Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day, a day late

WOW and AMAZING is what I have to say about fathers day. What started out as a plan to go fishing at Jim Creek turned out to be an adventure full of fun. Not the gut tugging fun a good laugh gives you but a calming, feeling of contentment that carries over the next day.
I was a bit leery about the work it would involve going on an adventure like this with the little ones but after they realized we were not going home...they too had a blast.
Leaving the road in the Bute we headed East falling the Matanuska river valley. We could see the glacier slumbering at the end of the trail. A giant sheet of blue ice with a rather large black vein down the middle where an avalanche melted and left its debris.
The trail was more a road until we came to a place where a creek joined the big river...four wheelers and dirt bikes were forging the chest deep water...we watched...judging the right location to cross...Josh's black Suburban, a maroon Chevy pick up, and the freshly washed green Yukon formed a mighty fine looking convoy, I am not sure the others in the area did not think we were crazy when Eric put it in drive and plowed through that creek with a 20,000 dollar vehicle...Warren was panicked when we entered the first and deepest part of the creek...when we came aground in the middle he was starting to feel the fun...the second fork was not too deep and an easy cross...Eric was on a high at this point and could not resist a bit of rallying...right up a sand berm...high centering us in the warm soft Josh and Heath were not as quick to follow but being men they could not let Eric out do them and someone had to pull us off the they to made the crosssing...amazing...the wall of water crossing the creek slowly broke and from it drove a maroon Chevy with a very happy but wet dog in the back...
after several jerks and a good push from the Erica and I the Yukon was free and we were on our way again.
Driving on the retreating path of the glacier I allowed my mind to wander...the air smelled sweet and the breeze was warm...standing up I road for awhile hanging out the sun roof enjoying the view. You could see the path on the mountains that the glacier hid for many years...Cotton woods and birch lined the bottoms of the hills inviting us to find new and hidden trails...through mud holes and rivers we went. Stopping often to share our pleasures of a wonderful day together. I would like to say...once again the clans went on a trip unprepared...we had food, water, fire started, and gas....but our of 5 smokers only Josh brought an extra pack of cigs...and the rest of us went on the adventure with half empty packs...even without nicotine...we had a wonderful day...all you had to do was smell the air and you could feel the tension release from you. At around 5 we decided we should probably head back...due to many off road adventures we did not make it to the glacier...but we did find the perfect camping spot...aside from the pit of course...a small river surround by a rock beach smaller tributaries ran hidden in the rocks Along the edges "midget cottonwoods and birch trees grew. At first it was quite eerie to see these "trunk less" trees. The branches started sprouting form them just a few inches from the ground...then I noticed some of them seemed to have branches sprouting from the ground...these trees were no more than 20 feet tall but they appeared as old as the ones on the banks of the Anchor River....noticing last years leaf fall undisturbed at their based told me they were not buried from year after year of spring flood...but they definitely were thriving even though their original root system had to be at least 15 feet under the gravel. These trees grew out of the stream in an army of midget cotton was amazing...but baffling.
Erica and I have decided that the side of the mountain must have sluffed off...many years ago...maybe during the earth quake...burying these trees in rolling rocks but not knocking them over for some many years later....they are still thriving. a perfect camp spot for a weekend of 4x4. Warm winds as long as you tuck in a cove to avoid the breeze off the glacier....we were all reluctant to turn back...the ride back we stuck mostly to the flats with exception of a minor stop while the boys "high marked" the Yukon and Suburban in a test of vehicles...the Yukon won it was able to climb the dune in 2 wheel drive...posy traction helps.
We did run across a stuck land this guy was really a newer rig he attempted a mud whole that Eric had wanted to try...glad we didn't as we would have hit it from the opposite direction and would have been buried in mud and water.
The back of the Rover was gurgling water from the exhaust and the nose was pointed took a few good yanks to drag him out...eventually he broke free and we moved on.
Coming to a small creek bed with water in it still we could not resist the urge and when we were through what had been two feet of water on a solid sandy bed was about two inches of water surrounded by allot of wet sand.
We made it back to the big crossing and realized out day was almost over...Heath made the crossing first this time so Erica could set up for photos. Josh made the trip and it was our turn...Eric had opened the sun roof on the last water crossing and all the water had sprayed away from the truck...I was reaching to close it for this one when he said "oh it will be fine" and took off...I knew I could not get it closed in time and with in seconds a tidal wave of amazingly warm water (for Alaska) came flooding into the truck...mostly dowsing the back seat...but we too were soaked when we exited the vehicle on the other side. It was AWESOME!!!! I know I should have been upset that my Yukon got a bath...but it was an awesome ride and I did not want to spoil the feeling by being mad....I got back in the truck and turned on the heated seat....and road home in wet jeans for the first time in years...AWESOME was our day...I only hope all who were with us enjoyed it as much as I did, and that we can get a group together to share the experience with again...even the gimped up in the family could join this adventure...4 wheelers would make it even better as we could send them to scope the trail for the large rigs that tend to get caught between the trees...although the path was broke by a buffalo with a few scratches to the door that can be buffed out...a stupid moose and wood pecker followed us trough...they too will be buffing their doors....I regret that I do not own a camera and was unable to capture this trip on film....but Erica took over 400 pictures I am sure....and is now working to post them on her flicker account. Go see them and enjoy our fathers day. Hope we can plan a clan trip out would freak out....and I would love to know if a Ford can keep up with our Chevy's.

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