Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day one

Awoke this morning early actually, and rolled over pulled my pillow over my head and went back to sleep. When I awoke at ten my wonderful husband had the kitchen and dining room clean and a fresh pot of coffee on. I swallowed the tart remark I felt rearing it's ugly head knowing it was the nicotine talking...troops deplenishing it wants more the, a box of cereal and off to my paper...of course being a holiday this had nothing interesting in it, so I scanned my blogs and my the coffee in I felt ready to see my family.

All in all day one went well. I did not eat nearly as much as yesterday....the intense stomach ache and the vomit smell from Warren barfing all over my house last night took care of any appetite I might have had. (You would have though it was him that ate the refrigerator empty!)

Seriously if you think I am joking...I am husband now believes that I used to be a "fat chick".

Still have not bought any cigarettes. May not now that they went up in price again...have mooched a couple off Donny...maybe two...but seems that other than the "What the hell does one do when they are not smoking" issue...I am doing okay...but you may want to ask my family how they are doing....hehehe

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:23 AM) : 

Hey, you already had a Day One! Reference, one postng down titled "Day One" -now is this Day One or is this Day Two? Regardless, good luck with yur attempt at doing something that all of us should be doing. You go girl! But, don't expect me to quit making smoke in the firepit at HITW!


Blogger Shana said ... (11:39 AM) : 

I did not say anything about quitting...just bocotting buying them...what ever works right? I have mooched a couple off Donald over the last couple days...but it is getting easier to go with out. It does help knowing I can attack him when he walks in the door...relieve frustration and I may not want the cigarette after I acquire it hehe....but IF I give them up it is purely for scientific experiment lets say...Thanks for your encouragement. loves to you.


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