Friday, September 30, 2005


why do people have to do things that hurt others.
Why cant people think about how others feel.
Why ??? I dont get it....
Britt went to the movies tonight...while she was there her bike was cut from its lock and stolen. She is in I replace it???? Do I hunt the thieving idiot down and beat him with a 2x4.....that sounds kinda the police and file a report??? by the time they got here the thief could have ridden to California and back......well let me tell you you little punk.....I will find you on that bike and I will be sure you understand that thieving from my family is NOT going to be tolerated.....think he is scarred....ya I know whoever took it is long gone and I will never see the bike again...but I am pissed off....hurt and I am venting......(cleanly mind you) lesson to be learned.....nothing is safe no matter how cautiouse you are.... material possesions can be replaced. And thieving little punks will forever suffer from a conciouse that will never let them reality
Come on FEMA money

Well reading today's little bits of news that the will let me have, without paying 12 dollars a month, I found an article about a HUGE landslide that happened here in Alaska. Where? oh I dont know but it was somewhere East of Anchorage in the Chugiak Range....of course it was in a location where there is no way we could inhabit so no one was killed or miamed...therefore it wont make headline national news....but......This land slide was two miles long and a mile wide and 50 yards deep.....that is 150 feet people...and they thought 4 feet of water was an issue in New Orleans.....could have been much worse. So this landslide was not proceded by an earth quake like most land slides are...and it was not near water so there is no tsunami threat.....but it was felt for about three minutes by seizmic equipment all over the world. The force was enought to shake up the earth above ground......
Now I know a few of my friends and family are wondering if this is part of the end of the world....well I have my theories wont go into them now (would not want some scientist finding my view....realizing it has merrit and gaining a Nobel Prize off my thoughts..) so I will keep my knowledge to myself.....hehehe
Well our landslide was one of the largest Natural Disasters (for lack of a better term) but we wont get any notice.....cause we are smart enough in Alaska to NOT build our homes and cities in areas that may end up burried under mud and water. No place is safe but they do say History reapeats itself....aint that the excuse they gave us to pay attention in History reality

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Here ya go....lots of polar bears...and if you look at the bear on the edge of the picture and the one on the water you will note they are Grizzleys. I do believe this picture was taken by a fisherman...cant remember....

With that I am taking my tired brain to bed...I had to be that "responsible" "mature" adult...balance the check book, pay the bills, take kid to the doctor and deal with the insurance they owe me money and they still insisted on payment for this appointment up front......oh ya wrote the letter to the notice to vacate...wehe ..........................

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Insomnia AGAIN!!

So what to Blog about.....hmmmm......well damn...did not get a paper today....cant bash the "stupid people" bout' that weather???....okay we can all see that it is dark outside and the wind is not blowing....the ground is wet so it must be.."scattered showers"....but I see stars...."partly sunny"....(errrr would that be mooney?) hehehehe........alrighty then......hmmm.....what?......It's coming just be patient.......I think I'll write about....naw thats too deep for about....? Naw not much to say on that topic....oh I know, I know,....damn that thought got's that short term memory thingy again. Got it!!......

Picture it.....picture what?.....oops there I go again...hmmmm......So my husbands snorring and the kids are all's come I can not sleep?? Well duh its cuz I can. Now thats an oxymoron. So her I sit, and sit, and sit, well I aint smokin so shud up!!! Oopps sorry. Get a little touchy once in awile:).

So I got it.....lets talk....Tab I would love to get to know you...we will have to get together....I am sure my boy child would LOVE having someone smaller than him around. Maybe after Sarah drops the kids at school we could all get together. Yes sister you too.....(she gets a bit touchy too:)

Sara you read that so I dont need to type it again do I? (She is a blond ya know.)

