Monday, October 06, 2008

weee...moooo...haha....and add a gee....

My house is clean, no spare room to spare,
no unwanted guest will be living there.
the park is complete and the movie room too...

the snow has fell,
the ice is slick,
winters coming,
this is not trick,

Football season, beans and franks,
turkey day, made for thanks,
Christmas gifts to be bought
but best of all....

the iditarod!!

ha, ha, gee, gee....the races are beginning soon....two weeks to be exact...tonight i am going to the "Iditarod" meeting. I am going to look into volenteering or maybe even a paid postition for the event.

Now I do not venture often into public, but tonight I will get to meet Lance Mackey.....and that my friends and family is going to be amazing!! (gonna try and sneek Leggsie into his truck)

The Iditarod is also going Discovery Channel again this year....but it is being made into a series like the other Alaska Adventure shows. Bet this will make that old bag in California open her land back up to the racers....fame is always something people like.

Oh you did not hear....a woman in California bought hundreds of acres along the Iditarod route...actually the trail runs right through her property. This property is undeveloped and the owner lives in California with no plans to move north, she has had no tresspassing sighns posted and has asked via the Anchorage Daily News that anyone who sees anyone trespassing on the property to contact her attorney here in that is selffish rude and just plain stupid.

Not sure what is going to happen with the race....but i guess they will address that tonight if it is realy an issue.

So on that note...I am going to go crush mud puddles with my son...toodles all

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Blogger Stan said ... (6:59 PM) : 

Is it really time for dog sled races? We ain't got no snow! I am still working on my summr chores, don't even tell me that it time for the winter chores! Sounds as if you are having a lot of fun with just your son during the day. Your should enroll him into a martial arts program, that way we can watch Warren and Hunter matches during the summer. Guess Hunter is really getting into his classes. They sure played well together this year, which is good to see that they are spernding time together doing the "boy" thing. Won't be long and we will have to pitch them a tent on the ridge so they can camp out all night by themselves.


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (7:08 PM) : 

Good luck and have fun!
Next year - their own tent...
..U think Don will notice the skinny one missing? At least she would never be the chosen meal in hard times!


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