Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Role Call

At home asleep...Warren!
At home awake but lying down...Melissa, Nataly, Riley
Laundry Matt....Donald, Brittany, Crystal

I think that is everybody but Anna and Brian , all occupied elsewhere, so lets see if I can actually get an hour to myself that is not at 5 am.

So life goes on...busy of course...frustrated...sometimes...but mostly just living...what more can we do. To stress only makes everyone time, a few deep breaths and a lot of patience. i wait to see what tommorrorw brings.

Well yesterday brought mine and Erics 2nd anniversary...both of us have been talking about it for a week and BOTH of us FORGOT!!! His mom and dad called at 8pm singing "happy anniversary to you." I thought they had gone bonkers untill I realized I of course I did what any human would do...I hung up on the in-laws and called my husband...he will never live it down that he forgot!!! Thanks Jack and Wanda for calling the house phone and not his cell or he would have got me first!! LOL

So Josh took his machine to the lake...yes his snow was awsome watching him speed across the water and not fact the machine hardly touched the water at long as he kept the throttle going he sailed!!! i think I like this kind of riding much better than that mountain climbing crap...not once did the machine leave without him. the children loved throwing rocks in the water and Nat was furiouse that she did not get to ride with dad...Crystal drew the line on him taking her across the lake...even though it was only about hip deep. Probably safer that way...but poor Nat was bummed.

Passing a small coffee stand on the far end of Diamond on our way to the lake we noticed someone else is ready for the snow too...there were at least a hundred snow balls on the ground around this little business...yes snow balls...we stopped to appears that a rather vigerous snow ball fight had occurred in that lot just a short time before our arrival...not sure where they got the snow...but Josh was salivating hard at the sight of the cold white matter rounded into perfect spheres...I was taking molds for finger we can throw the person who brought the snow in the dungeon with the rats!!! But I guess we must face the inevitable...another winter is almost upon us...funny seems summer has not even got here...time sure flies when you grow up.

Hey check it out...I actually got to finish a blog!!
So now I must go...I hear the pitter patter of small feet and Riley is not now Nat wants to go potty...of course at bed time when all day she pees in her pants!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:07 PM) : 

Hey, in case you did not know it but you got several people in your house that I have never heard about - by the way Happy Anniversary. It has been so long,, but remember the day you got married. It was hot and sunny, the Bees were flying about - well this year it was cold and rainy and the bees have already moved into hibernation - so much for the Greenhouse Affect. Grab Homer, tell Josh and Crystal to handle everything and you guys go out to dinner, grab a hotel room and spend the night away from home - maybe Homer will get some sleep! Happy ciwrkiln to both of you!


Blogger Stan said ... (10:56 PM) : 

Call me dumb! I figured out who those new people were that is in your house. I thought "Laundry Matt" was a funny name, upon my second reading I realized that D,B, and C were at the Laudramat. The person by the name of Gym is not a mispelling of "Jim" but a place where you go to sweat! What tipped me off of my error was when I got to "Work...Eric" I have to get away from word verification, it is starting to play games on my reading ability - good nuwqqlk night to you!


Blogger Shana said ... (12:08 AM) : 

lol your a nut case!
and a nosymvj to you too.


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (6:35 AM) : 

happy anniversary to you both and good luck on all you family sleepovers!!


Blogger Tabitha-n-AK said ... (7:38 PM) : 

WEll hello there. I am still alive thought you might wanna know. I ma sick so I am just hangn out but soon as I am better I will call we really need to visit.


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