Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday - Friday man I am good!

A discussion last light lead to a small research is amazing what you can do with your cell phone...

Mondays Child is fair of face,
Tuesdays Child, full of grace,
Wednesdays Child full of woe,
Thursdays Child has far to go,
Fridays Child, is loving and giving,
Saturdays Child works hard for his living.
and the child born on the Sabbath Day
is bony and lithe and happy and gay.

So my five children were born on the five weekdays...I believe weekends are for fun.
Not sure how I did that. Must have been a sign of where my job is.

Now I have given you a Saturdays or Sunday...Can anyone figure out which which of my children was born on which week day?

Josh was not born on Monday, Brittany was not born full of face....there are the hints....

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Blogger Heidi said ... (11:42 AM) : 

Brittany is too... full of face, it is GRACE she is lacking and she has FAR TO GO! Josh should have been a dancer because he is full of grace. Lou should wear sun screen, and Buddy would love to give her some. Donald well he needs some happy pills.


Blogger Talking Boy said ... (6:22 PM) : 

I found some real nice wild flowers(yellow) close to where I am parked. Will pick some before I head South.


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