Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Raining dogs...

Okay not anymore it is not...but last night I was awoke to water cascading down my sounded at first like a sleep stirred outside my grasp...and between the large spatters of rain I heard it...mmmeeeeooowww....I have got to have the only cat alive that can yell!! At 3 am he could have woke the dead...with the sound of the water...I waited for a rain drop to drown him...not so lucky...finally stirred from bed and let the sopping wet creature in my house...
Returning to my bed...once again I found a half naked child...he had made it out of his shorts in the hallway and must have forgotten the bathroom is right across the from his I gently guided the half sleeping child to the potty...back into his drawers...and while leaving the bath room..his sister slipped from her room and into mine!! Tucked the little dude in (wanting to scream like the cat) I returned to my room to remove the angelic looking little girl child from my bed...and returned her to her own...3:30...they both show up!!! Okay at least they are dressed...and I know he went I surrender and climb out of bed to the floor. Taking my pillow and blanket with me!! head gets stomped on as Warren wakes and realizes "mama" is not there...finding me on the floor, he pulls my pillow and blanket over to him...and passes out!!!
Nobody slept well last night...and all were showing it today...Nat and Melissa found something to fight about the most fulfilling part of their day...and Warren...well he just kept giving them something to fight about. Riley, she found the crayon box and remodeled the hall way....would post photos but I do not have a camera. Great art work...she may be famous someday.
So that was Monday.

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:11 PM) : 

Sorry about the rain! It has been beautiful down here - working in the HITW yesterday in my t-shirt - even had to sit in the cook tent to get out of the sun for my short Siesta - Ruger awakened me in his excitement in chasing an eagle, it did not matter to him that the eagle was at an altitude of 200 feet. Currently, there is not a rain drop in sight from the Seward side, Kodiak side or Bristal side, I love my new doppler radar site. Now I know excactly how far the rain is from Anchor Point. Great for making plans to do something outside, check the radar, nope it ain't going to rain for 23 muinutes,the rain is still 12.5 miles off Bluff Point.


Blogger Stan said ... (11:14 PM) : 

Tag, youare it Heidi!


Blogger Heidi said ... (11:18 PM) : 

Darn!... I'm it!

Shana...shouldn't have drank so much Rita's. She put the kids to bed at 7pm and passed out!


Blogger Shana said ... (7:48 AM) : 

those were not "Rita's" they were tequilla with a pinch of salt...and a sliver of lime...went down easy....maybe that is why I was hoping the cat would drown!


Blogger Stan said ... (8:51 AM) : 

Since you are whining about a little rain, I did take a look for you this morning. At 0833 you have a very small band of scattered showers 14 miles north of Willow. There are also some very light showers west of Kenai at 44 miles. The only other showers that can be seen is a moderate band 153 miles SW of Iliamna and 38 miles north of Togiak. Prince William Sound, Resurection Bay and Gulf of Alaska are clear. Sitting at the beach in Anchor Point looking at the volcano's, have you ever wonder how far St Augustine was from Anchor Point. Now you will know, it is 59 miles. Have a nice day playing outside witht he kids.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:00 AM) : 

In the event that you were wondering. Family in Montrose, CO have light showers 77 miles NE of them in Rifle, CO. Very light showers in Whitewatre, CO, 47 miles NW of Montrose. Moderate showers west of Montrose at 77 miles and East of Moa, Utah at 17 miles. No other rain in sight at 10:47 AM MST. High temperatures inthe 90's, lows inthe 70's. Did you know they can grow tomatores outside?


Blogger Stan said ... (9:01 AM) : 

That is Moab, Utah not Moa!


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