Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Garden Agreement

After being a parent for twenty six years I can imagine how the conversation in the 'garden' I am guessing years of living with critters and wallowing in the sunshine and warm waters of paradise must have gotten boring, maybe the 'work' was too much. What ever reason they chose too give, someone got bored, maybe started too feel grumpy and desired control. On a walk one day the local 'pusher' came slithering up too the young lady as every one knows 'ladies' are easy too manipulate through our emotions and feelings if you make the effort. "Pssst. lady. hey lady, wanna know all the secrets of the Gods?" for you soul i will give you this apple, eat it and you will know all the secrets you do not know' the pusher charmingly said. "Oh no, the gods say do not eat from that tree or we die. I can not eat that apple, the consequences are huge!" the lady said in dismay "Oh common, you think anything in this garden God grew is gonna kill you? Why would your 'father' kill you? Seems too me, he is keeping secrets from you, to protect you or keep you young, what ever, but maybe if you knew the secrets you could help ease the burden on your 'father'." the pusher had spoken a rather good point with his charming charisma. Now the lady i am sure had too think hard on this fact, and I am also guessing the pusher waited till 'just that right time of month' to make his move, but alas, she tried the sweet juiciness of that apple, and her world changed. Fear, a feeling of anxiety and distress she had never felt before, fear of being alone in this new world, and the need to have companionship she approached man and 'sold him' that apple too, as he did not hear her words of warning once the words "eat, sweet apple" came past her enchanting lips. Ever wanting to please his beautiful counter part in the flesh and desiring the juice of that apple he too bit as he had 'not heard' her warnings of stolen fruit. I am guessing for awhile the father was pretty busy with work and clean up, bills, you know the stuff that keeps parents busy and allows kids too play where they are not suppose too, but one day he must have counted those apples and realized they had taken the forbidden fruit. As any good parent would he probably thought long and hard about 'why' his children would disobey, 'what' had caused them too lose faith in him, and 'how' can he fix this with out them feeling vengeful or harming their delicate ego till they fight with one another over 'who's' fault it was. For me all great ideas come while in a hot shower not sure where the father came up with his plan for discipline but it was a genius idea whether he talked it over with anyone or not who knows but the idea came too him to 'give them what they ask for'. So he returned too the garden one day and called his children too his side with a loving voice. "You my little ones are growing up. You have challenged me for the 'father' role in this garden when you disobeyed me and ate that apple." he stated in his best fatherly voice. "What apple?" they both denied as now that they had tasted the taste of theft, lying came next naturally as i am guessing the children were some where around two and had realized that the world was manipulable and of course lying comes with the abiilty to manipulate. "Please I am not stupid children, you left the core on the floor!" at this he smiled wickedly as a God could I am guessing, and maybe there was some lightening and thunder for special effect. "Ok, so we ate the apple, you always treat us like we are dumb, know nothing, maybe we are tired of doing it all your way..." they whined excuses as fast as their little mouths could keep up with their young brains of limited life skills from living in the garden. "Well children, what ever reason you chose to eat that apple, theft and lying are both wrong and your whining is making my ears hurt. I will give you your way but you must remember that in ways you will forget, I have control of this garden YOU want too run it your way then fine but no more living forever as you must learn consequences for your actions. No more perfect days and nights as YOU must learn to put a roof over your heads and take care of your selves. NO more ever ready food supply as YOU want to do this you must do it all...and children....having children is not so easy, it is also part of a parental duty so you too will grow too have children someday, and through this process you someday will understand how tough my job is too keep you all happy, fed, and clothed." Now I am guessing came the next 'whine line up', "ha!" they stated in unison. "We have learned to care for the critters, and the fields of food. We have done this now for years father. How much harder can your job be! You probably sit there and twiddle your thumbs while we are here doing all the work." "Oh children, if you only understood what it takes too keep the planets in line, the weather in control, the waters clean and the bunch of you fed." shaking his head sadly he realized that his 'perfect children' had now 'grown into young adults'. I am guessing he wished they had never tasted that forbidden fruit of 'maturity' as all that went with it was going too be so hard for them to understand. "Children, from this day on I will no longer barter for your weather, you are in charge of the seas and the lands, you are in charge of everything here in the garden. I will continue my jobs in the heavens keeping the planets in line and the sun at a distance where you are safe from it's burning abilities, but YOU are now on your own in the 'home'. Just remember I am the one with power too end it, as i made it and if it is in your best interest and the best interest of the garden I will do so as forever will you be my responsibility as I made you. Through your own requests i am giving you your way, just remember it is because "I love you." I am guessing at the moment father walked out the door all was silent in disbelief but as time went on the garden got messy and the waters to dirty too clean, so they probably walked away from it and found them selves clean i am guessing at that time there was a lot of clean garden too roam in.

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