Saturday, August 19, 2006

Death By Chocolate

Now death is not a subject most take lightly and maybe my mind is a bit warped but to be the gentleman that almost lost his life by drowning in a 10,000 gallon vat of 110 degree thats funny. What do you tell people when they ask how your loved one died...."He drown in chocolate." Now who is going to believe that... I am sure life insurance companies come across all kinds of unusall ways of death...
but DEATH BY CHOCOLATE bet that would be hard to not crack a smile.

Hope all are having a jolly wet time down south...currently the sun is shinning and the clouds are moving North...but that has happened three times already today...then the showers thunder and hail begin. In fact after the last cloud front lifted termination dust has been saddly noted on the Chugiak range...sorry sis it is half way down the damn mountains....Of course Josh is jazzed...maybe he will be out riding before January this year...but ME??? I am bummed!!! Seems summer skipped us over here in LA this year.

hear the thunder coming again turning off my computer now as the power surges we recieve, due to the dumb asses that wont give up "right of way" for larger power lines, probably are not good for a computer.....good night all and loves..........toodle ooo

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:51 AM) : 

Despite floods onthe Anchor River, washing out the fish counting weir, the group from LA found some fantasitic fishing. Little Buffalo most liley had 30 fish on and landed half of them. Alpha Wolf fished this mornig and last count I heard was 18 fish on and half of them landed. Me. I preferrred to wait for better water and give the novices an opoportunity to catch some fish. We did have sun yesterdfay as well, but to little to late. However, my Delphinion's (sic) are now eight foot tall! the heavy wind we had played havoc onthem, but I now havce them propped up with support posts so they will last through the dog days of summer. The LA group will be headed north, they are now closing down their camper fopr the winter - Litlte buffy will be limoping back north, but they wioll stay together and get parts for his car when they go through sodlotna, or make a quick trip tyo Homer and get the parts that he needs to get him on the road again.


Blogger Shana said ... (2:49 PM) : 

Hoping this trip will assist him in the growing up process...maybe this little hitch in his giddy up will help him realize he can do it!!! He was worried about the trip...his first road trip on his own...or almost...thanks wolves for not eating my poor little buffalo...but I do have a few extras if your hungry!!


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (5:35 AM) : 

The Buffalo calves offered are a long way from a fresh, tender meal at this point. Their life style(s) have made them tough and chewy, I'm afraid...


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