Anna my dear I did not forget you too will be reading this.....When's the "Their finally outa here party?" ( and is mom getting the tab........:)

Who ever else is out there lurking in the dark......grow some balls and say Hello, I dont bite (too hard) but let it be known I AM PRONE TO RANDOM ACTS OF BITCHYNESS.....hehehehehehehehehe my reality

psssssst!!!psssssst!!HEY!!!!shhhhhhhh!!!!---dont tell my sister (H dont read no further)but I left her out just to hear her whine. hehehehehehehe
What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Well it is the wee hours of morning and dark out side still.
I woke up to attempt to finish getting ready for a party I am doing this morning. Surfice to say the kids getting garbage bags of cheezey critters. I just cant get into this. Been a few weeks since I twisted and I know at the party I will do fine but.....well....I have spent alot of time thinking about what I want to do when I grow comes back to a Junior High School Dream. In elementary school I wanted to be a nurse....come junior high I discovered a great liking to writing. Mrs Browning (most of you should remember her) taught Journalisim my freshmen year. It was a sophmore class but she let me in. I so enjoyed her class that it was quite often the only one I attended...but I got an A. This began my dream of going into media....the news caught my travell to foriegn and exotic the price of the person I worked for of spend my days researching and my nights writing....what a nerd. Well that dream came to a crashing hault a couple years later....but now I see the light.....I would have been 21 or 22 when I finished college and started my career...this was the beginning of the Gulf War....I could have spent the last 16 years or so trying not to get killed....I dont think I would have liked it much....but now.....I see there is so much more than news. I think I could do well as an "Opion Columnist" I always got an opion.
So where to start.....well I already have an Associate Degree...this has a double major in Psychology and Biology.....Borring reading so I am sure it would be very borring research and writing.....but the degree has a minor too.....blowing time in college while I had to wait to get into that damn Nursing program, and to retain my student status...I took writing classes.....I minored in writing. So is this degree any good to me today....I am not sure....I know some classes are "dated" like math and science classes...but writing?......But shit....I dont want to go back to school.....I dont want to take a bunch of bull shit classes again to work for a degree that does nothing but sit in a frame collecting dust.....I was thinking of putting a portfolio together....I never see the ADN advertising for columnists...everything else....but not columnists. I am assuming that is something you have to fight if I took a portfolio to well as submitt editorials and opion essays.....maybe???? Then again I now live in the Millenium and cyberspace has its own papers where would I find a "cyber job"??? Now that would be cool. So any ideas from those of you "cyber junkies" out there...........

Monday, September 26, 2005

Pray for the Stupidity of Man

Well we have finally went over the deep end,
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Hurricane Research division has been studying ideas for disrupting storms??? So now I gather man thinks they can controll mother nature....( we will never learn).....their ideas.....

1. Coat the Ocean with Oily Substance...supposedly this will stop a storm from absorbing water vapor there for weakening it.....but they have yet to find a chemical that can stay together in rough seas........Blue Tarp and duct tape should do it......duhhhh

2. Cool the Ocean Surface with Icebergs.....a 30 mile wide hurricane moving at 10 mph will cover 7,200 square miles of ocean in a day.......(Sounds like the Eskimos will make a killing on this one) who wants to volenteer to be the persons depositing that ice in the path of the storm.......

3. Dry it just the title tells me this one may win the stupidity of the century award....useing a substance called "Dyn-O-Gel".....must have been proposed by products founder.....this is a "glop" of something that will make the raindrops lumpy and weaken the eyewall.......alrighty then instead of flood waters we get slimed......yea heee.....the reason this one won't would take 37,000 tons of the "Dyn-O-Gel" to be delivered into the storm every hour....Who wants to fly the plane?????

4. (now this one is great) Nuke'em
ya thats right....lets just bomb it.....our bombs save our asses all the time....a major hurricane releases as much hear energy as a 10-megatron nuclear bomb exploding every 20 minutes....this is five times the amount of energy the entire human race uses in a year.....okay so with winds gusting at 90 miles an hour.....where is the fall out gonna land?????

