Thursday, July 12, 2007

Creative Solutions

Locked in a battle of wills...being over run by two little "I don't care's"!

So I keep punishing that what parenting is all up to teach kids lessons...well damn...thanks for telling me...
It all began yesterday morning...awakening I realized I had the house to me...and the babies. I saw the sun shinning and decided to make it a positive day...cant say that happened but it could have been much, much worse.
When the little ones got up and finished breaky...I talked to them about cleaning up the toys and trash and we would go to the park all day. I was detailed and simple on my directions...figured if they can "undo" my hard work than I should use the same process to "redo" it. So "the blankets go on the bed." statements were made...."no". was my answer, "I don't wanna" was another.
A short battle ensued when I realized I had done this before...we were headed for time out...outa time out...back to time out.. outa time out. Now I am not willing to go there again...7 hours of a fit with Josh many long years ago began to run through my head...I did not let panic take over...they definitely would "If you wont go then I will." came out of my mouth...and I did. Took them a few "moms" and door knocks to realize I was not coming out until my 5 minutes of quiet had been reached.
When I came out...they were dressed and sitting nicely. "If your all done we can go to the park." Melissa says sweetly to me! "I pooped and did it myself." Warren stated proudly about his dressing abilities. (So cute and innocent...why am I punishing them over a little mess...)
Then I noticed Lou glance around the room, I knew then I was being played.
The house is still as it was yesterday, they still have not left it....but I did run away and treat myself to Subway for one else will do chores why should I do the damn dishes!!
Did I beat them....or join them...which ever...I will assist the little guys today...get my house drives me nuts...and they all know "I will do it myself." (but when the bread comes out of the oven....I will eat it alone too!!!)
The Little Red Hen

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:21 AM) : 

Kids are so wonderful, I often reflect back and wonder how your mother and I survived. In respects, it was well worth the effort, now we get our rewards - we get to witness the PAY BACK!!!!


Blogger Stan said ... (10:33 AM) : 

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