Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snickering at my sisters post...

While Messaging my two older children who were else where in the house on their own computers..."your chores"...funny how the timing worked...then I got the !!!!!!!! and I used the "Dont you !!!!!!!!me!!" I was laughed at...

I began cleaning up the kids room for bed time...returning to my room I found...

Melissa!!! on my computer!!!!....she figured out how to put in her "Caiau" game...she figured out how to get it started...and she figured out how to play it...including printing the "Coloring pictures" by the tens!!!

Now my four year old is going to outgrow me!! I need yet another computer.

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Blogger Stan said ... (2:29 PM) : 

Does she know how to work the spell check yet? I finally figured it out, I make a posting and until they fix the spell check on blogger, I forward my posting to and it goes through their dictionary and they forward it on to who sends it through their system for punctuation and forwards it onto to review the wording to see if they can replace the repetitive words with other choices and then it all comes back to my posting page at blogger. It take a little longer than normal but seems to working quite well. Now I just have to figure out how to spell check my comments.


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:36 PM) : 

Wow, thats quite the service you got there dad. NOw I have to go re-read shana's blog,,,,cause you made me think.

Okay...Shana, smart kids...that is the reason I don't have a printer on the upstairs computer. as for the !!!!!.... I am told now those are Happy Marks...happy marks my ass.... just like I'll do it in a minute means they really will.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:15 PM) : 

!!!!!!:) :(***** !!****^*!, ^^+;)!, #*!!!#@, ! !!!! !!!:)


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