So people what this tells me is the Federal Government is willing to throw away money for smart peoples to study stupid things......where do I sign my reality

Sunday, September 25, 2005

This Poor House
(tune of London Bridge)

This poor house is falling down,
falling down,
falling down,
this poor house is falling down,
and the land-lord dont care.

needs a roof,
and some shingles,
some shingles
some shingles.
Needs a roof and some shingels,
and he does not care.

The slider door is falling out
falling out
falling out
the slider door is falling out
thanks to dry rot.

the front porch is rotting wood
rotting wood,
rotting wood,
the front porch is rotting wood
a home for the bugs.

Mold can grow on my linving room floor
living room floor,
living room floor,
mold will grow on my living room floor
I need a mower.

The windows leak like water falls,
water falls,
water falls,
the windows leak like water falls.
and the dumb shit says its normal.

Watch the rock fall off the wall,
off the wall,
off the wall,
watch the rock fall off the wall.
dont slam the doo-or please.

All the shit is falling apart,
falling apart,
falling apar,
all the shit is falling apart,
he'll have to go find garage sales.

The back fence is falling down
falling down,
falling down,
the back fence is falling down
the power pole will hold it.

Call the landlord to fix it up,
fix it up,
fix it up,
call the land lord to fix it up,
he'll be here tomorrow. (ya right!!)

Yes my friends Im outa here,
outa here.
outa here,
yes my friends I'm outa here,
Just a few more days, ...(I'm coutin.)

Gonna lock the keys up in the house,
in the house,
in the house,
gonna lock the keys up in the house.
he says he lost his sparrrree. (hehe we changed the locks)

Picture it......Bob...a ladder....a dry rotted porch.....he lifts his leg and swings it over the edge of the rail, pulling hard with his arms to hoist is big ass over the edge....not stopping to pull up his britches and hide the moon he steps to the slider glass door....he pulls ...nothing.....he pulls a bit harder......hmmm must be broken (duh).....noticing the two paint cans he had purchased so the Bitch could paint the house, sitting on the living room keys laying on top of the unopened can.......he grabs the door with both hands and pulls, his britches sliding lower.....creeeeaaaakkkk!!!!...whats that?.....crack......oh oh.....the door comes out of the wall frame and all....staggering backwards the reaches for the rail to catch his balance....cccccrrrrraaaaccckkkkk.............feeling the rail slowley begin falling he notices the door getting ready to sandwich him between the breaking rail.....staggering backwards his butt crashes into to rail, releasing the few nails left holding it to the bee infested porch. Bzzzzzz....oh man could it get much worse.........yep cuz ya see I no longer live here so he parcked his new blue ford in the drive way..............hahahahahahaha...welcome to my reality.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Alright all ready....I am being nagged at about where my next blog here ya go.....

oops sorry I had to fix my MSN news....been following the path of hurricane Rita...She is working hard to prove a point to the people of our country.....How much money have we already spent to drain New Orleans? well that was money wated...once again she is under water....duh????? I am missing something here.....why is it again we are going to rebuild this city.????? Why our we not just relocating it??? kinda makes more sense....So now they are screaming that our "Bridge to nowhere" is at fault for the devestation and the money should go help them rebuild. (well okay...the bridge is a BIG waste of money and a slander to natures beauty, but I am not willing to give up state money to help them rebuild a city that will continue to have front row seeting at hurricane central) So typical of Americans point the finger elsewhere, dont point the finger at the "stupid people" that chose to study a new bridge for the Mississippi instead of putting the money to that levey. Untill people can accept fault for their own actions our country will continue to struggle. Now I would like to ask you....what do YOU think would happen right now should another part of our "perfect lands" experience a disaster of this magnitude??? Could our good countries moral deal with two strikes at one time?? I myself do not know the answer to this question and when I ponder it an icy chill courses through my body....

