Tuesday, July 10, 2007

one Week

Well one week from today...my little girl will be fifteen and I will have her father under my roof and at MY disposal...hehehe...lucky for him I am not mid cycle yet...although I may be by then.
I am trying to find things for him and Britt to do that do not cost a lot...she would rather spend his money at the mall...looking for any suggestions...the goal of him being here is...he will learn Alaska is not just minus 30 degree winters (Shane's wedding is the only time he has been here...and it was COLD) As much as Britt does not want him living near by...I would not mind. If he learned to behave himself when he is mad anyway....and if not...I am a much stronger woman than I was and I will knock the shit outa him! (using words not fists) I want him to see a functioning family...I want him to be a part of Britts life more than once a year...as well as learn to be happy. No I do not want him in my life permanent...but someday when our daughter is having children...I want him to enjoy the finer parts of being a parent...when your not day carring your grandkids...I bet being a grandma would be fun.
I know it seems psycho that I would anticipate this visit...but I have spent a life time trying to teach my children tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion....not easy in a world of violence and self centeredness...
I give Keith credit though...he knows he was wrong...and was willing to pay the consequences for his actions with out blaming me....now I am hoping we can find him a spot in the family...at least part time...
okay time to paint...and wake up the Moose clan on my floor...no one home but me and my babies....and the moose...Grand babies not here till 5 wheee heee....
toodles all and have a great day.

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