Monday, August 14, 2006

Josh had a dream

From the time Josh was old enough to utter meaningful words he has had a dream. Having babies early and his inability to do his homework cost him that dream...but now he is getting a second chance (unlike most of us). Not exactly Pro Ball but Arena Football is still football. It did not take much convincing for him to fill out an application...after sitting through the interview process he realized he is a mighty small dude for football, the 30 or so dudes around him were twice his size...determination won out...he is now eating healthy (thank god no more pop tarts!), excercising on a daily basis, (maybe now he wont need 16 hours of sleep a day!), and menatally motivating himself for the try-outs that will be held in October.
This little venture is not sitting well with Crystal however... she is not sure why men get paid to play and women still once again get stuck with all the damn work! (keep telling her it is because females are the stronger species, but it still pisses her off.) I have her realizing that he has a dream and so does she...if he can go for his and she supports him in this, then he has NO CHOICE but to support her in hers. Problem is she does not know what she wants (typical woman problem)
So Arena Football comes to Alaska "Alaska Wilds" the name of the team (some military dude from tenessee came up with the name) the colors of the team are similar to the Buckaneirs colors so this is even more mouth watering for my red head...lets hope and pray that he works hard and becomes part of the does not pay much but the benifits of a heavy practice and the adreniline of a game mellows that young man out and will help him grow into a decent person. Maybe even help him lose some of his resentment toward Jeff and I when he releases the pressure so the blood can flow back to his pea sized brain and allow him to think again.
Practices and conditioning will be worked out around the team members jobs. 7up is excited about him going out for the team...he works early mornings so he will be off work for the evening practices and 7up is willing to part with him IF he makes the team and goes to "away" games, with no penelties toward his position with the fact they are pushing him to train for a district position...after he has been with the company for a year he can...he is actually studying for this NOW!!! I am not getting supper excited but it appears they are pulling it together and once again their bumpy road is smoothing out...and please lord let him try hard and make this dream of his....maybe then I will again get my happy go lucky red headed boy back!!! I sure miss him.

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Blogger Heidi said ... (9:25 AM) : 

That would be cool if he got in... GO JOSHY!!!


Blogger Stan said ... (9:55 AM) : 

Hope he makes it, I was considering making application for a posisition, unknown to many I use to play football in school - see thre are things you do not know about the "old" man. But, if Josh is applying, I will withold mine just to give him a better chance of making the team.


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