okay not the most humerous blog but it seemes appropriate to honor a force far greater than anything man will ever be able to controll. As the winds and rains tare the Gulf Coast to shreds...torrnadoes are leaving nothing but devastation in their wakes....rain and floods threaten the North East side of the country and Thunder and lighting storms light the skies on the North west....that brings me home....have you been out there...okay so it is midnight but still....seriously you should....the wind is warm....the trace of winter I felt this morning is a memory of past....tropical almost (although I have never been anywhere tropical, but I am told) My own private "baby hurricane" is blowing outside putting up a good fight in chasing off winter....but we all know who will for now I am closing this blog and going out on my porch to feel the energy and cheer summer might win!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well its three am. Hubby just left for work....(will he ever learn that when 240 pounds leaves the spring board....125 pounds flys off the other my butt hurts....maybe I will install "pillow floors." that would help the bone breakage in my later years so what does one do a 3am when their hubby so nicely bounces them out of bed......why I blogg of course. Now ya see why I am always out of journal paper. I so love to write though, it removes the stress from my mind.....but ya know I dont always write about whats stressing me out....I usually write to forgett about that....I was once told by a psychic (not sure to believe it as she also said a tall dark hansome rich stranger would sweep me off my feet at a party and we would live happily ever after.) Okay so we met in a bar (he was not a stranger just a long lost aquaintance) he is tall but not dark and the rich thing.......Well I guess she got that right since at the time he was still a fisherman....having GREAT crab seasons (35,000 in three weeks) unfortunatly he was also with another woman at the time and I was 3000 miles away. So he was RICH at that point. Anyway that paychic told me that she NEVER puts anything negative in writing.....she believes that putting it in writting makes it final.......?????.......On the up side by putting your dreams in are suppose to be able to obtain them.....(enjoy the dreams V hehe naughty girl)
I read a post on a friends Blog today......a letter she had written as a child....funny she wrote it when I met her cuz I remember her talking about those goals.....Has she obtained those goals?????I dont think so... So this now brings me back to the topic of being a "grown up"
As children we see the world as open to all possibilities for teenagers we see where things are screwing up and have the dream that as an A-Dult we can change the world. As an A-DULT we realize that changing ourselves is the biggest obstacle we have to get through....becoming independent sometimes requires us to give up the early fantasies of the perfect life and live in reality.....Now I am told (many years of pschy training) that this is usually the cause of our midlife crisis.....and everyone goes through this at some point in time. I believe cancer put me in mine and thank god that is over.......I look back at the letters I wrote myself or my children and want to laugh.......when did my brain change......the letters seem so inocent so unkowing..... I was A-DULT I was old enough to buy there fore I was a-dult. Now I am mature, (hehe no comments sister) But with maturity I also feel age. so now I know the truth......we will always be young dumb and stupid.....maturity changes through the years as we learn the lessons in life that come with that age brackett.......I know now that fighting life then...trying to controll my destiney......was a HUGE waste of time.....we can not controll our destiney only guide it. We guide it with the choices we make at each decision step we take.......and we cant usually go back and change the situation so the choice will start a whole new destiney.....then there is the curve ball nature hits us with....natural disasters and illness. These change the destiney too and there is NO WAY we can controll that one. So I suggest everyone quit trying so hard to controll and just for what you want....wish and dream.....but when things are out of your controll (such as the way others feel, we can not controll others) just sit back and enjoy the ride learn, live and appreciate what you have......tomorrow could find you in a whole new life. Wow its 4:20. a month ago day light would be its DARK.....going back to bed as reality is surfacing and the babies will be up in a couple of hours.....good night I mean Good all my reality

