Thursday, August 09, 2007

This Is Creepy

A few days ago...I went and saw a friend on the South side of town...hehe bet you cant figure out what friend...any I was leaving a mental image of myself laying in the bushes came into my mind...I chastised myself for being a paranoid idiot...and headed home...although the thought in my mind was..."If I turn up dead...John is the last person who saw me alive...his life would be made hell!" Funny thought to have...but I could not shake it...then my paranoia intensified when I moved through the intersection of Raspberry and Cranberry and a green mini van pulled out behind me...talking myself through the weird bit of psychosis I locked the doors and drove. This mini van followed me up all lights it stayed behind me...but chose a side of me ...I felt he was checking my rig to make sure I was alone...I began watching for a parking lot with a parked cop in it...figuring if I was not being paranoid this would make him go away...but of course...there is not a police officer around when you need I made sure to ignore him and keep driving...keeping my car in the middle lane of traffic so he could not force me anywhere I did not want to go. By the time we reached Campbell Air Strip and Tudor...he was waving at me and trying to get my attention...never once did he flash his lights or make a move another car would notice....he pulled up along side me in the left lane at the stop traffic in front of him...and mentioned that I looked nice. He asked me if I wanted to drive up the road and park and talk...I noticed he did not role his window all the way down...just enough so I could see his face...I only rolled mine down an inch or so...just in case he was trying to tell me my tire was flat or something like that....I mentioned my husband and 5 kids would not like it if I did not get home...he whipped into Campbell Air Strip flipped a u turn and caught the light before it turned up Tudor like he was pissed at me. I drove around the back neighborhoods for a while even though I knew he was gone...but the paranoia had me worried he would follow me home...and I was headed to my sisters house.
In the paper today...a woman is missing...she is in her 50's and was suppose to catch a plane to Fairbanks and did not...her car is missing also. She lived near Raspberry and Cranberry...was she last seen talking to a man in a green mini-van....I am creeped out...probably paranoid too...but this feels weird!!!

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:58 AM) : 

This story reminds me....

My friend came up to visit once, we were out driving, really late, trying to find some fun. We were cursing the northern end of Minnasoda, when a trans-am came rushing up besides us at the light. the light turned green and both cars were off. As we drove at 1 am the car followed us yelling. We kept our eyes ahead of us, freaked out, not knowing who it was. We ditch them, they finally understood we weren't playing.
A few days later I was at Sarah's, turns out the people in the car were good friends from Homer...they knew us...who would have thunked. I felt silly.


Blogger real eyez said ... (8:28 AM) : 

You were on raspberry and cranberry?
That is right next to me!
I have never had that happen! I guess I am not desired by stalkers!


Blogger Me,Myself, & I said ... (7:31 AM) : 

Just reading your story gave me the creeps. my 8yr. old granddaughter is so saftey concious that she makes you lock your car doors even in the day time. After reading this she is right. Smart kid. Thank God you made it home safe.


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