Friday, June 29, 2007

Surrounded by negative...

In todays world there are very few people who are not affected by the "cost of living", "confusion of roles", and "demands for more.". It seems everyone I know has money problems, gender or racial placement issues, and the never ending need to keep up with the constantly changing entertainment world. Ipods, digital cameras, telivisions, internet, automobiles, cell phones, and computers run most peoples lives now. What I am wondering...are these things worth the stress I see everyone suffering because of their toys....the stress of losing, breaking, keeping the internet up and running (most electronics now are useless without a computer on-line.) I dont see any of us, including myself, willing to give up most of the "entertainment" we get out of I am challenging my family and friends...You wont live with on Saturday of this week...thats tomorrow...I challenge every one I know to push away all negative thoughts....take a day for nothing but positive thinking...when you see that street corner bum...wish him a sandwhich to fill his belly....shut off the computer, ipod and cell phone...pull out the digital camera...this challenge is only for one day...and get your ass out and enjoy the free entertainment mother nature has provided for us....Did you know an ant can cross the road faster than a two year old boy...okay he was chasing the poor thing...but I never realized how many ants I drive over every day...that hide in the cement groves to avoid being squished....amazing...and Warren showed me this. Lets all banish all negative thoughts tomorrow...thank god that no one was harmed in that fire...and go out to enjoy the day...extruding nothing but positive energy to all.

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Blogger Stan said ... (12:36 AM) : 

Do you mean that I will not be able to check the blog sites in the morning? O.K., I can live with that for 24 hours. Do you mean I cannot answer my phone for 24 hours? I would love to do that!Do you mean, I can't watch my morning news? That is going to be tough, how can I insure the world is o.k.? You mean I cannot check my weather in the morning on my computer? How will I know if it is going to rain or not? How am I going to write my daily sport fishing report, record it and send it to the radio station if I cannot use my computer, my phone, my internet, or the radio station -thousands of listeners will be so disappointed! Hey, you are talking to a guy who cannot quit smoking and you expect me to give up all of these things? Call me or email me and let me know how to do that! P.S. Your niece and nephew are going to be very disappointed when they learn we have to walk to Ninilchik to go to the rodeo tomorrow because you told me I could not use my truck! LOL


Blogger Stan said ... (12:37 AM) : 

Oh, Oh, I guess I have already broke down, my comment was posted at 12:36 a.m., Saturday. I am so weak!


Blogger Shana said ... (8:14 AM) : 

Okay well...lets be growd up about and the computer...with a cig...okay as long as everyone else is still asleep...then father...idol hands...make idol minds...that get into trouble...remember?


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