Monday, September 19, 2005

Well your soon gonna get tired of me....This blogging stuff is a lot easier than finding where I left my journal last....and oh shit I have used all the papers and the cover....TP.....NEVER use a marker on TP it does not fact leave the TP it is only good for one thing.
So I got into a discussion with my daughter on "being an adult." What exactly is an adult? Someone who is finally old enough to buy??? wow if thats the deffinition our children are coming to watch out America. Well I dont give a shit about buying and frankly I never have liked a word that cally me "A Dult" Thank you I am not a dult. So I mentioned maturity....of course I got a 13 year old answer. "I am mature. I can make up my own mind and not follow my friends. that makes me mature." Wow okay that is a start.....but what abut paying your own rent, buying your own gass, groceries and cloths. What about excepting the consequences for your actions and admitting when you are wrong....dont these things count in life somewhere???? I always thought being mature (or an adult if you must use this term) Was all of the above. My mother and father told me so and it is the one thing that has always stuck in my head.....So i found myself repeating my parents words (pleeeeeze dont tell them they were right) "You will be an adult and I will treat you like one when you show me you can take care of yourself and are not running home to us." (okay so they were not their exact words but it was along time ago and that memory thingy ya know.....) this comment was followed by a hasty retreat and the slamming of a door......Half way through the sentance ....I remembered how I handled it .....she does take after her mama.............
The Bridge to Nowhere
Cruising through the inside passage…..the sun streaming down warming the deck of the ship. Majestic mountains surround the glassy waters, strutting high into the sky. Small communities dot the shore line whose resident children run the shore waving at the passing ship. Ahhh…..Alaska, the last frontier.
People all over the world dream of the endless beauty nature has to offer, the one place on earth technology has not over taken. Now they WANT to build a bride larger than something one would find in San-Francisco
. I came home to Alaska to get away from that type of life. People on the West Coast covet privacy and property that is not easily accessible. Vashon Island in Puget Sound is a prime example….they ferry to and from the island and when I lived out there a bridge would have been laughed at.
The next major earth shake is another thing to consider…a bridge the size as the one proposed in Ketchikan would probably emerge from the disaster with major problems. Once again leaving the ferry system the route to the Island…
Snow capped mountains covered in old growth forest follow the water way that has wound its way through the passage since the ice melted thousands of years ago. Boats dot the waters, fishing for their daily keep. The large ship glides into Ketchikan and what do we see…..A Bridge…..A Bridge that conceivably goes to nowhere……
All righty then.....I have been tagged....hang on let me catch my breath.... okay here goes...

1. Ten years ago today....
hmmm....welll.....hang on I am old to remember.....oh ya..ten years ago today I was probably having the time of my life at nursing clinicals....old people are so fun to play with...but then there was Patty life was chaos every where else so I focused on enjoying being a student....and boy did we have a ball....sneaking into places we were not suppose to be....the attick of a 200 year old castle....the morgue at that same 200 year old castle.....oh the stories....

2. Five years ago today....
Suffice to say that five years ago today I was in limbo....a time period I chose not to dwell on but THANK GOD its over.

3. One Year ago today....
Yep sister is right she was helping me steal my wedding dress....something borrowed ya know. but since I am answering this in September...I am already married so I was probably changing diapers in a seriously sleep deprived mind.....while vacuming the floor with the paint roller.....dont ask......and cooking the kids cheerios.

4. Yesterday.....
well damn just keeep testing my short term memory dont ya....hmmm.....oh ya argued with the teen-age daughter....since she is a girl this argument is still gooing on today....gee I am having trouble remembering what I did....Well let me tell ya what I did'nt do then....I did NOT get laid after my husband came home from a three day adventure to Fairbanks....(thanks puberty).....I did NOT get any sleep...(thanks again puberty) ....and I did not do any chores hehehehe(THANKS PUBERTY its not always bad ya know)

5. Tommorrow?.....
Well hell let me get through today.......

6. Snacks I enjoy.....
2. nachos
3. popcorn
4. margaritas
5. Framboise Lambric (a beer that tastes like raspberry juice.) thanks Jon

7. Five Bands that I know most of the lyrics to their songs....
I plead the fifth....I wont show you my age.....

8. Things I would do with a million dollars......
RETIRE....I would hire a nanny, a maid, a cook, a laundress, a judge, a lawyer, a jurry, a mechanic, the yard dude (hey Josh got a job for ya), but I would retain the wifely "duties" hehehe with alot more time to enjoy them.

9. 5 locations I would like to run away tooo.....
1. Anywhere where children are not allowed.
2. the woods
3. the beach
4. the beach
5. oh ya a casino

10. Bad Habbits I have.....
since "I am absolutly perfect in every way" I obviously have no bad habbits....
does being a nympho count as a bad habbit.....or nagging......smoking.....being a chronic insomniac......

