Sunday, February 03, 2008

Believe Everything we hear...

National Treasure The Conspiracy Book...a movie my boy took me too...a Modern Day Indiana Jones with a political twist.

On TV the other night we were watching something...can not remember what but a commercial came on and stated that "We would not be able to televise this if this were not the truth." Can not remember what was being advertised...some weight loss drug or something...I can not remember because I was lost in a conversation with my kids over believing everything one sees on TV...this disclaimer DID NOT AID MY CAUSE.

What does this have to do with the movie we watched? I will not tell must see the movie.

Okay fine here is a clue...

If you were the president of the United States of America...would you not have secrets that need to be passed on to the next president? Secrets that no body know but the president?
This information would be hard to pass on in verbal tones as the abilities for being over heard are why not put these secrets in a book...a book that only the president has access too?

Now I over heard a few comments about "Secrets being kept from the public". I want to make it clear that I am ALL FOR THIS. The public makes judgment calls with out all the right information. Usually based on facts heard by an aunts best friends ex husbands new girlfriends daughter.....I was raised in a home where I often heard..."If I tell you I have to kill you." With a father in the US Navy I NEVER questioned this statement. I am sure on many tours he heard or was given orders that NO ONE could know about. These orders were even kept from family due to the security of the crew involved.

Guessing it was pretty hard on the secret keepers too...especially the crew from the downed submarine off of Amchitka. These men left a Fourth of July Picnic kissing there spouses and telling them they would be home time for fire thing these families knew was a rumor stating someone saw the sub leaving port...

40 some years later...the sub is found again...ending the "secret". Guess my point here is...why do we judge when we really do not know...what if a president takes office and is given a "book" this book has answers to things he was not allowed to reveal...things that he may or may not have believed true in the past. This would be a tough situation...holding secrets that answer or reveal questions that are probably best left unanswered or asked.

The fiction of this movie was so Indianan Jones it left me time to "listen" and think about how I would feel if I were President of the United States of America...Please No body ever nominate me...I do not want that kind of responsibility. I do not want to have that many peoples needs to pay attention too...his job is way worse than mother hood...he deals with whiners in the presence of people who tell him what and what not to do...while tripping over body guards every where he goes...yuck!!! His life is most definitely NO FUN!!

A movie worth makes you think..

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:05 AM) : 

I have not had the opportunity to watch this National Treasue, but did you watch the first one? It was a good movie and very thought provoking. By the way, your last review you gave me on the phone "3:10 to Yuma" was a good movie but did you read my review on my site, it was while you were off line. As for "secrets", you are right in regards to a lot of secrets out there between Presidents and all facets of the government. Just like there are just as many secrets out thre pertaining to large businesses. The bottom line on "secrets" is simple and based on four simple words, "The need to know". The Presidents have their own secrets that they pass from one to another, perhaps only a handful of peole even know what they are. There are so many classificiations of secrets from "Confidential" to "Crypto Class" it all depends on where you are at on the chain of information available to you. For instance in the command that I was at when you started school, we had three message folders. Everyone that had a "Top Secret" clearance had access to that folder which included all of the air crews but the third folder had messages that only four peole had access to and that was the Executive Department, which consisted of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Master Chief and myself. All of it based on the "need to know". Just stop and consider how many "secrets" that you have that I have no idea of, "need to know" and yes, if I tell you any more "I will have to kill you"! I forgot about telling you guys that! Almost as good as the 7 P's.


Blogger Shana said ... (11:11 AM) : 

LOL I love you daddy......


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