were born in the Puget Sound area...on that day...a record for years and may still be....
Now 15 years little a happy, fun loving, young lady. Who has plans for her life and I am pretty certain she will achieve them...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tough Love

Why is it I wonder that the toughest love is the hardest. It hurts to hurt the ones you love...but maybe the hurt is because of the love.
But is it right to NOT hurt ones you care about when in the long run it will hurt them and every one else in their lives too?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sometime this afternoon I was informed that the duct tape may be hindering the cleaning I freed them...and it only took two baby gates...a sheet of ply wood, four dining room chairs and several nails to keep them in the room until it was clean. now the nice clean play room is coveted...and I hold the pry one shall enter....
The rest of the house is clean now too...amazing what can be accomplished with duct tape!
But I did not do the kitchen.........nor did I cook...glad the little ones like green beans and hot dogs.

Creative Solutions

Locked in a battle of wills...being over run by two little "I don't care's"!

So I keep punishing that what parenting is all up to teach kids lessons...well damn...thanks for telling me...
It all began yesterday morning...awakening I realized I had the house to me...and the babies. I saw the sun shinning and decided to make it a positive day...cant say that happened but it could have been much, much worse.
When the little ones got up and finished breaky...I talked to them about cleaning up the toys and trash and we would go to the park all day. I was detailed and simple on my directions...figured if they can "undo" my hard work than I should use the same process to "redo" it. So "the blankets go on the bed." statements were made...."no". was my answer, "I don't wanna" was another.
A short battle ensued when I realized I had done this before...we were headed for time out...outa time out...back to time out.. outa time out. Now I am not willing to go there again...7 hours of a fit with Josh many long years ago began to run through my head...I did not let panic take over...they definitely would "If you wont go then I will." came out of my mouth...and I did. Took them a few "moms" and door knocks to realize I was not coming out until my 5 minutes of quiet had been reached.
When I came out...they were dressed and sitting nicely. "If your all done we can go to the park." Melissa says sweetly to me! "I pooped and did it myself." Warren stated proudly about his dressing abilities. (So cute and innocent...why am I punishing them over a little mess...)
Then I noticed Lou glance around the room, I knew then I was being played.
The house is still as it was yesterday, they still have not left it....but I did run away and treat myself to Subway for one else will do chores why should I do the damn dishes!!
Did I beat them....or join them...which ever...I will assist the little guys today...get my house drives me nuts...and they all know "I will do it myself." (but when the bread comes out of the oven....I will eat it alone too!!!)
The Little Red Hen

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

one Week

Well one week from little girl will be fifteen and I will have her father under my roof and at MY disposal...hehehe...lucky for him I am not mid cycle yet...although I may be by then.
I am trying to find things for him and Britt to do that do not cost a lot...she would rather spend his money at the mall...looking for any suggestions...the goal of him being here is...he will learn Alaska is not just minus 30 degree winters (Shane's wedding is the only time he has been here...and it was COLD) As much as Britt does not want him living near by...I would not mind. If he learned to behave himself when he is mad anyway....and if not...I am a much stronger woman than I was and I will knock the shit outa him! (using words not fists) I want him to see a functioning family...I want him to be a part of Britts life more than once a well as learn to be happy. No I do not want him in my life permanent...but someday when our daughter is having children...I want him to enjoy the finer parts of being a parent...when your not day carring your grandkids...I bet being a grandma would be fun.
I know it seems psycho that I would anticipate this visit...but I have spent a life time trying to teach my children tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion....not easy in a world of violence and self centeredness...
I give Keith credit though...he knows he was wrong...and was willing to pay the consequences for his actions with out blaming I am hoping we can find him a spot in the least part time...
okay time to paint...and wake up the Moose clan on my one home but me and my babies....and the moose...Grand babies not here till 5 wheee heee....
toodles all and have a great day.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Change Again

Change...seems to be a movement in my life on a regular basis. Today Eric and I took a drive to North Wasilla to look at the new "Central Shop". With most of their big work out there it is more profitable for the business to quit renting the dive in Birch Wood...and it is a dive...right into the sewer water that accumulates in the parking lot...for the business this move should be a profitable one. But for will mean and extension to Eric's commute by an hour or more a day....leaving here at 4 am and returning after eight or nine most nights....don't think I like Eric will probably live in Wasilla during the week and home on weekends...until...we move to time soon though...we just signed a year lease...wont be up till March and I am NOT moving in the winter!!! Britt and Noey will not be happy...but Britt will be driving next summer...not sure I like the thought of her on that road but...she will do it whether I know or not once she has wheels....oh the decisions that come with those...I do not like.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Poop may not be so bad.

Okay so internet therepy....I feel so much better now that I have surfed and discovered....I am not alone...wish I could talk to this poor woman....Notice...hard wood floors...leather couch....High Definition TV.....I think I like "I show you...Buddy poop."
Happy Friday to all...looks like the sun will be here today...if not...early bird got it...hahaha.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday - Friday man I am good!

A discussion last light lead to a small research is amazing what you can do with your cell phone...

Mondays Child is fair of face,
Tuesdays Child, full of grace,
Wednesdays Child full of woe,
Thursdays Child has far to go,
Fridays Child, is loving and giving,
Saturdays Child works hard for his living.
and the child born on the Sabbath Day
is bony and lithe and happy and gay.

So my five children were born on the five weekdays...I believe weekends are for fun.
Not sure how I did that. Must have been a sign of where my job is.

Now I have given you a Saturdays or Sunday...Can anyone figure out which which of my children was born on which week day?

Josh was not born on Monday, Brittany was not born full of face....there are the hints....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Its been Confirmed...

Dont worry folks...the smoke cloud will lift now that smoking has been banned from Anchorage...

It Has Been Confirmed...
A meeting of several Clan Heads was held last night. Now this meeting was not scheduled nor was it planned...but while we were all sitting doing nothing it went on...

1. America has gone commi...with intelligence. Cant do anything anymore..."Big Daddy" is getting strict. With out Socialized Medicine, and Distributed wealth, we are not really comi...but without medical payments...our government would go broke!

2.Small Children s hands should NEVER go near your mouth....

3. Father does not wear a hood...confirmed by papa moose (have not figured out how he would know though.)

4. Naty loves gross things..."Buddy Big Poop come see..." as she points to a very large turd Warren left behind on his it was kicked off the bed and removed from the jump zone.

5. Shana's days are "crappy" in the literal sense of the word!!

6. Teen-agers are foreign critters from an unknown planet...

7. Small children are smarter than adults..."Do my hands smell like my butt?" as those nasty things are stuffed into your nose and mouth simultaneously.

8. A gathering of moose, buffies, and wolves....should be avoided without a chaperon.