Friday, July 20, 2007

Why does everything need a title?

Went to Heidi's to wish her a Happy Birthday and found she was washing Tays hair...but maybe she is on to something here....Okay kidding...found the picture along with many others that she accidentally sent mail....I do believe...
So Brittany and I loaded Keith and the little ones in the Yukon yesterday and went to Portage and Whittier....Warren was greatly concerned when he realized I was going to drive right into the mountain....but after the first 1/2 mile (at 20mph) he shut up and enjoyed the ride...not a place to be in an earthquake...2 "Safe houses" that tunnel and they are a mile apart...hope you can run fast in a tight dark place.....Not one of my favorite roads...but one all should be able to say they have drove. Being a truck driver Keith was greatly concerned about the "margin for error" in that tunnel...untill I reminded him he is NOT in a big truck like the one behind us!!! There is NO margin for error for them...but once again...I was not planning on erroring with that beast on my butt!!!
The day went well...for a day with Keith...he actually relaxed for about 10 minutes!! Keeping him from over stressing is hard work...and not my job full time anymore...thank GOD. We are enjoying his visit and he is enjoying our "night life" Bush company, Show Girls, Fantasy's, and last night him and Josh hit the pool hall...wonder what he thinks of our "smoking bans" cute critters really...when you can see them through the gathered crowd.
I know a boat race is on at 1 today not sure what other plans they have...I am down with Devyns bug...and on that monthly thing...while Keith is in about "testing".
But I will be at the race...contaminating the beach with my cough...then next week the Beach will be empty...hehe...and all ours.

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I wonder if 7500 of my 8229 hits are from me?


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I disconnected my counter from my pewrsonal sites so when I check my site, my hits do not count!


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