Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sweet 16!

Not the clearest picture...we sucked on lighting...hehe...but the basement did not sound to bad with a band in it...just loud...

Here is the band walking in the door...Britt was...well lets just say it took a bit for her to recover when she actually saw STREPT in her home.
Durring set up...The one with the shades in his hands is the lead singer....and the other wears cool clothes.
All went amazingly was loud in the house but in the yard it sounded like a radio playing and since the closest neighbors chose to go visting (I gave them a weeks notice of this) I did not need to worry about disruption to the neighbors.
The band was good though...they realized that the noise might be loud and did their best to tone down the drums and cymbals and they refused to play "May Day" wich is their loudest song...told her they would add it to the next show for her....(I thanked them for this song is good...but very loud.) I was surprised at how mellow the kids were...water, pizza and birthday cake. a couple went out dorrs to get away from the noise for a moment or two...but they all just sat and watched in awe and the band played...Now when I was a kid...we woulda...oh never mind...I wont even go there...lets just say...all had a good time...the mess was easily cleaned up...and the only one that was ordered evicted was Britt. Heath, the hired bouncer did refuse this eviction as it was Keith that paid his wages...but cant blame the girl for trying...A Sweet 16 she will never forget...and not because of the raging party she had...all were in bed and asleep by midnight. Think I will give them all head aches with a band every year...saved me on a lot of grey hair....

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Blogger Golden Granny said ... (1:03 PM) : 

I'm glad all went well. Many hugs to the birthday girl. See you'all tomorrow or Sat.


Blogger Stan said ... (12:51 AM) : 

Glad that all went well and everyone had a good time, well maybe Keith since the bouncer had to be called. Might lewt the bouncer know that they have had a coupleof good days on the water.


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