Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am back

Hello I am on line again...and did you know that if you use GCI you are paying them 15.95 a month to "rent" the box on the back of your house...well actually GCI is paying ACS .22 cents to rent the box and charging you 15.95. hmmm whats wrong with that picture...and how can GCI get away with charging for "basic cable" when most of the stations are public TV!! The kicker is...I shut off the cable and phone...they still charged me 15.95 a month for internet...internet I could not access without a working phone and cable line!!! Said "you did not ask to shut off the internet." So GCI says I owe them 62 dollars but can not tell me why...do I pay it??? of course or they will send me to collections....but why must I pay something they can not even tell me why the charge is on my acccount...tried to say I had a cable box I needed to return...that did not work out so well for them since I only supposedly had "basic cable" and you do not need a box for that. So then they decided it was fees and taxes...but could not tell me on what...so now they say it is the internet I was unable to use anyway...funny cuz I thought I had their "package deal"...well I got a "package deal for them!!!
I will pay
gci and I will return the DSL box I have of theirs...the one they did not even have listed on my "internet account that I could not use without phone or cable....but I will not use their services ever again...I do not care what "deal" they offer...why should I rent a box from ACS through GCI...seems like an added expense and extra bull shit I do not need....My speed is not as fast with the limited package I have...but ACS is not making me get cable (public TV) to access the internet!!!
The finger is healing well...blister is still intact and my body is consuming it very rappidly...I am amazed at the healing process when we leave the body to its own....i got lucky and did not break the blister or it would have been a major issue. Still no feeling in the "pad" of my middle finger and the pointer has a few "numb spots" but it appears that blood flow is good and the extender muscles on the top of the finger are fine...still to early to tell if the flexor muscles on the underside have been affected...but if I can not bend it then I have an excuse to forever..."fly the peep at anyone anywhere and anytime....hehehehe. I am writing a letter to the makers of peep and sending them a picture of my burn...I am going to inform them they need a lable on those things about "roasting them" a peep deffinatly does not hold its shape as well as a marshmellow and that sugar coating does not cool off to quickly...maybe they will be glad I did not start a stupid law suit due to my own stupidity and send me a check for being nice....okay so maybe thay will print a warning and a small child will be saved from a burrning peep.

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:01 AM) : 

Got my answer on how your finger is doing! Did not realize that there are that many muscles in a finger. My finger muscles are sore, your mother has me planting all the flowers! Should finish today, but I do enjoy "toiling in the soil", should have been a farmer! A lot of improvemtns since you were here last, you really should come down and spend some time at your summer home! Hopefully, this next week we will have the haouse and yard wrapped up for the summer so I can get started on the project at the HITW. Now that is going to be fun! I get to use all of my power tools and my hammer! As forthe phone companies, they do have strange policies. We eliminated one phone line into the house which was used for our fax machine and internet. At the same time we signed up for DSL and saved $10 - $20.00 per month! My internet is so fast now it scares me!


Blogger HOMER said ... (9:10 PM) : 

I Love You Baby


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