11. 5 things I like doing.....
1. Chocolate
2. quiet
3. The Beach
4. Christmas
5. Love (of all sorts)

12. 5 things I would never wear.....
1. a chasity belt
2. a gee string and jeans
3. body piercings below the neck line
4. pastells

13. 5 TV shows I like....
1. Dora (she keeps the 2 year old occupied)
2. Blues Clues (keeps the one year old entertained)
3. Sesemea Street (shhh this ones for mom)
4. Fresh Prince
5. Rosanne (my roll model)

14. 5 movies I like.....\
1. Mary Poppins
2. Lion King
3. Who the hell has time for movies.....

15. 5 famouse people I would like to meet......
1. the president so I can tell him "my reality"
2. Patrick Swazey (wont tell ya why)
3. Mary Poppins (cuz i want to know how the hell she does it)
4. Mickey Mouse (he is my hero)

16. Biggest Joys at the moment....
My family but dont tell them that.

17. 5 favorite toys.....
1. buzz
2. my trailor
3. my husband
4. "uncle Sam" and his affiliates
5. my garden

18 5 people I have tagged.....

since I have no social life and my only friends have been tagged already

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"gimmee my coat"
Sitting at my computer today I heard the child scream.."get me my coat!" This went on about ten times before with a smile of understanding as only a parent would know, I stepped out on the porch to watch the ensueing arguement. I was amazed to see it was a young boy and the offender was his dad. This young man was on his little motor bike and obviously wishing he had remembered his coat. His father was not jumping all to fast to retrieve the thing but he was also ignoring the child who continued to scream "GET ME MY COAT." Many would say paddle that child or send him to time out....Well I say paddle the parent....(or maybe time out is what he desired.) Children dont "just learn" this behavoir. They practice what their appears this family had forgotten to use their "magic words". should a parent expect a child to use please and thankyou when they themselves dont? No, that child will handle issues the same way he/she sees the adult figures in their lives do it. Demanding a coat is not only rude but in the time the kid has sat and screamed I could have ran three coats up the street to him, after purchasing them at Freddies down the street. so someday this child is going to end up in a disaggreement and his only coping skills will be to scream....."get me my coat." This my friends is the future of America. my reality

