Thursday, February 07, 2008

Global Warming

It's fourteen below,
my worlds covered in snow,
and people complain "Global Warming".

I plug in my car,
It's not very hard,
just to be sure it starts in the morning.

It's twenty below,
and I just don't know,
how the ice could recede in the Arctic.

My water pipes freeze,
and I fall to my knees,
because sidewalks have not joined that party.

Global Warming they say,
as the sun fades away,
and the temperature moves to near 30. (below)

So now I must say,
before I go on my way,
GOD please let it be warm in the morning.

(at least +10 would be nice)

Comments on "Global Warming"


Blogger Stan said ... (11:17 PM) : 

Hey, slow down and relax. Just checked the weather for you! It is suppose sunny in LA tomorrow, although do not expect to much higher than 8 degrees. The bad news is that this sunny weather is going to last until mid week! Doesn't that snow sound neat when it squeaks under your feet. If you dance on it and turn your shoes faster enbough, you can actully make it sound like music. Now, if you want to enjoy a fun winter sport, I do know of a very nice ice skating rink just a few blocks from your house. It is not used during the day, you could build a fire and enjoy a day on the ice with the little ones. The kids would love to be pulled on it with a runner sled or perhaps your dog could pull them just, make sure you put spiked booties on him so he has traction. Remember in Homer when everyone would go down to Beluga lake, light a tire on fire for warmth and play on the ice. I am sure you can find a tire laying around and if you place in right in the middle of the rink, it sould warm the entire area. I do hope I have been of help.


Blogger Heidi said ... (3:34 PM) : 

Hey, it got to 6 here, today!


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