Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sled Dogs

I am discovering something new...funny because without the internet I have been winging it with Mac and the sled. He is teaching me as much as I am teaching him. Thanks to Uncle Bill I was able to quickly find a site that gave me a lot of useful information. A sled and gang lines will be something I will be looking into soon...hopefully I can find something that is affordable...Mac is a natural and LOVES to pull. I had to hold him back the first he looks to me for commands. Unfortunately I can never remember which is right and which is left...but he knows what I am talking about. He is mainly concerned with the stop thing...thats when he gets a cookie.

Melissa loves to ride on the sled and begs me to let Mac go faster...I am thinking of taking her down to the young musher's society and seeing what they got going...maybe she will race the Iditarod someday. For now Warren cheers from the window...he is still a little uncoordinated in his snow gear and does not enjoy the out doors as much as his sister in the winter. By next year I may need a second sled and dog.

Oh that brings Alexsis into the picture. A beautiful Shepard she will be. They must have been confused when they thought she was predominantly husky. She too is a strong puller, but she gets distracted and has a mind of her own. Not as eager to please as Mac she is proving to be an asset in training him to ignore distraction but a hazard to have hooked to a harness and sled...for now I work with her on walking on a leash...a safe thing for us both.

So I am looking forward to a day when my dog and i can roam the river front...ride to Shane's cabin or just walk the kids to my sisters house with out me carrying them!! My dog is a champion...he loves me so much he wakes me whenever anyone else gets up, or comes in...just to make me aware of a problem I need to take care of....another wards...he is a barking chicken shit!! A pocket full of cookies and he will be your best friend...with a very LOUD bark.

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