Sunday, January 06, 2008

So in doing my research for a paper I am writing I discovered some interesting facts about heart disease.

After reading this...and thinking about my own personal experience with high cholesterol at a young age and my habits that increase Atherosclerosis i cant help but wonder...

What if my teeth went bad because the blood flow to them decreased as those arteries are closer to the source of intake for fats...what if science has it back wards...the teeth going are a sign of the other not the cause...I am sure they would have checked their test subjects...but what if??

What this means to medicine is immense. What this will do to our insurance costs is going to be ghastly. When they finally realize that oral health is a part of humans health and not just a physical feature many will be upset about losses they can not recoup once medicine admits they have neglected their job.

Now for dentistry this will be the exact opposite. They will have to control their costs as health insurance will be in charge not dental. No longer will dental be considered cosmetic. When that day comes...I will be in line for my new teeth...and not in line for the law suites that will blow this industry away...

For now suffice to is cosmetic and medical is an experiment on your health. Even though we now know that periodontal disease in mothers can cause pre term labor, may be the cause of or a symptom of that long word I used this too...

So as I research I learn me a dremal tool and a wood burner...gonna make me some cool teeth and prevent many illnesses...It worked for George.


gotta have a brain to get dementia...this guy is probably safe from periodontal disease induced dementia. LOL

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Blogger Heidi said ... (9:59 AM) : 

I am NOT looking at your links... I am not gonna. If I even look at a medical web site... I feel the symptoms.


Blogger Stan said ... (1:41 PM) : 

Whose relative is that - no one on my side of the family - one ugly dude!


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