Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Past

Prattler asked that we remember fond memories from Christmas' past...I have Many Christmas Memories in my 37 Christmas's. Or is it 38? What ever...Most triggers that bring them to light, others a moment in time. Sometimes I even go dust off the memory card and peak inside to actually dig up some of them...but one Christmas has followed me through a life time...the memory arises many times through the year and the feelings of love and contentment I felt that year intensify during the Christmas Season.

I awoke from a nap to a hairbrush and ribbons being wielded in my mothers hands...looking for a quick escape, but finding none I sat for the torture of having my hair brushed and pig tails hung from the head like the dogs ears...Earlier I had pulled on my tights, now crooked around my legs, and a new Christmas Dress. Feeling the last tug on my hair and knowing my eyes were slanted to my ears, I raced for the door. Dad grabbed me before I could get that far, straighted my tights patted my butt and said "Go find your shoes, I will get the door." I was not sure what he meant by this at the time but I figured out the answer later that day. Dashing past him I headed for the back door wanting to take an Apple to my horse before we left.

I must have been three maybe four at the time. We were living in Durango and getting ready for the long trip through the Rocky Mountains to Grandmas on the other side. I did stop for my shoes that day and managed to pocket a couple pieces of candy for my sugar loving pony...the red and green ribbon kind, does anyone remember those? Guess loved them after they formed a glob in the candy bowl a week after Christmas. hehe one of those secrets I have kept a life time. Don't tell mom that the apple BRANCHES from the tree were his favorite...not the apples.

So back to Christmas...that year I do believe the entire Harrington family was in Montrose...Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Cliff with Dalene, Dave, Steve, and Dianne. Mary Jane and her new husband at the time...Colman was a baby...Mike, Donna and Jessy, We were a family of five then Heidi just a baby...Uncle Don was with Lynn and Dee and Donny were there...I remember because Donny and one of the other big cousins...I think it was Jess Wrestled and I thought they were killing each other...Pat and Joe with baby Brandy...Aunt Pat made Grandma a beautiful Quilt that year...I remember watching her with awe, I could not wait to grow up and be just like her...the quilt had everyone in the families name on it...maybe she was pregnant with Brandy I think I remember a question mark in one of the squares. Wonder what happened to that blanket??

Uncle Bill was just a boy and Larry was with a woman who did not like us kids at all...That Christmas had our party at the Grange...it was the year I got Coco Bear. My life long companion. The Best Christmas Memory I have...the spirit was perfect. Decorations lighting the room...the adults dancing and playing silly games with potatoes and life savers...us kids playing "monster" in the back and thinking we were unnoticed as we snagged hand fulls of yummy treats from the tables lining the walls...putting table cloths on those tables was brilliant...we could crawl all the way around the room with out being seen...wanna know which female relatives did not wear panties that night??

the thing that made this holiday special was the love I saw the women put into planning and putting together this event. The Love that a humongous family could share with out...well they did not kill each other that night...it was the year the magic of Christmas first entered my heart. I am glad that my family set this example for me...and I am glad I had the chance to witness it through innocent eyes...The magic of Christmas in a family of many. That is A LOT of LOVE to put in one place...it was wonderful...

Most in our family were not around and missed this experience...I hope to recreate it for them while my own little ones still see Christmas through innocent eyes...I remember some of the gifts...but most of all...I feel the love that was in that room that Christmas Day....Merry Christmas and May this Christmas Season find you surrounded by family, friends and happy memories to last a life time....

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Blogger RangerBill said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Merry Christmas Niece of Mine-
Time to start getting New Year wishes together. Mine to get settled in Montrose. With things working out like they did for my second attempt at Iraq, with my CDL needing to be renewed next November, I knew I'd have figure out what I wanted to do and where to do it. Never would I have ever thought moving back to Montrose would be an option, but it appears
now that employment with Montrose or Delta county may bring me off the OTR routine and into a one that gives me a life again. And now I may have someone to share that with other than Spike. Once settled and it's likely to be on a place where I can buy a mule and horse or two.


Blogger Stan said ... (6:55 PM) : 

Made it home safely, had very little snow in Anchor Point. No to be repetitive, I left a long comment on your sistrers site. Thank you for your hospitality, had a great time and all the food was yummy - thanks for the Xmas gift, I am sure ity will come back to haunt you! Tell Brittany I was going to wake her up before we left, but she was sleeping to soundly and across town, my other granddaugters were not stirring! Thanks again for hosting.


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