Friday, August 08, 2008

Man of War.

This young man is my son...upon arriving in Fort Drum New York he was informed he will deploy to Afghanistan before the 15 or October...departure date is set on the 10th. I am asking that everyone please just not bring this up. Crystal and I would like to live in our own little world of non reality for a few more months before the worry sets in. Now as none of you have a child who will soon be facing the wrong end of a bullet or land mine...I also ask please keep your "cheer me up comments" to your selves....I do not care to hear about our "freedoms" or anything else that says it is "ok" for my oldest child to die. I birthed him and raised him with little to no help from our fact it was our judicial system that screwed things up for my children in the first place. I realize my feeling and beliefs may seem unwarranted from many who know me...but you did not live my life in fact many did not even talk to me while I was please do not judge my feelings about this. I gave birth to a child at a hard time of my life...I raised him to a fine young man...I did not give up I did not allow the welfare system to enter our lives...Now the government has complete control over him...and I bet not once has any man considered what it is like to give birth to a human them morph into real people...then kiss them good bye so they can get blown up by a pissed off son or daughter of another mother. I HATE THIS...I HATE VIOLENCE...I HATE WAR...AND I HATE ALL BOARD GAMES THAT TEACH MEN THAT LIFE IS JUST ONE BIG GAME OF WHO CAN CONQUER WHO....No one deserves that. Not them or us. PEACE on this earth before my son is killed in a war that has only materialistic meaning.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:16 AM) : 

If it helps, there are many in the same boat as you....just as proud of our sons...just as frightened by the prospect of harm, either physical or mental coming their way. My son is an infantry officer and I can assure you that where the boots hit the ground the fine officers of your sons unit will do their best to keep your son out of harms way. They know the territory, they know the people their strengths and their tactics. We would all rather have them stay home, but duty calls and we are left to pray that they come home safe and come home soon.
By the way, you need to be a bit more anonymous (sp?) in your postings. The bad guys have computers too.


Blogger real eyez said ... (5:05 PM) : 

It was nice spending time with you in Alaska. Not sure if you will see the humor in it but I spent more time with you than anyone with the exception of Sarah!
I know that it was a hard time seeing Josh then having to let him go.
Just know that you, Josh and Crystal are in my thoughts always and if ever you need someone to vent I understand. Let crystal know that while it is not much if she needs help or just a face she knows she is more than welcome to come see us!


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