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well Well ya did not know that the Feds have appointed today as "Constitution Day" The constitution was singed a long long time ago today. so no this day is not a day for celebration (I do believe that is the fourth of July??) but a day when ALL schools, this includes beauty schools and other non government trades, must focus on the Constitution. IF September 17th falls on a Saturday the schools MUST spend either Firday or Monday discussiong the I the only one that this sounds crazy too? The rational for this "law" is that many people in our country did not know wich American General was at the Battle of Yorktown. Well in my opion.......surfice to say.....many people died that day on both sides of the battle line. I do not care if McCarfy, Washington or Grant was the leader. What matters is how the battle ended. The end of all battles form the begining of the future. giving Credit to a man is a good thing when he is alive and his peers are around. But hundreds of years later? surfice to say that battle is over. It was one by one side, as all battles are. Now others will say.."but the wars lead to the constitution being written." Well Since the day that paper was signed by??? ( ummmm was'nt Lincoln one of the signers?). The Constituion has been ammended so mant times that even Lawyers and Judges miss 60% of it. Thanks to modern man and their need for recognition and controll the original constitution is almost nill and void. Most of the original meaning behind it has been alterted to fit mans needs durring that time period of life. Do people not realize that history is history.....we should learn from the past but move on. We have confused ourselves with all the laws and ammedments. Maybe.....well just maybe......we should be focusing on the future. Will the Laws of the constitution still have a future? I for one do not think so. I see man turning our country into......not a place of freedom for all.......but a place of similarity. We are forcing people to conform to a standard set by society. Our Constitution gives us the right to be ourselves and decide what is best for our lives via religion, sexual preferance, and just daily living. The Laws today force us to do things....wear our seat belts, helmets, and Insurance. We cant build on our own property with out paying someone for a piece of paper giving us permision. Is this freedom???? Okay so some will blab "public safety" blah....blah...blah.....Does not "Do unto others as you would have done to you" ring a bell to anyone anymore. I believe the original Constitution written and signed by people our country considers brilliant although few can name them all anymore. Has been blasphemied. Not by the public but by the Government. ( I am sure the public with their sue happy attitutude made it so we had to change the original "rules") Maybe.....just maybe......we should consider putting together a panel of people to "rewrite" our constitution. This panel of people should include imput from all types of people. Those of us out here (not me anymore thanks to hard work and a BIG change of luck) that can not afford to get to the poles to vote....(many of our population have children and work scheduals that do not allow them to participate in public meetings) They need a way to get their opion out too.
I see our country as many devided groups of people with many different priorities and life styles. Our government and what it is doing is a minute thought in our lives.....survival and family usually takes the top priorities. The game politicians play keeps them busy and fullfills some need they have.....(a need I can not imagine having or wanting) I can only hope that they are truley taking our safty seriously. (Unfortunatly I also feel it is more of a POWER thing) If they were realy worried about us...would they not be looking for ways for us to live in contentment and harmoney....(oh ya thats the retail business' job) pacify with toys then they stay out of trouble.....but your once again forgetting a major portion of our society....the portion that can not afford the what do their kids have to do while yours are going to movies and driving their toys around......they get into trouble....thats what they do....(okay not all of them) Okay this topic is one I have thought a lot about and have many opions on that could go forever on many different tangents.....surfice to say....."Constitution" day is today....I agree with the feds....we should all know what the original document says.....then we all need to go to the law library at our nearest college and spend the rest of our lives reading the ammendments that go along with every one of the original "Laws"................happy reading........better visit your local coffee shop for a tripple Quad first.....your gonna need it...........My reality

Friday, September 16, 2005

So ten months and two weeks later I finally get a police officer to respond to a hit and run. Okay she drove away but she still hit me. From behind mind you. So they come out, take a report (I had more paper work and info on file than they do.) My word can be backed up as they record and save all 911 calls and I called 911. well I should have called 911 again in april when once again I noticed this lady following me. Okay she was driving and so was I but she was in a rig thats front end matched my trucks back end hmmmm......Well I am not driving that truck so when she stopped at the gas station i did to. I started a conversation with her about her "nice truck". "To bad the front end is smashed...." I started to say...."oh thats not my fault." she interrupted....." some moron slammed on her breaks at Northern Lights and Muldoon. I hit her and the moron drove off." Okay already call me a Bitch when I am acting like one....but a moron??? Seems as I recall the "moron" was driving a black GMC, and could not tell when a light was red. The "moron" did not notice that all the lanes of traffic beside her were the "moron" chose to hit another vehicle from behind. Oh ya the light turned green at the time of impact so I did not run a red light when she chose to shove me through the intersection. Guess she was in a hurry or something. Any way the APD have finally responded and have went to the last known address of the black GMC. or course she is no longer there and the neighbors say has been gone for three or four now the proper paper work can be filed away at the "where-ever claims like these go". Never to be seen again......WAIT.....if your driving that black GMC......I am watching for time I will follow you home and just ask for the five hundred dollar detuctible to fix my truck........I dont want to wait another 10 months for as officer to respond. my reality

Thursday, September 15, 2005

All right I made it this far. After being nagged at for a month or so I have figured this our. (maybe) Not quite sure about an "online journal" but then again it may be the only way I will ever get published. So now I sit here and try to figure out what to write about....I could share some about my family....or friends....but well I will save that for another I can find my way back here. Hey look I can change the color of my letters hehehe....and I dont even have to uncap the pen......yep yellows still hard to read. favorite color. Such a relaxing color. To bad we wont see it again for several months. so sister....I have blogged my first my reality..........................